Nick Moody will cooperate with Aldon Smith prosecution

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Free-agent linebacker Nick Moody didn’t deliberately stiff arm the Florida criminal justice system, after all. Or, if he did, he has had a change of heart.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Moody will be testifying at the trial involving allegations against Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Moody, despite Friday’s events, is fully cooperating.

Moody contends that Friday’s failure to appear was the result of a miscommunication. He’ll probably need to have some compelling details and supporting facts in order to convince the judge of that.

Regardless, Moody will be in California on May 2, on the witness stand and offering testimony in the case against Smith, Moody’s former teammate in San Francisco.

8 responses to “Nick Moody will cooperate with Aldon Smith prosecution

  1. Man they are really trying to nail Smith to a cross, or maybe I’m just not understanding the details of the case.

    I hope Aldon can get all this straightened out. The guy has been as quiet as a church house mouse since his last incident when with the 49’ers, got suspended for an entire year and now this one last hurdle, I think…

  2. Yes, Aldon Smith has had multiple DUIs and a case of carrying an illegal weapon but he has NEVER injured another person. All told he’s been suspended for 25 games (including 9 coming up for 2016).

    And yet Leonard Little (now retired) who also had multiple DUIs was suspended only 8 games in his entire career despite actually killing a woman while driving intoxicated and repeatedly threatening his ex-girlfriend.

    Some bizarre logic at work here.

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