Goodell expects the draft to move on from Chicago in 2017

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The NFL draft will take place in Chicago for the second consecutive year next week, but it won’t be in Chicago next year.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said it’s “very likely” the draft will move to another city in 2017, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

When the NFL decided to move the draft out of New York, the plan became to turn it into a traveling show, with different cities getting to experience it in different years. Chicago was first, and the league was satisfied enough in the Windy City to give Chicago another year.

“We really didn’t know what to expect,” Goodell said. “We were very pleased.”

Given that Chicago has been a good host — including giving the league a large discount on the use of Grant Park, which has become a topic of controversy in the city — it’s odd that Goodell would rule out Chicago as next year’s host. But the league apparently wants other cities to know that they should begin preparing competitive bids for next year’s draft.

19 responses to “Goodell expects the draft to move on from Chicago in 2017

  1. They ought to put it in non-NFL cities so that fans in other parts of the country could have an NFL experience.

  2. I was going to say give the host bid to the team with the first pick but then they’d be scrambling from Nashville to LA right now.
    Maybe make it the team with the worst record the previous year. With all those early picks for Tennessee, no problem selling out that city.
    Or make it another perk for winning the Super Bowl. With all the media buzz it generates you could have a draft week and sell out all kinds of concerts and other events leading up to it.

  3. Cities will have to pay big bucks to have the NFL Draft in their city. This will become the NFL’s mini version of FIFA and the World Cup – probably down to the mandatory bribing of the officials. Next city after Chicago could well be Las Vegas.

  4. If Roger even hints at moving the draft to Mexico or England I will smack him in the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper.

  5. I know my town will never host a Super Bowl, but Green Bay could be a very cool destination for the NFL draft. I’m not saying every year, but just once would be quite the experience. Good luck to whichever city lands it next year and thanks to Chicago for setting the standard. They have put on a great show!

  6. North Carolina, Boston and Oakland are out, all for obvious reasons. Indy, Baltimore and LA are the obvious favorites, given that Goodall listens to Irsay and Bisciotti and LA makes sense as they’ll have a team soon, so he’ll be out to generate interest. The other thing in LA’s favor is there are a lot of strippers in LA, so some owners should be happy !!

  7. jag1959 says:
    Apr 23, 2016 4:34 PM
    Translation; Woohoo, we got us another honeypot! Now let the bidding commence and show us the money!
    It would be great if they rotated it through each NFL city that had a desire to host it. With the obvious caveat, as @patsbrat pointed out, that in the interest of the commi$$ioners comfort level and personal safety if next year is year one of the rotation then Boston wouldn’t be eligible until year 32 and KC year 31.

  8. He’s probably the worst commissioner in all sports from an integrity standpoint , but man is he a marketing and money making genius.

    Next there will be advertising patches on uniforms. Maybe the cart that carries off the next player with a concussion will be sponsored by John Deere or Toro.

    Someone else already said the NFL is following the FIFA model.

    If they have those rolling electronic billboards around the field then I’m out.

  9. I really think the NFL needs to consider removing the dangerous act of the draft pick having to use those steps to get up to the stage and walking over to shake Roger’s hand, the most dangerous part of the draft !

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