Lions G.M.: Robert Nkemdiche has “red flags,” but not off board yet


Lions General Manager Bob Quinn is free to admit that there are “red flags” with defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche.

But he also understands that the complicated part of the draft process is how much weight to put on those concerns, knowing that at some point you have to consider whether the talent supersedes the questions.

“That’s just things that we have to consider the value of the player compared to the risk involved in taking him,” Quinn said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “So it’s not like these guys are off the board. You just got to manage the risk and the reward of taking a guy like that.”

In a vacuum, landing a player with Nkemdiche’s talent with the 16th overall pick would be good business for Quinn.

But then he has to worry about a number of issues, including the fact Nkemdiche FELL OUT A WINDOW, a marijuana arrest, admitted laziness, and the fact he WANTS TO BUY A PANTHER, which is not something you just overlook.

Quinn talked about the need to do deep background research, to see which issues matter the most to them. And with teams stacking their boards before next week’s draft, deciding which players to take off the board entirely is one of the remaining tasks.

“That’s really one of the last things that we do in our process, is eliminating guys from the board for those off-the-field concerns,” Quinn said. “So we’re actually having meetings about that in the next couple of days, so I don’t have an exact number [of how many there are” right now. There will be a fair number of guys that we will not consider for character concerns and off-the-field reasons. But I don’t have a firm number right now.”

Were Nkemdiche not so talented, more teams would likely take him off the board. But his ability is making teams make judgment calls, and decide for themselves whether glass shards, some weed or a jungle cat is enough to scare them away.

16 responses to “Lions G.M.: Robert Nkemdiche has “red flags,” but not off board yet

  1. Those Red Flags would take him off MY board (that doesn’t exist anywhere, including my head).

  2. Not a problem. Helen Hunt fell out of a window, and she ended up doing pretty go – what I want, you’ve got, and it might be hard to handle, but like the flame that burns the candle, the candle feeds the flame, yeah yeah…

  3. “You just got to manage the risk and the reward of taking a guy like that.”

    I would imagine this kids agent has already called the Lions to tell them not to bother (if he’s still on the board).

  4. I wouldn’t draft him. Talent is useless when you are not allowed to suit up. As far as a deep background check goes, no need. With that much stuff on the surface there is bound to be more.

  5. I read up a little more on him after hearing about all these red flags after finding out what those issues were I thought they were pretty minor especially if you have a team with strong leadership.

    I have no clue why NFL brands weed worse than PEDs but this young man could be a steal late in 1st round for the right team.

  6. A team with strong leadership from top to bottom is what he will need. The question for me is he mature enough to follow that leadership?

  7. His inconsistencies were largely due to opponents double teaming him. The kid has talent but he needs to mature. My Patriots would be an excellent fit for him.

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