Connor Cook doesn’t listen to opinions, except the ones he likes

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Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook has read the criticisms of his game, which usually come from the ever-popular unnamed scout.

But he’s unmoved by that criticism, and vows to ignore it all the way through this week’s draft.

“Whoever it is – and they obviously haven’t said who they are, because they’re afraid to or it’s just fake – if they want to keep talking, it’s all good,” Cook said, via Chris Solari of the Lansing State Journal. “I’m just going to continue to be myself and work hard.”

There has been plenty of criticism of Cook leading up to this week’s selection meeting, much of it pertaining to his attitude rather than his skills. He’s Michigan State’s winningest all-time quarterback, but has routinely been described as “selfish,” with the fact he wasn’t voted team captain used as evidence.

“I don’t think people have a problem with me. So it’s just funny,” Cook said. “It’s just comical at this point, the stuff that people are saying. It’s literally the polar opposite, the complete opposite of who I am and what I stand for and the kind of person that I am.”

ESPN analyst Jon Gruden is willing to endorse him, saying he deserved to go in the first round. The law of supply and demand may take care of that regardless, but Gruden was a fan based on Cook’s “body of work.”

“I think coach Gruden, he just speaks his mind. If he’s a firm believer in something, he’s gonna say it and stand behind it,” Cook said. “I’m very thankful for him to think that highly of me.”

So as long as you use your name, and say something nice about him, Cook finds the opinion valid. We’ll find out Thursday night if anyone sides with Gruden, and ignores the chatter that has surrounded Cook all offseason.

25 responses to “Connor Cook doesn’t listen to opinions, except the ones he likes

  1. Gruden has never heard of a player that is not the best, and is soooooo effusive with praise as to be unbelievable.

  2. So do you care what I have to say considering you don’t know who I am? Probably not, but if I were to say that I was Jon Gruden and I hate the things you write, you would probably care.

  3. Those of us who are actually in East Lansing and around the program know that these stories about cook being selfish or a bad person are complete bs concocted by the media that a lot of you have chosen to really run with and present as fact.
    The facts are the exact opposite of what you’ve all been told by Todd McShay or whichever other of Harbaugh’s buddies you get your football “news” from. The fact is that he’s a definite first round talent who broke all of Michigans States records and did it all with class and integrity while never getting into an ounce of trouble
    Not sure what the motivations of the people telling these lies are but I can promise you they’re just that. Lies.

  4. Headline seems kind of harsh. The fact is that if you don’t put your name to your “opinion”, all you are doing is spreading a rumor.

  5. Connor is a little fake – you never really know who he is. But he has never been in trouble – has never raped, pillaged or killed.

    On the field he has been outstanding. He is just a little different. People don’t dislike him, they just don’t feel like they really know him – even after 4 years.

  6. You just have to love these headlines. So you read it, and then you see, the only thing Cook is saying is that he wants people to put their names behind what they are saying, or stop making stuff up. Of course he’s going to like it when someone compliments him, doesn’t everyone? I’ve watched him play over these past two years, he’s a really good QB. It seems as though a team will be lucky if he falls to them.

  7. I’ve said it before, but I would draft Cook solely on the strength that he looks like the mean jock kid from every 80s teen angst movie ever made.

  8. “So as long as you use your name, and say something nice about him, Cook finds the opinion valid.”
    “Anonymous” opinions should not even be acknowledged no matter if they are pro or con because then it’s not “news”, its fantasy! I wonder how glowing your resume would be if it was critiqued by your ex-wife….anonymously!

  9. I don’t think you reflected accurately on what Cook said. He just asked that the speaker identify himself if he wanted to speak negatively about Cook. He did not include “something nice” as a necessity. But, your way makes better reading, I guess.

  10. In defense of Gruden, he was the only analyst to tout Russell Wilson as a 1st round pick. Settle got lucky having him available in the 3rd round.

  11. I’ve had no use for this guy, since he disrespected one of the greatest Big 10 players, ever, in Archie Griffin, while accepting a trophy. He was totally dismissive and embarrassingly, low class.

    As for his play, it was spotty and I’ve seen nothing to warrant early round consideration. He’s marginal and his demeanor is highly questionable.

  12. Miami has made the decision to give Tannehill one more year to prove he was worth his investment. Outside of a couple of terrific games, he hasn’t looked it, even after you take a bad OL into consideration. At the very least RT needs real competition. This guy or Cardale Jones might indeed be worth a 2d rounder.

  13. There’s a very good reason the founding fathers made it a right to confront your accuser in court. Anyone that has ever been a victim of a social media smear campaign by anonymous posters can appreciate that even more.

  14. Scouts and their media counterparts come off as a bunch of catty old bitter women in a sewing circle trying to rip this kid apart. I watched alot of Spartan games and Cook never came across as flippant or arrogant on the field or sidelines. Geno Smith lost his composure in plain view of everyone when their offense was stopped but I never heard anyone complain about that bum’s piss poor attitude leading up to the draft.

    The Cook character issues sound more like a vendetta against the kid more than anything.

  15. steve11blog says:
    Apr 25, 2016 9:56 AM
    Miami should think about him in the 2nd round if he is there


    Every team should think about him in the 2nd, except for maybe Rams and Eagles.

  16. As always, the NFL will be the great equalizer. We’ll see how selfish he is with J.J. Watt breathing down his neck.

  17. Teams that want to get him in Round 2 without investing their 1st round pick are the likely source of the negative PR surrounding Cook. They just want to get him on the cheap.

  18. “beedubyatoo says:
    Apr 25, 2016 10:08 AM

    In defense of Gruden, he was the only analyst to tout Russell Wilson as a 1st round pick. Settle got lucky having him available in the 3rd round.”

    Not in defense of Gruden, he gushes about every QB including Manziel and Tebow. Merrill Hoge was one of the few who saw through the façade of Manziel and called him a third rounder. Hoge was roasted by Manziel fanboys and PFT readers who have it in for Hoge for some reason.

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