Jalen Ramsey: I’m a playmaker, like Von Miller

Getty Images

Is Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey a safety or a cornerback? He says it doesn’t matter. He’s just a guy who will make plays.

Ramsey, who could go as high as third overall in Thursday night’s NFL draft, told the Star-Telegram that he doesn’t have a preference for whether he plays safety or cornerback in the NFL.

“I can play where they need me to. I feel like I can work outside, in the slot or play deep. I have a lot to learn, have to study receivers, learn the defense I’m in, but I think if I put the work in, I’ll be able to move around if they need me to. But I’ll do whatever a team, or the coaches, want me to do,” Ramsey said.

Ramsey compared the impact he can have on defense to the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

“I’m a player who can do a lot of things for a team, can make plays, be a game-changer,” Ramsey said. “That’s what’s needed. Most people think just offensive players can make plays, change games, make big plays, but as we saw in the Super Bowl this year, Von Miller, he was the game-changer. He was the playmaker.”

That’s a good comparison. Ramsey may be the best playmaker in this draft.