Victor Cruz: I’m 100 percent

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During a press conference on Thursday, Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said that he views anything the team gets from wide receiver Victor Cruz this season is a “bonus” because Cruz has been out since October 2014 with knee and calf injuries.

Reese also said that the hope is that Cruz is going to be “full go” at training camp in hopes of maximizing that bonus over the course of 2016. Based on Cruz’s assessment of his health at this point in the year, it sounds like there’s reason for optimism about Cruz fulfilling that hope.

“I’m feeling great. Workouts have been going amazing. Each day, it gets better and better,” Cruz said, via “I’m excited to continue to train, continue that pattern, and see where it takes me. … I’m 100 percent. I feel good. No injuries, no ailments, nothing hurts, no pain.”

While Cruz says he feels 100 percent, he’s not going to be going 100 percent during offseason work or OTAs. He said they are “using these days to build up as we go along” and that he “should be pretty much ready to go” at camp as a result of the work he’s putting in now.

With little experience behind Odell Beckham, the Giants offense is going to need that bonus from Cruz along with contributions from a few other places to put the necessary numbers on the scoreboard in 2016.

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  1. He’s too much of a gamble for the Giants not to try to find a number 2 guy in the draft, but if Cruz can stay healthy contribute from the slot the Giants will have a sweet passing attack

  2. Big IF here. We’ve heard this from #80 before. He needs to shut his mouth, stay healthy, and catch everything thrown his way. OBJ has put up record numbers with no real threat opposite him – the upside here could be tremendous, but still a big IF here.

  3. He might never be that explosive score from anywhere player anymore…but if he still has his short area quickness the giants will have a top 10 offense …he can not be covered 1 on 1 from the slot and he will see plenty of that with obj on the outside

  4. They had the 6th highest scoring offense in 2015 when their main secondary weapon was that non-route running goofball Reuben Randle. If Cruz is only 80% of his former self the Giants offense will be at least as effective as it was last year.

    The Giants main offensive issue was red zone efficiency, where they were a disgusting 29th in the league. If they had even had only an average RZ efficiency theyd have been a top 2 scoring offense.

  5. Victor Cruz can also provide some leadership to the team. Had Vic been around for the Panthers game, I’m positive he would have smacked OBJ upside the dome and said “Knock it off and get your head in the game!”

    Vic knows when and when not to celebrate. The Giants were getting blown out a few years back in NO, and Vic scored two garbage-time TDs in the 4th quarter. No salsa – both times, he flipped the ball to an official and ran to the sideline. Yes, he’s injury-prone, and that will probably keep him from a long career. But he has the right mindset – OBJ was a first round pick and supremely gifted, but Vic was undrafted and worked hard to make the team. You need those kinds of guys on every roster.

  6. Cruz has outstanding chemistry with Eli and it would be great to have him back even at 80% of what he was but I can’t recall another speed guy that was ever much more than a shadow of his former self after a patella injury. As far as him being at 100%, raise your hand if you feel like you’ve heard that before…

  7. I think they may need to go with Tyler Boyd in round 2.

    He would be the perfect Robin for Odell’s Batman. He runs great routes, he demands coverage, & he’s physical.

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