Report: Brees offered to help Saints make cap space for Norman


Before cornerback Josh Norman signed with Washington on Friday night, a surprising report emerged that he was drawing strong interest from New Orleans. That raised an obvious question: How on earth could the Saints, with $3.5 million in cap space, afford a premier free agent like Norman?

The answer is that Drew Brees was willing to create the space by agreeing to a new deal with the Saints. According to ESPN, Brees wanted Norman on the Saints and offered to re-do his contract to get the deal done.

Brees, who has the NFL’s highest cap hit this season at $30 million, is widely expected to work out a new contract with the Saints some time this year. But Brees apparently thinks highly enough of Norman that he was willing to expedite the process of getting a deal done if it would allow the Saints to get a deal done with Norman. Brees played against Norman several times when Norman played for the Panthers, and Brees apparently thinks Norman is the kind of player who could help the Saints get back to the Super Bowl.

It didn’t happen, as Washington made Norman a huge offer and Norman quickly accepted. But it speaks well for Norman that an opposing quarterback would have such a high opinion of him. And it speaks well for Brees’ future in New Orleans that he and the Saints are close enough on a new deal that one could have been done as soon as this weekend.

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  1. The last paragraph is how I feel as a Skins fan. Brees is a qb I completely respect and if he recognizes Norman’s value then I think the Skins may have been smart on this one.

  2. What a prince. And you couldn’t have restructured before free agency to give the team a shot at more players? It’s too late for it to do any good now. Everybody is signed already!

  3. but the saints are already supposed to have a strong 1 2 at cb in the crescent city connection, breaux + lewis.
    guess theres some truth to what everybodys saying abt lewis being washed up smh

  4. He would still get paid, but it would be a damn site better than a 30 million dollar cap hit. I like Drew I wish more players had the professionalism that he exhibits.

  5. It’s a two way street where one hit and your done. If the Saints wanted to restructure, Drew would have worked with them. Players don’t have much leverage at the end of the day, so why not wait it out?

  6. Sheesh. all the people asking why he didn’t restructure before free agency need to remember that he is giving money away with no guarantee management will spend it appropriately. at least with Norman, he knows what he is getting.

  7. Fans shouldn’t blame anyone but the Saints for hamstringing themselves the way they did. If the saints didn’t know Brees contract would crush the cap this way their idiots. Actually they are lucky the cap has gone up so much or it could be worse.

  8. Ahh, yes, union rep, Brees who claimed he never heard his teammates talking about bounties.

    How is Mickey Loomis still employed anyway? The guy has been absolutely terrible budgeting for the Saints for years. He gave Brees a Flacco contract (at least Brees somewhat deserves it more than Flacco) because he waited too long/didn’t budget for Brees, and here we are years later watching them in a cap hell under pressure to win again or to lose more ticket sales to a crap fanbase in a very old stadium.

    How does Benson make any money in that place anyway?

    The place is over 40 years old.

  9. Saints are scheduled to be $60 million under the cap next year so there will be big free agent spending then, hopefully wisely.

  10. I knew it was too good to be true that we got Norman.

    Also if we really wanted Norman we would’ve beat Washington to the punch and had Norman and his family in New Orleans for his 1st visit.

  11. Now that Peyton Manning has retired, Drew Brees can rightly claim the title as the most selfish player in the NFL.
    Congratulations Drew.

  12. Guys like Brady constantly get less than their market value and adjust their cap hits accordingly. Brees could care less, just wants to keep piling up more useless stats. Another 6-10 season with Brees throwing for 5k is on deck.

  13. Saints are 0-1 already.

    And brees better hope he just makes out of game one healthy.

  14. The Saints are better off. Having a highly-motivated Norman to throw at the Panthers twice a year would have been nice, but they would have had to extend Brees 5 years to get the cap room needed for Norman in addition to the big money Brees would have demanded. And with Brees having 2 good years left at the absolute best, NO would have been 5 years further away from a Super Bowl.

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