Goodell talks up a new San Diego stadium as a Super Bowl host

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As the NFL attempts to persuade San Diego to contribute $350 million to build a new stadium, the league is talking up the city as a future Super Bowl host.

At a rally to support the tax increase, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell called the new stadium “a home for the Chargers and a perfect place for a Super Bowl,” the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

LaDainian Tomlinson and Philip Rivers spoke at the rally and drew cheers from a an enthusiastic crowd of an estimated 4,000 Chargers fans. Goodell got some applause but also some boos, but despite the lukewarm reaction the commissioner often gets in public, he said he thinks it’s important for him to participate in the process.

“If I can play a constructive role, I want to be here,” Goodell said. “This is a great day. You see the passion of the fans. You see how important this is to him. It’s our job to go and find a solution for this community and this team.”

We’ll know soon whether the team will remain in the community. If the tax proposal doesn’t pass, the Chargers are likely to leave San Diego, their home of 55 years.

32 responses to “Goodell talks up a new San Diego stadium as a Super Bowl host

  1. I think Miami should get bids first., Ross footed the bill for the roof & upgrades. It’s only fair to consider Miami first , especially since his Dolphins are home based in Miami the magic city , the fans did bail on his proposal for a tax hike to help pay for the modifications , but Ross is passionate , even if he is somewhat still clueless about how to construct a winning football team , or surround himself with ppl who know 😝🤘🏻

  2. Uncle Al is going to eat Goodell’s brain Walking Dead style, the NFL still hates Oakland which is why Marky Mark needs to just move to Vegas for the hell of it

  3. Yes, the league told the city quite awhile ago that if they want a Super Bowl they need to replace their perfectly good stadium with a new one. That’s what this whole deal has been about.

  4. If the Chargers get the same support from Goodell that STL got then they will be moving out of San Diego!

  5. San Diego is not a good place for a SB, it’s time for the SB to be played overseas since the NFL is global.
    Miami or Tampa should host the SB every time it’s played in the USA.

  6. It’s sad to see that there are still Chargers fans in San Diego. Everyone there should turn their backs and shun the team and the league. The city and the fans are being treated horribly and it would be awesome if the Chargers play this season’s home games in a completely empty stadium. Roger Goodell is destroying my love for the NFL.

  7. Yeah come on SD – buck up. Spend 1.5 billion on a stadium and we will consider you for a Super Bowl.
    In the meantime if you don’t consistently play above .500 every 4 or 5 seasons your fans will have to fly to London for one home game that year on some shredded soccer field.

  8. I’m so sick of the league’s taxpayer extortion tour.
    The $350 million would be paid through hotel room tax, not a single penny from property taxes. San Diego residents would be silly not to pass this resolution.

  9. Warning to San Diego. Don’t believe a word the Ginger Hammer says.

    He has no problem lying if it gets him what he wants.

  10. Or be like LA, we let the the league leave when they asked for tax payer money. Eventually they will come back on their own dime if they truly think SD is a NFL market. LA survived fine for 21 years with the NFL, no way were we going to give taxpayer money to billionaires. Now we are getting new stadium on their dime. Thank you STL for hosting our team while we waited the NFL out.

  11. It’s funny how the tax increase doesn’t actually effect San Diegians, but the ones who travel to San Diego to watch their team play an away game in the perfect vacation city.

    Yet, all over this site and locally in San Diego, only Charger fans approve this proposal, and all the other team fans are complaining about tax increases. Pretty funny.

  12. A word of warning to all San Diego fans and residents. Don’t believe a thing Goodell says. All he knows how to do is lie. The most corrupt pro sport commissioner ever.

  13. There is NO END to the Greed of the NFL !…NONE…
    Over a 10 Billion dollar profit Margin and they still want to see the taxpayers cough up money for billion dollar stadiums!…PSL and Ticket prices will be so high that the average football fan will never get inside the new ” Palace made of Gold “….but they will be paying for it !.The NFL has been changing for the worse…for a long time now and I have had just about enough to turn it OFF !!

  14. About 20 years ago, the NFL told San Diego the same thing about hosting super bowls if they upgraded their stadium. The city is still paying off that upgrade, and San Diego was taken off the super bowl host list 13 years ago.

  15. The hotel lobby in San Diego is dead set against this tax on visitors and rightfully so. Why make your guests and visitors foot the bill?

    There is absolutely ZERO reason why the public should pay for a multi billionaire’s lavish palace considering they already have a stadium. It’s especially a hard pill to swallow when the Rams are building the stadium without a single dime from the LA taxpayers. Screw Goodell and Spanos.

  16. I think the Extortion Game to the Taxpayers is an insult! Miami’s Owner tried this and it did not pass. So, he footed the Bill himself and I guarantee Miami gets a SB out the next few slots. As a fan, I just wish he could field a decent team, but that is another story. Miami is one of a few SB favorite Cities like it or not. San Diego is another, but the Taxpayers should not be threatened.

  17. Dog and pony show. Oh, residents please pay towards the new stadium. Your billionaire owners should not have to pay. Remember, it is the public that reaps the benefits of a new stadium.
    And of course you must believe the hanging carrot of a super bowl date is etched in stone.

    And I also have a bridge for you under my rain coat…want to see!

  18. As a registered to vote city of San Diego resident I will NOT be voting to approve the charger stadium. Any one out there who believes there are no provisions for San Diego residents to pick up any slack not covered by tourist dollars is a fool.

  19. Spanos and the NFL are paying $650 million. The &350 million will be covered by visitors/tourists. I don’t understand what people’s problem is. An expanded convention center will ensure keeping Comic Con.

    It is time for San Diego to catch up to 2016. VOTE YES on November 8th. Losing the Chargers and Comic Com is not a leap forward in my book. So much of our economy and institutions would be gone.

    I wish that the city officials would just approve this measure and implement it. Too many ignorant cheapskates out there afraid of progress.

  20. So if San diego gets the superbowl will the kick off be at 6:45 like it always has been? if so on the east coast we’ll have to stay up to 1-2 oclock in the morning to see the conclusion.

  21. Why would the Comic Con people want to stay in SD if the bill passes? Visitors are going to be less likely to come with the tax hike, especially since Hollywood hasn’t enjoyed the rising costs each year for their presence. That’s a massive overall increase giving further incentive to move to a cheaper venue.

    I do not think this bill is healthy for San Diego in several ways. BUY YOUR OWN STADIUM, NFL.

  22. But to add to my previous post. SD can’t complain once the Chargers leave if this doesn’t get voter approval. You can’t have it all. Either you want them and you pay up or you let them leave and you shut up!

  23. I can only hope that there aren’t enough fools to vote this down.

    San Diego is a major league city, and for that distinction, you have to make certain concessions. It’s a privilege that many cities would die for.

    Now, Oakland is an above ground toilet, and I wouldn’t approve of a stadium there.

  24. My suggestion is that the citizens of San Diego should purchase a billboard telling the Chargers, “C-ya!”

    NFL stadiums aren’t permanent landmarks like the Roman Colosseum. The effective lifespan of an NFL stadium is now 20 years. The cost is at least a $1B and growing.

    If the city suggested a $350M tax on tourism to support upgrades to public services and increases in wages to city employees … the odds of that getting passed are somewhere between slim and none (and I haven’t been slim in 15 years).

    Ironically, that $350 investment in roads, sewer, schools would generate more revenue than an NFL stadium.

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