Josh Norman offered to sign Panthers tender, but was too late

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Josh Norman fired an agent after he was unable to get a deal with the Panthers for more than a year.

And if he’d have trusted his own counsel, he’d have taken a much smaller deal.

According to a blow-by-blow account of Norman’s signing in Washington by Mike Jones and Master Tesfatsion of the Washington Post, Norman went back to the Panthers after firing agent Michael George and tried to sign the one-year, $13.95 million tender himself, only to find out he was too late.

Thus, with new representation Ryan Williams, he had to settle for a five-year, $75 million deal with $36.5 million (not $50 million) in guarantees.

The fact Norman was willing to crawl back to the Panthers after what had been a contentious process behind the scenes was telling.

Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman had a air of exasperation when he announced the move, saying it was obvious they were never going to agree on a long-term deal (especially not after Norman had declared himself one of the top five corners of all time and they responded with an $11 million a year offer).

But Norman apparently wasn’t lying all last season when he insisted he wanted to stay with the Panthers, not if he was willing to forego a chance at an open and lucrative market for one more ride with what amounted to his hometown team.

The story also suggests Panthers coaches were unaware of what was going on, and suspected there was more to Gettleman’s move than financial reasons. Coach Ron Rivera offered a tepid “I trust Dave,” last Thursday, but the news that he could have gone into this season without a gaping hole in his secondary has to be galling to a guy who helped develop Norman into one of the league’s top corners.

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  1. In Gettleman We Trust! To sign scrubs and stiffs to cheap one year contracts. Gettleman could give Rent-A-Wreck at run for its money and he is from that part of the country. The answer is on the roster. Remember the Turnstile thing at LT? We all know how that one worked out. Gettleman does nothing to give his coaches the material they need and is a man who likes to hear himself talk. The bottom line here is zero Super Bowl championships and at the end of the day that is the only thing that counts and not Gettleman’s penchant for signing players to cheap one year contracts.

  2. 1st. Before anyone says it, he’s not merely a guy who benefited from playing in a great system behind a great front 7. A lot of players have played behind that front 7 and only Josh Norman was an all pro. He has great ball skills, tackles great, gets to the ball quickly. Is he Reavis? No he isn’t, but he’s one of the better CBs in the league so lay off.

    2nd. This whole situation is annoying to any Panthers fan who wanted Norman to stay. I understand that we were never going to give him 15 million a year, because that’s ridiculous. But to get him for 1 more season would have been great for our chances at getting back to the big one.

    3rd. Most Panthers fans trust Dave Gettleman and I’m no different. He has a great track record and his mistakes are few and far between. That being said, he’s not infallible. I think all he probably would have kept Josh if he had known that he would have signed the tag if he threatened to rescind it. I do believe he had every intention of signing Josh this offseason and I think a inexperienced agent made the 2 sides stay so far apart.

    Final thoughts: I love Josh Norman, he will torture WRs and the Skins got themselves a play maker. For everyone of the names you throw out that burned him, I can name 10 that he absolutely owned. I’d agree he’s probably overpaid but only because I don’t subscribe to spending 15 million on a CB or safety. Games are still won in the trenches. Skins fans should be excited tho, because he will wow you. Prepare to be entertained!

  3. So I’m to assume that the guy told his agent to handle it, then went on vacation? I’m sorry but if there’s a negotiation concerning my welfare and I’m an adult, I guarantee I will be involved. His agent couldn’t get the Panthers to meet Norman’s demands for a year and the front office said bye. There are dudes…I don’t know, Luke Kuechly who have the numbers and accolades for that type of money. Then to show up hat in hand…hahahaha. Good luck in Washington. 9-7 gets you the NFC Least and a 1st round exit.

  4. That defensive front 7 is serious. As good as Norman was for them last season, I really think that defense will be fine. Now they have that much more cap room to play with to keep that group together. THAT’S scary.

  5. this reminds me of a card game I was once involved in where a guy named… let’s call him Josh, pushed all in and then tried to take his money back when his bluff was called…..

  6. Just like he’s gonna be late when O from big blue runs a post on him ,,,,,,nice !

  7. The Panther’s defense will be great with or without Norman – he’s good but the system he played in helped him immensely. Let’s see how good he is with a Washington defense that isn’t nearly as good as the Panthers.

  8. .
    Two mistakes that Norman and his agent made :

    1. Not signing the 13.95 million tender while continuing to negotiate.

    2. Not understanding who they were dealing with. Gettleman inherited a salary cap mess. He was forced to cut players he wanted to keep. Now, he has many good players at below market deals whom he’s eventually going to have to reward. He is not going to be able to sign everyone as it is. He prefers to spend his dollars on players involved in every play (lineman), as opposed to a CB who may be involved in a handful of plays.

  9. What this acquisition from the Carolina Paper Tigers has proved is that the sports media isn’t able to accurately report news and just makes things up – it was so easy to say this was $50 million guaranteed but someone lied and everyone else repeated the lie.

    Maybe if these sports clowns would wait to be accurate instead of first to repeat a lie, we’d have not to walk back bad reports!

  10. If Gettleman was weeding out a locker room distraction, a “me first” guy, more power to him then.

    I admit it, I’m not a big fan of crap talking NFL players…and I don’t care WHO they are.

