Report: NFL asked Rams to keep their plans for first pick quiet


So why didn’t the Rams declare their intentions with the first overall pick in the draft after acquiring it from the Titans? The Rams adopted that approach at least partially because the NFL asked them to.

Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times, via, added this gem to an item about quarterback Jared Goff: “Multiple people with knowledge of the situation say the NFL has asked the Rams to keep their quarterback choice quiet until the draft, thereby sustaining the drama.”

Given that the NFL has in the past squeezed broadcast partners to not tip draft picks before they are announced at the podium, it’s hardly a surprise to learn that the NFL has squeezed one of its franchises to zip it regarding their plans at the top of the draft. This invites plenty of speculation as to how long the NFL has been encouraging the team with the first overall pick to say nothing about what they plan to do.

So, basically, don’t expect any NFL team to ever declare their intentions with the first overall pick, unless and until the NFL changes its attitude toward the ultimately reality show’s ultimate offseason reality show.

16 responses to “Report: NFL asked Rams to keep their plans for first pick quiet

  1. Seriously pathetic what this league is turning into. I’ll continue to watch but won’t care when we don’t have NFL in 10 years.

    I’ll be content with Dallas as the 2nd best franchise in NFL history with 5 rings along with SanFran

  2. Really? Goodell has screwed up the draft soooooooo bad. C’mon just return it to Saturday and Sunday. Why all the drama Roger?

  3. Of course Jeff Fisher will comply with anything the league office asks. He had an affair w/Dean Blandio’s assistant for a couple of years, so Fisher will do anything to keep this nugget from leaking.

  4. How does this upset anybody? I, for one, hated when picks leaked before the pick was announced. Maybe it’s different for the #1 overall pick, but it is clearly giving us something to debate.

  5. Goodell sucks at a lot of things, but creating a great product is not one of them. The NFL draft is the second highest rated sporting event of the year. Let that sink in before criticizing any changes the NFL has done to the draft as an entertainment product.

  6. The real questions are:

    1. Why did Philadelphia trade up to #2 and give up the ranch for that pick?

    2. Do they know who the Rams will take with the #1 pick?

  7. Rams sound like a pushover franchise.
    “Draft Michael Sam.”
    “Move to LA.”
    “Don’t reveal your draft plans.”
    “Rarely be good.”

  8. i like it. adds to the drama of the draft from the very beginning.
    i used to hate when they would show the guy on the phone crying and hugging everyone before they announced the pick. ruined the last few minutes of suspense. thankfully they stopped doing that.
    i like not knowing until its announced at the podium.

  9. The real questions are:

    1. Why did Philadelphia trade up to #2 and give up the ranch for that pick?

    2. Do they know who the Rams will take with the #1 pick?

    this makes me think that Philly may not definitely be taking a QB. how do they know who LA will take? are they THAT in love with BOTH of them?? maybe they traded up to get in front of Dallas for Elliott. or maybe enamored with Ramsey. it should be interesting.

  10. The NFL is a joke. Why not let the team drafting second be able to make their pick, forget the drama. With that being said I hope the people of San Diego wake up. The want the people to pay for a new stadium, so that the billionaires don’t have to spend their money. Because of the seat licensing I wouldn’t go to a Giant or Jet game if you gave me free tickets. While I’m on a role, Goodell is a joke.

  11. The Eagles must have the two QBs exactly even, one not being better than the other. Not sure how that is . I would think that if you traded all those picks wouldn’t you want to draft someone specific ? The player that the team thinks will be their franchise QB for years to come ? The player we have to have ? This is the guy we want but if he is not there we will take the other ? Doesn’t sound like a good plan. Maybe they know who the Rams are drafting. Maybe they are not taking a QB. If the Rams draft the QB they want , wont it be disappointing to get the other ?

  12. I think it’s a pretty common sense move for the NFL to ask Rams to keep quiet. I don’t get why comments are against it.

    I do wish the draft was on Saturday and Sunday like it used to be though…doing it Thursday night is awful.

  13. My guess is that the Rams have already come to agreement in principle with one of the 2 QB’s (probably Goff). With the Rookie wage scale, there’s really not much to negotiate other than offset language – like Mariota last year.

    The league told Rams not to make their selection/signing public, but the timing of the Eagles move suggests that maybe a “friend of a friend” or an agent let the Eagles know.

    And since both QBs have the same agent…

  14. Theyll comply, they dont want to have that pick taken away or have their future QB suspended for conduct detrimental to the league and its “integrity.”

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