Chase Daniel would like you to know he’s happy in Philadelphia


The Eagles had one quarterback at work today who was excited to be there, and he wants everyone to know it.

Chase Daniel just tweeted out word that he was excited about Monday’s workout in Philadelphia, not long after Sam Bradford said he wasn’t showing up for work and wanted to be traded.

offense looked sharp as ever! Still a long way to go, but a great start!” Daniel wrote.

Daniel signed a three-year, $21 million contract, and was told he’d have a chance to compete for the starting job. Of course, that was after Sam Bradford signed a much bigger contract, and the Eagles eventually declared him the starter.

The Eagles signed Daniel in part because of his familiarity with coach Doug Pederson’s offense, and he may end up becoming the next Pederson.

Pederson was the place-holder/sacrificial lamb who started for the Eagles while they groomed first-rounder Donovan McNabb. With the No. 2 overall pick acquired and expected to be turned into Carson Wentz, Daniel has to know that any starting opportunity may not necessarily last long.

But he also knows that he can earn another $15 million in incentives if he wins the job and owns it and the team succeeds.

So while he’s not just campaigning for the hearts and minds of co-workers who are there lifting weights with him now, he’s also protecting his own economic best interests.

16 responses to “Chase Daniel would like you to know he’s happy in Philadelphia

  1. The backup QB is always the most popular guy.

    Let’s check back and see what his tune is after week 3 when fans are booing and demanding the rookie play.

    Those tweets won’t be so chipper.

  2. Chase learned under Drew Brees for a few years… Thought he would beat out Bradford anyway as Bradford is just simply not that good..

  3. I bet Sam Bradford’s not a bad guy but it seems like he wants his cake and eat it too. He has pushed for top dollar throughout his career and has nothing to show for it on-field… that how it goes for such athletes, the top-paid is rarely the best week after week and get interests from weaker organizations.

    My Eagles are trying hard here and are doing a number of things well on paper this offseason but damn if they’re not on the precipice of implosion. 🙁

  4. So I guess Bradford is scared to compete for the starting job. Sorry bro this isn’t St. Louis. The best player starts period. #eaglesnation

  5. Daniels did a great job with the Chiefs and I would bet Bradford is more afraid of losing his starting job to him (as opposed to the rookie they draft). I think Philly fans will be surprised because he’s smart, has a good arm and his only knock was he’s short (like his mentor Drew breeze). So if I’m a Philly fan I say let Bradford walk, use the cap space and picks to fill other holes and let Daniels groom the new kid.

  6. The Eagles know that Wentz (or Goff) is not ready for prime time. They want to sit him for at least a year, possibly longer. If Bradford skips OTA’s and camps, it’s just going to give the rookie more reps early and therefore speed up his learning curve. Bradford needs to calm down and think this thru.

  7. Chase Daniels gets more publicity than he deserves. He’s a BACKUP………

    Reminds me a little of Nate Burleson, this guy made so much $$$ and there was nothing great about him. I guess he just became a free agent at the right times.

  8. I get why the Eagles are trying to go get there franchise QB but man is it going to hurt when they finish in last place in the NFC East # have a top 10 pick next year that will go to the Browns.

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