Josh Norman on facing Odell Beckham: It’s gonna be fun


Among the talking points that have cropped up since cornerback Josh Norman’s surprise move from the Panthers to the Redskins is that Norman will be facing off with Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham twice during the 2016 season.

Norman and Beckham engaged in a battle of words leading into last year’s Panthers-Giants game that continued on the field and escalated physically. Both players were penalized during the game and Beckham was suspended the next week as a result of a running shot to Norman’s head at the end of a play.

During Monday’s introductory press conference with the Redskins, Norman was asked about Beckham. He laughed for a bit at a question he had to know was coming and didn’t do much to add to any tension when he eventually responded.

“It’s gonna be fun. He’s a competitor,” Norman said. “I’m gonna play. I’m gonna give everything I got just as well as he is … Whatever happens that day, it will happen. I don’t hold the future. But what I do know is that I’m gonna work my tail off until I see somebody that’s different. That’s all I’m bringing here. Just work. Work, work, work. Dedication to my craft. Everything else is pretty much irrelevant.”

Norman said he’s looking forward to the “best on best” matchups with Beckham and Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant that will be part of the NFC East schedule. He faces those two wideouts in Weeks Two and Three of the regular season and starts off with the Steelers and Antonio Brown, so there will be ample opportunities to provide immediate return on the investment the Redskins made last Friday.

20 responses to “Josh Norman on facing Odell Beckham: It’s gonna be fun

  1. Norman won’t have that front 4 in Washington like he had in Carolina so we’ll see how good he really is. My guess is he more bark than bite.

  2. There will be plenty of opportunities for Daniel Snyder to say, “I just gave 38 mil guaranteed to THIS burn victim?”

  3. Under the new rules they’ll both be thrown out of the games after 2 snaps…but it’ll be a fun 2 snaps…

  4. PFT has some of the most negative commenters I’ve ever seen.

    The dude just came off an all-pro season, and all everyone is doing is bashing the guy or saying he’s gonna get “toast”

    He didn’t even say anything negative about OBJ or Dez, just looking forward to the competition.

    Who am I kidding? I’m not gonna change anyone’s minds.

    Roast away.

  5. Each player represents each franchise.

    Norman – Family first, Fought to earn his stripes and humble.

    Becky Jr – Flashy, Weird hair, Look at me forget the scoreboard.

    Thank God I’m a Redskin fan.

  6. It won’t take long for Norman to miss not only the team he played on last season but the schedule that team played. Out of the gate he will face Antonio Brown and Bryant before he gets to Beckham and in addition to facing Dez and OBJ again down the road he will also see AJ Green, Fitzgerald and Kelvin Benjamin. Then there’s the list of QB’s that will be looking to dissect that secondary, Roethlisberger, Romo (2x), Manning (2x), Flacco, Dalton, Rodgers, Palmer, Newton. The ‘Skins schedule for 2016 makes last year’s Carolina schedule look like even more of a walk in the park than it was and that’s saying a lot

  7. I am a skins fan, but logical, do you have a regular job? Or is reading all the PFT posts your job? I have given thumbs up on almost all your posts.

  8. It has been nothing but hate for the Redskins on here the last couple of years from smug commentors. I ready for my Redskins to knock these smug commentors right off this board

  9. logicalvoicepft says:
    Apr 25, 2016 4:36 PM
    Each player represents each franchise.

    Norman – Family first, Fought to earn his stripes and humble.

    Becky Jr – Flashy, Weird hair, Look at me forget the scoreboard.

    Thank God I’m a Redskin fan.
    Norman and “humble”??? #delusional at best!!

  10. If Beckham keeps his cool he’ll rip Norman apart, but if Norman gets in his head thats when Beckham slips up. Beckham’s cheap shots wont be tolerated this year. I cant wait for this matchup.

  11. Beckham best two years of any rookie
    Josh Norman to much of a problem for the Panthers to keep

  12. Wow. Just when you thinkl you have a smart GM, they blow $75 million on this guy. Yes , I am a REDSKINS fan, but the reality is , Norman can’t contain Beckham. Breeland is our best cover guy. SMH

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