Howie Roseman: Eagles have to have a franchise quarterback


Eagles Executive V.P. of Football Operations Howie Roseman says the decision to trade up to the No. 2 overall pick in the draft was all about a belief that the way to win in the NFL is to get a long-term franchise quarterback.

“You have to have a winning franchise quarterback to compete over a long period of time,” Roseman said this morning on PFT Live. “One impact player at that position can change a team.”

So will that quarterback be Cal’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz? Roseman said the Eagles will be happy with taking whichever quarterback the Rams don’t take first overall.

“You have to be comfortable with both guys at one and two,” Roseman said. “You don’t have that control when you’re picking second. We’re very comfortable with both quarterbacks, and that was the reason we were able to make this trade.”

Although Roseman said he discussed the trade with owner Jeffrey Lurie, coach Doug Pederson and others in the organization, ultimately it was Roseman alone who had to make the call.

“This decision was mine,” Roseman said. “At the end of the day, this was my decision.”

Roseman said the Eagles had previously identified 10 players they liked a lot and were worried none would still be there at No. 13, so they traded up to the Dolphins’ first-round pick at No. 8. At that point they saw the opportunity to move up to No. 2.

“There are unique opportunities where you have to take chances to be great,” Roseman said. “One great player can change a team.”

With the Rams appearing poised to draft Goff, Eagles fans have to hope that one great player is Wentz.

34 responses to “Howie Roseman: Eagles have to have a franchise quarterback

  1. Alternative Title – “Sam Bradford is a chump and we played him like one – 2 years in a row, with 2 different front offices…Huzzah!”

  2. Yall remember that play where McNabb scrambled for like 20 seconds breaking many tackles and bombing a completion down to Freddy Mitchell.

  3. Well the way I see it if you have a roster full of quarterbacks a franchise Qb don’t do a friggin thing ,,iggles are funny 1960

  4. Even if Wentz or Goff come in and immediatly play at a Hall of Fame level.. Say a Drew Brees level.. The Eagles wont be able to compete for a Super Bowl due to the huge salary cap restraints caused by the fact they will be paying their 2nd and 3rd stringers a combined 23.5m over each of the next two seasons. Not to mention the salary of the 2nd overall pick. Couple that with the lost draft picks and itl be 3 years before the Eagles can contend for a Championship.. Thats IF their pick is a Home Run.

  5. I’d settle for a better approach to identifying talent throughout the draft, , , but maybe next year.

    Oh, never mind,
    2018, in any round but 2.

  6. Hey Bradford; just an FYI…that ain’t rain flowing down your back right now.

  7. ….It’s on Lurie NOT you Howie. He told you to re-build the 1999 model that Andy created. Get a ho-hum offensive coordinator and make him a head coach….draft a QB at #2 … the ball 20 times a game and make safe throws to your TE’s, and build a defense. The models been build already, now just go follow it !!!!!

  8. I bet by game 5, at the latest, eagles fans will call for Calton Wentz, and Pederson will put the poor, unprepared kid in. This have disaster written all over it.

    This kid needs to be place in a safe with a note “Do not open until 2017”. Especially after you mortgage the future to get him.

  9. As long as Lurie holds Roseman personally responsible for this trade, I’m okay with it. Roseman can’t survive this with impunity if the QB drafted on Thursday turns out to be a bust.

  10. Man, all you guys that watched NDSU games must be real football fans. Oh, you didn’t. You seen the same 20 clips as everyone else and made a decision off of that. You are even better then I thought. I hope if Roseman gets can, they give you a call.

  11. you guys understand they can simply release and void deal with Bradford after this year, yes? Or can trade him now?

    not saying Im a proponent of the deal but saying the eagles are stupid because they have too many QBs is a stretch, especially when many dont think the drafted one will see action until 2017

  12. This strategy only makes sense if they can get rid of Bradford somehow. They can save cap money by trading him before the season starts. Let Chase be on the case to start the season, and bring in a journeyman 3rd stringer.

  13. I’m thinking that there may be a franchise QB in this draft but not one expected to go in the first two picks. Someone else will be selected into a good system with a decent offensive line and develop into a top QB.

  14. Howie, you certainly do things unorthodox. Why would you give that fragile china doll quarterback a huge two year contract to start with?
    You should have gotten Chase Daniel, traded Bradford and then make your move to acquire the number 2 pick.

  15. xavier179 says:
    “Howie, you certainly do things unorthodox. Why would you give that fragile china doll quarterback a huge two year contract to start with?
    You should have gotten Chase Daniel, traded Bradford and then make your move to acquire the number 2 pick.”

    Sammie was a free agent this offseason. They would’ve had to sign him to some kind of contract in order to trade him in the 1st place!

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