Jaguars have “continuing interest” in Josh Norman

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Cornerback Josh Norman is in Washington for a visit with the Redskins, so he may not be a free agent by the time Passover gets underway on Friday evening.

If he does end the visit without a contract, the Jaguars may try to bring him in for a chat. General Manager Dave Caldwell said Friday that the team has its eyes on Norman as a potential addition to the roster.

“There is a continuing interest … we do our due diligence. We do our homework,” Caldwell said on “Jaguars Today” on 1010XL.

The Jaguars have plenty of cap space to work with if they have a chance to make an offer to Norman and their defense would certainly benefit from adding him to their secondary. The 49ers also have a lot of money to spend and are also thought to be making a push to sign Norman, although we’ll again note that he might not be on the market for much longer if things go well during Friday’s visit.

19 responses to “Jaguars have “continuing interest” in Josh Norman

  1. Landover, Maryland is not the nation’s capital. It’s the dirty side of Maryland – I’d rather be at the beach in Jacksonville.

  2. Didn’t the Washington Bullets have to be renamed because of the amount of murders taking place in the nations capital? We won’t even talk about the other sports team’s name….

    The Jags will compete for the AFC South they got unlucky when top 3 pick went down before the season started but getting him back along with additions and upcoming draft it will be nice to see both them and Raiders turn things around.

  3. “logicalvoicepft says:
    Apr 22, 2016 12:00 PM
    Yeah i’d want to play in the dirty side of Florida over the Nation’s capitol.
    -Said No one ever.”

    The Redskins play in the “Nation’s capitol”? Is there a field somewhere near where Congress meets?

    Oh, maybe you meant capital.

  4. .
    With their free agent acquisitions, the return of last year’s #3, Fowler, and top five position in this year’s draft, the Jaguars should be a legitimate contender for the AFC South crown.

    Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Houston all seem poised to show considerable improvement over last season. Indianapolis, not so much.

  5. Meh, Norman will be a bust if he’s signed for big dollars. He will be fine but nothing special. Panthers clicked as a team and had what basically amounts to a magical season. Individually he’s nothing special. He didn’t just suddenly become a high end corner overnight.

  6. No state tax, they have all kinds of offensive weapons a stud QB , and a very winnavle division. Plus a top 5 pick and another top 5 pick coming back from injury. If the Jags can get some defense and better O-line help they could be a dark horse in the AFC. Especially considering that Tom Brady isn’t getting any younger, the Broncos have no Qb and have lost a lot of good defensive talent and the Bengals were picked apart by free agency.

  7. logicalvoicepft says:
    Apr 22, 2016 12:00 PM
    Yeah i’d want to play in the dirty side of Florida over the Nation’s capitol (sic)

    The violent crime rate in DC is one of only a handful in the league that make J’Ville look good.

  8. I love how the jags are legitimate contenders because they overturned the whole roster. How bout they win a game or even climb out of the f worst team?

  9. No state or city tax plus you can buy a big house on the beach for what you would pay for a 2 bedroom bungalow in San Fran or condo in crime central dc

  10. I’ve been to J’ville and I still wonder what do you do there. It appears the only good thing about J’ville is that much better locales are an hour or 2 down I95.

  11. ^^cause Pittsburgh is awesome. Where the men are men and so are the women.

    Still bitter about that home playoff loss? or that we lead the series? or that we can pay our bills? or that Tim Tebow beat you?

    Or maybe that you live in Pitt? It’s 85, blue sky and I can see the ocean. Tell me about your 3 rivers.

  12. It’s good to see that Jacksonville fans are so thrilled about all the Top 5 picks on their roster, because that’s one team that can count on getting one of those pretty much every year.

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