    The guy MAY be good but, if you’ve played the game beyond Pop Warner, you know what I’m talking about. Egocentric tools just cause resentment in the locker room.

  11. He traded a future Super Bowl ring for money. It’s a bold strategy, let’s see how it works out for him.

  12. He had six weeks to sign his tag before it was rescinded. A long term deal could’ve been done after that. I’m just saying…

  13. If true, this is so frustrating. They had the cap room to manage this one year deal and keep a corner who had an overall spectacular year. He may not have had as good of a season this time around, but I can’t imagine a steep fall off. Now he’s in DC… I’ve hated a lot of Gettleman’s moves, including this one. But this frustrates more than any of the past ones. They were in no hurry here.

  14. ironyisadeadscene says:
    Apr 25, 2016 6:27 AM
    If my other options were the 49ers and Redskins, I’d go crawling back to the Panthers too.


    Why? The Panthers QB proved to the world that he is a choke artist and a coward in the biggest game of his career. What serious player wants to play with that guy?

  15. Panthers really dropped the ball here. They have been exposed on and off the field. One year wonder almost. Keep pounding (how’s that working for ya?). Lol!

  16. The term “he wants his cake and to eat it too” comes to mind.

    Norman’s former agent helped create the value by getting Norman released.

    Norman, responded to unrestricted free agency by firing his agent and trying to sign his tender, which had been taken off the table.

    Norman wanted the money and to play for the Panthers but that wasn’t an option.

    He would up getting top dollar from a team that always seems willing to overpay.

    The Panthers did the right thing. The initial agent did the right thing. The new agent did the right thing. Norman should say thank you to all concern and the old agent should split the fee with the new agent. If it wasn’t for him, Norman would have signed the tender and been going through all of this again next year.

    The only losers are Panther fans and coaches (and the old agent), they guys that were truly faithful to Norman.

  17. The people talking like him being good wasn’t part of that defense being good are laughable. Gettleman did come from NY though where their DBs were boo boo the whole time he was understudy to Acorsi and Reese. We’ll see if it hurts this fall, but my guess is it will. Let’s not act like he had 3 other All Pros playing with him in the secondary or that Luke Kuechly could get to every blown coverage in the secondary. He locked his side down. I also love the people essentially saying he was worth the same as Sean Smith who signed with Oakland. Ah, no. He’s way better than that.

  18. coming off his best year as a pro, and right before the 30 year old cliff….Norman was at least able to get that one golden egg contract that the vast majority of NFL players never experience

  19. Anyone else picture Josh Norman acting like Happy Gilmore on the intercom in the beginning of that flick.

    “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean that”

  20. One final word on this. Was he a top 5 player on their team? I think everyone would say yes, and I think most would say top 3 after Newton and Kuechly. So those 2 got paid in line with their positions, and Norman definitely deserved to get paid above what Sean Smith got from Oakland, which is what Gettleman’s final offer was. He’s way better than that. He didn’t make the market, so if you’re with all of this free market should dictate this and that, blah, blah, blah, it cuts both ways. If he had turned down around $60 mil and $30 mil guaranteed, anyone taking the team’s side on this would be on solid ground, but it wasn’t even near that. They’re going to have this same problem when Kawann Short, and Star Lotulelei come up in the next couple of years. Now, that’s Carolina’s problem, not Norman’s problem that they have to pay all of those good players and fit it under the cap. So I don’t know why wanting what he’s worth turns into erroneously ripping him, calling him overrated and a “1-year wonder” because his old team had to make that choice.

  21. Gettleman was a moron. He didn’t need to do this.

    Unless he re-signs 3-4 guys with front loaded contracts this year… that cap space is just gong to be a waste.

    Thus they created a hole they didn’t need to create.

    Plus created a pissed off person that’s going to be itching to pick off Cam in week 15.

    Could cost them a playoff spot (not likely). Could cost them home field throughout, or push them to a wildcard.

    Looks like dumb pride got in the way, instead of any real business sense. It wasn’t a ‘business’ move, he lied. There is no business reason for what he did.

    Only a moron would think so. Unless of course, like I said, he re-signs 3-4 guys with mega deals (like 50 million or more each) and gives those guys front loaded deals of about an extra 3 or so million into this season for all of them.

  22. I find it challenging to believe that Norman had no clue there was a chance the tag could be pulled back – unless his agent was totally clueless and didn’t prepare Norman for the possibility. That’s believable, as it appears the agent had dug in and said, “we want $16M per year and will not take one penny less,” motivated by a higher commission on a $16M deal than an $11M deal. DG was probably willing to go higher than $11M, figuring he could negotiate them down from $16M to somewhere in the vicinity of the $14M the tag would pay him. I know he doesn’t want us to go back into the cap jail Hurney put us in.

    As for the on-field product, I’m concerned, but not panicked. The front 7 is already better than last year with CJ, Luke and TD coming back healthy, more depth on the D-line, and Benwickere coming back, along with the acquisition of Boykin. I know DG loves hog mollies but he needs to find a CB in this draft. If he does, we should be fine. Plus, there is now enough money to extend both Star and Short.

  23. I wish he would have resigned with the Panthers just for the fact we will see less of the antics between him & OBJ & more football. Now the 2 idiots meet twice a year!

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