Dolphins say they’re comfortable with running backs on roster

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Lamar Miller jumped from the Dolphins to the Texans as a free agent this offseason and Miami’s pursuit of C.J. Anderson and Chris Johnson ended when those players returned to their teams.

That leaves Miami with a depth chart that features Jay Ajayi, Damien Williams, Daniel Thomas and Isaiah Pead, which is a group that many people think needs to be fortified before the start of the 2016 season. During a pre-draft press conference on Friday, General Manager Chris Grier did his best to suggest otherwise.

Grier said the Dolphins are “comfortable” moving forward with their current group of backs and that their skill sets fit with what coach Adam Gase has had success with in the past. Grier did add that the team would consider players at every position, however, and it seems likely that they’ll address the position at some point in the draft.

One name that’s come up in conjunction with the Dolphins has been Ezekiel Elliott. The Ohio State product visited with the team during the pre-draft process and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have “strong interest” in him with the draft less than a week away. Elliott would have to make it to No. 13 barring a Dolphins trade up the board for Miami to have a chance at him.

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  1. Ajayi could end up being a steal in the early-middle rounds of fantasy drafts this year… then again, the Dolphins aren’t exactly known for running the ball lately.

  2. It’s plain to see Tannenbaum’s moronic ways of thinking are now starting to rub off on Grier….when he say’s he’s “comfortable”with THIS bunch of RB’s- time to plan on a LONG season in South Florida unless they get some stellar OL help !!

  3. Please trade down to around pick 20 unless a gem falls that is not Elliott and don’t draft Hargreaves.

  4. BS, otherwise they would not have brought in every out of work RB who has played in the last 3 years

  5. Remember, dolphins, like humans, can lie through their teeth. This is smoke: despite their needs on OL and defense, Elliot could be a dominant RB, and I think they will take him if he’s still on the board at #13. Sometimes the best thing you can do with an awful D is keep it off the field.

  6. For the 10th consecutive season, I’m hoping they fix the offensive line already.

  7. Elliot will not be there @ 13 but we will need O LINE help if we are gonna have ANY kind of running game & if we are gonna have any shot at letting Tannehill throw we need blocking help there as well!!!

  8. Smoke Screen and that is a positive. Elliott might go to the Ravens, but I doubt it since the Trades it moves a better Defensive player to them. This means the Elliott drops to the Giants or never gets past the Bears. I think the Dolphins would be happy with Hargreaves or Jackson at 13. I believe they will be fine with the RBs they have. This team has much greater needs at CB, OG and LB. As a Dolphins fan for many decades it good to finally see the nonsense of overspending coming to an end. They had a huge payroll with losers. “Losing” Olivier Vernon and Lamar Miller was not a bad thing. JUst becuase they are household name now does not mean they will be great going forwarfd. Hey, Kiko Alonzo and Byron Maxwell were those exact guys a few years ago too. It takes the right system for most players to excel.

  9. 10th consecutive season??? Miami use to have one of the best run blocking offensive lines when we had Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams we ranked #1 in rushing offense 2 straight years. Do you follow Miami at all.

  10. They said the same of RB, CB and OL. Which also happens to be their most glaring needs.

  11. @ yoyoherewego: Miami hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008. That year they benefitted from playing the easiest schedule in the league. It also helped that Tom Brady was injured. If you recall we got blown out in the playoffs by Baltimore 20-3! That season the offensive line was horrible against playoff teams. It wasn’t since 2003 & 2004 that we had a dominant running game lead by Ricky Williams. FYI it’s now 2016!!!
    Do you follow the Dolphins?

  12. I can’t believe everything I read and see from the press about our main needs being a RB, CB or LB.

    It doesn’t matter who you have running the ball on this team. If we don’t draft some O lineman in the draft any RB is gonna look like garbage.

    Tannenbaum is a absolute joke!!!!

  13. If they wanted to waste a pick on, vastly over rated, Zeke then stay at 8. LB is need number one, CB number two, Guard number three.
    Not Zeke! Not Zeke! He had slightly better stats than every other back in the B1G, the last 2 years, and those were stacked in just a few games.
    He had 2 good games against good defenses in his career. OVER RATED.

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