Browns executive after trading down: “We know eyes are on us”


When the Browns traded the second pick in the draft to the Eagles for a bundle of choices, many around the NFL (including, Gruden-thumbs extended, this guy) immediately thought of Cleveland’s inability to capitalize on previous windfalls.

But with a revamped front office, they swear it’s going to be different this time.

We know eyes are on us,” Browns executive vice president Sashi Brown told Peter King of “This is an important draft for us. We’ve got to make up ground in our division. But we’re confident we won’t repeat some of our errors of the past. I think the key for us now is trusting our information and making sound decisions.”

They also have to trust how the information was gathered, which might be why they were willing to let six scouts go a month before the draft begins. The problem with the Browns was never the availability of chances to improve, it was a matter of execution.

There’s a line to be drawn between burning draft picks on players such as Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert, who seem to lack the fundamental awareness that being drafted in the first round is the beginning of the journey, rather than the destination.

But with a new front office including former baseball executive Paul DePodesta, the Browns are changing their method, and now have a chance to do something about it.

“We thought if we could piece this together, the higher quality picks were more important, rather than multiple lower picks,” Brown said.

The Browns have six of the first 100 picks this year and extras next year as well (they have a first-rounder next year and a second-rounder in 2018). That gives them the ability to start the latest rebuild with premium picks, and if they don’t throw them away like previous regimes, it’ll be a good start.

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  1. Given the misses the Browns have had over the years, I’d give Steve Urkel a shot to run the franchise…He can’t do any worse than the homeless man. (Hopefully, next April, he won’t be saying “Did I do thaaat?”)

  2. Browns usually do pretty well once the first round is over and aren’t that bad in the first round either. Basically 3 dud QB’s in the last decade has defined their draft to people who don’t pay attention to them and not the plethora of years they would draft defensive players that lead to top 5 defenses.

  3. Over the last few decades theBrowns have set the standard for front office incompetence, leading to 4 sad decades for one of the storied franchises in the game. The Browns’ front office has to do something right this time to begin to dispel those expectations.

  4. browns record last 10 years..


    what more needs to be said

    last 18 years, the Steelers have lost 109…


    browns are a joke….move on

  5. No matter how many picks you have, you still have to have good scouts in order to make those picks count. They have an opportunity to add six outstanding players this year. I’ll certainly be paying attention. It’s a different approach. Should be fun.

  6. Criticizing the Browns is as easy for the media as it is for apologists (fans) like myself to say ‘next year’.

    What do some of these people want the Browns to do? Do they think they need to do the same thing they have been doing? It’s about time the Browns make a drastic change in how they do things. I personally applaud their efforts so far. We aren’t the Patriots and can’t bring in veterans who have never won before and expect them to embrace a tradition that isn’t there. We have to start fresh – and hopefully with the new guys in charge we will at least find some players that remain on the roster in two-years.

  7. When the same people are hiring for the Browns that hired the last 12 or so coaches and GM’s, then you can figure you will get the same results. The physical bodies may change, but that same personality that seems to appeal to the people who are hiring here, the same traits, quirks, or whatever it is that makes these people hire these guys, are the same, so you can expect the same result. Like a manager who hires secretaries because of how they look, but they can’t type, take dictation, or file. So when they get fired, he hires another and his focus is on looks, but she cant type, take dictation or file so she gets fired. Over and Over and Over. Its the Cleveland Browns stadium of sorrow hiring philosophy. Whatever that “thing” is that Haslam looks for, for the past two decades, that has him pull the trigger and hire these guys, is going to get him what he has always gotten.

  8. ….I know getting a bunch of draft picks is one way to build your team BUT when you have NO FRANCHISE QB it was a stupid move. Get your QB, and then build your team……

  9. Rumors swirl around the Browns trading up from 32 to nab Paxton Lynch ….

    As long as it it not No. 22 !!

    Quinn, Weeden, Manziel were all #22.

  10. “But we’re confident we won’t repeat some of our errors of the past. I think the key for us now is trusting our information and making sound decisions.”
    ———————–so they sign RG3, LOL

  11. The funny thing is, the browns front office didnt change, all they did is let farmer go and brought in depodstra. besides the the 6 scouts, every else has been there is 2013

  12. The fact that the Browns are concerned about how things look and thinking about how their 1st draft picks will be perceived should be very troubling to Browns fans.

    Their complete lack of mental security and consistency is what has held that org back for years and we are now seeing that nothing has changed. They should be focused on who will best help the team, now worry about whether teams, fans, media, or critics will give them a thumbs up or not.

    Hiring the Moneyball guy was red flag #1, now this? You guys are once again doomed….

  13. Sashay Brown’s mantra, “Why does it feel like, somebody’s watching me?”

    As a Browns fan, I hope this will work out for us. As a football fan, I hope it doesn’t. Most of these newer owners are all about the money (vs football), and if “moneyball” can put more “ching” in their pockets, they will do it.

    Remember the warnings of Mark Cuban!

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