Marshawn Lynch turns 30, still isn’t officially retired

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On Friday, retired NFL running back Marshawn Lynch turned 30. But there’s still one curious glitch regarding Lynch’s retirement. He still hasn’t officially retired.

Unofficially, Lynch announced his retirement during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 50. The Seahawks officially acknowledged the move. But the Seahawks have yet to make the official roster move that goes along with a player retiring.

While Lynch doesn’t show up on the team’s online roster, he has not been placed on the reserve-retired list. That can’t happen until Lynch files his retirement papers.

It’s possible that Lynch is delaying retirement intentionally, hopeful that the Seahawks eventually will release him, so that he can sign with another team whenever he wants: During training camp, at the outset of the regular season, during the regular season, or prior to/during a playoff run.

Regardless of the reason, both the team and Lynch’s camp aren’t saying anything about the situation. Which possibly says plenty.

For now, the only reasonable thing to say is this: There’s still a chance Lynch will play in 2016, and a very real chance that will happen with another team. Perhaps it will be his hometown team, the one that still plays in Oakland.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of the guy’s personality (at least from what I’ve seen) but he’s a hell of a running back. As easy second place behind AP, and better on some Sundays. Specifically, the post-season ones.

    Oakland is a team on the move. He’s a perfect new/old Raider. Hope it happens!


  3. The Seahawks will not release him……They may honor his wishes and arrange for a trade to a team (Oakland) for something of great value, but I don’t anticipate that either. It would likely happen before an outright release though.

    Never seen this happen so long without someone leaking what’s the issue. Man, what an off season this has been.

  4. He definitely wants to sign with the Raiders, and to keep his signing bonus.

    I think that Seattle will let him keep his bonus as long as he doesn’t sign with anyone, but if/when that happens, they will go after that money like nobody’s business.

    Both sides are just playing the waiting game right now.

  5. If he retires, the Seahawks can demand back $5 million of his signing bonus. If the Seahawks cut him, he gets to keep it all. He is not officially retiring; he is waiting to be cut.

  6. Raiders would have run the ball.

    That would have required them to make the playoffs first…..glad you guys won the offseason…cool

  7. rainponcho87 says:Apr 22, 2016 10:55 PM

    Raiders would run the ball.

    Russell wouldn’t have thrown five interceptions in the super bowl. Read about Oakland s last big game. Quit clowning that the patriots beat us. Remember the tuck rule

  8. Great backs are synonymous with a single team…. Payton. Sanders. Brown. Faulk.
    Does anyone really remember Emmit Smith’s time playing for AZ? LT running for the Jets? Imagine AP playing for the Jags or Bills or…..

    Didn’t Dickerson end up in the raider nation? Maybe it would work.

    I gotta say it thou. Think Joe Montana in KC. That was criminal.

  9. I wanted to retire at 30, but I only had $1240 in bank at the time..

    It seemed like alot at the time, but I am in real trouble now.

    I wish I had NFL talent, because this sign isn’t making me crap.

    Stay in the NFL.

  10. I’m a huge fan of a guy who spends his time helping build an orphanage in Haiti.

  11. I fully understand the need for RB assistance in Oakland however, they don’t need Lynch and this type of influence on a young and talented team.

    Send him to reunite with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. They can re-live the good ole Cal days while they try to pressure Eddie Lacy to stay thin.

  12. thisjplostadigittoo says:
    Apr 23, 2016 1:08 AM

    Does anyone really remember Emmitt Smith’s time playing for AZ?

    Franco Harris was Seahawk….. some of you kids might forget that. He will always be a Steeler

    Seahawks, let Marshawn go, split the signing bonus with him and lets all move on. We don’t need distractions…. In any event, IF he goes to Oak and then give it a few years and no one will remember. What they will remember is he was a Seahawk

  13. I dont like the way the Organization dogged him. He was rehabbing, posting inhuman workouts ,then Tom Cable comes out and says something along the lines of “I dont know why he is working so hard this is Russell Wilsons team now.” This guy gave Seattle an identity and and swagger that we have never had. If he wants to be a Raider we should trade for a pick or two and be done. He has earned that.

  14. Speculation on Lynch is funny. He is done. He made a lot of money and is not dumb enough to have blown it all. He talked last year about his after football life. He will turn in his papers the day before the season opener. He will keep the media drooling for more until then. Lynch has no use for the media, and the media cannot stand that they don’t know what he is going to do.

  15. I think he shows up at Seahawk training camp. The Raiders could have him if they throw a pick Seattle’s way. He should cost Oakland their 2nd round pick (#44). Schneider is no dummy. He is not going to cut him loose.

  16. What about the money IF he doesn’t officially retire and the Seahawks don’t cut him? If he refuses to play
    shouldn’t he have to repay the money?
    The guy is just trying to Steal 5 Million from the Seahawks! what a puke.

  17. Hawks will not be going after the signing bonus. Lynch meant too much to the organization, and everyone knows it, including Paul Allen.

  18. He is at the end of the line. Taken a lot of abuse in his career, great player but not a lot of tread left on the tires. Wouldn’t mind seeing him in Oakland’s camp but wouldn’t give up a lot to get him. 6th or 7th round pick is the max Oakland should give if that.

  19. He should retire before he’s a vegetable. RB’s don’t last long.

    Go make some money with ESPN now Marshawn because like it or not, you’re over the hill.

  20. Adrian Peterson still looked as good as he did his first few years. Just look at that crappy line he had last year!
    I bet anything Running Backs in the future will be taking a year off in the 28/29 area to heal up and add 3 more years to their careers.
    It’s either that or Peterson is a freak of nature????
    He’ll have about 5 sons in the NFL in the next 25 years lol….

  21. He’s retired. Hes done. Get over it. The Raiders never would have been in the SB in the first place so stay in fantasyland. I swear some people are dumber than a box of rocks.

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