Bradford’s agent says Eagles should have told Sam their plans

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Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford thinks that if they were going to trade up to take a quarterback with the second overall pick in the draft, they should have told Bradford in advance.

That’s the word from Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, who told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that Bradford thought when he signed with the Eagles that the team wanted to win now, not build around a rookie quarterback for the future.

“As they were making this plan, it would have been nice if they had told him about it,” Condon said. “It’s his right to demand a trade and he wants to be traded.”

Bradford has the right to ask for a trade, but the Eagles don’t have any obligation to grant that request. And the Eagles are continuing to say that their plan is to let Bradford start this year while the rookie they draft — probably North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz — learns on the sideline. That might be an awkward situation in Philadelphia, but there’s not a lot Bradford can do to force his way out if the Eagles are adamant about keeping him.

Bradford thinks the Eagles should have approached this draft with the idea of building a good team around him, not with the idea of drafting his replacement.

“Basically, our contention is that the team could have used the draft picks on offensive and defensive players for this season, to win this season,” Condon said. “If the plan was to build for the future, where does that leave Sam this year?”

Condon said he has asked for permission to work out a trade with another team and the Eagles have refused.

161 responses to “Bradford’s agent says Eagles should have told Sam their plans

  1. I’m tired of Bradford’s entitlement. You’re getting paid tens of millions of dollars, the Eagles don’t owe you anything. Best revenge would for him to have a Pro Bowl caliber season and then go be the guy for another team, but he won’t.

  2. Plans change, beside the only thing thing the Eagles owe him, is that goofy salary he gets to earn.

    The Patriots don’t have to talk to Brady, the Packers don’t have to talk to Rodgers when it comes to their plans.

    What makes him think the Eagles are going to drop everything and make sure he’s happy with their off-season blue print? His first clue should have been when Murray was traded and no one called to ask him how he felt about it.

  3. “Hey Sam, sign on the dotted line and we’ll give you millions and millions of dollars up front. Oh, and by the way, we’re probably going to try to move up in the draft in a few weeks and pick a quarterback, but please don’t tweet about that, ok?”

  4. The Eagles backed up a dump truck of money and emptied it in untalented, ungrateful, Bradford’s lap. You would think that would be enough for him to stop the whining for a nanosecond.

  5. Bradford is a baby. He’s one of the main reasons the rookie draft salary structure was put into place. He looks like an underdeveloped 14 year old boy running around in pads that are too big for him and then he barely throws the ball like 10 yards down field. He should just feel so incredibly fortunate to have a job in the NFL.

  6. It’d be easy to point out that Sam’s had a tough time staying on the field for an entire season, but that’s sorta low hanging fruit, and hey, I think I’m better than that.

  7. Will somebody please call the wambulance!!!!!! I didn’t know the Eagles plans. Prove it on the field that you are even worth if first Sammy.

    Your agent is screwing your image.

  8. Sam is a highly paid employee and should shut up and stop being a malcontent … but I also don’t understand why the Eagles would sign this paper mache QB to such a high $$$ contract with most of it guarenteed … the money they paid for their unproven backup is stupid too …

  9. He’ll be out for the season with one injury or another before the mid season mark anyway. I can’t remember someone doing so little, expecting so much.
    [You are now officially a DIVA… by the way… feel free to turn in your man card SAMantha].

  10. This has gone from eye rolling to anger to simply being unbelievable. The stones on Bradford and his agent are unreal. The Eagles didn’t tell him the plans because they didn’t think they could get to number two back when Bradford signed. If they did, they never would have signed him. Suddenly, they realized it was realistic to go up and get a QB and that the next few years of picks didn’t look great. Plans change. Be s grownup and deal with it.

  11. Does…not…get…it.
    It’s one thing to feel that way and quite another to put it out there publicly.

  12. It appears that Philly’s plan is a shock to only Bradford and his agent.

    Cash dat check Sam and call Kyle Orton if you want some career advice because that is your ceiling these days.

  13. I am actually surprised Bradford sees himself as a franchise QB. He is really a bridge guy who can play QB but isnt a long term solution. Look at his stats compared to Kyle Orton’s when Orton was his age.

    Bradford: (25-37-1), 60.1%, 14790 yards, 78 TDs/52 INT, 81 Rating
    Orton: (32-29), 58.1%, 12774 yards, 71 TDs/48 INT, 79.6 Rating

    Bradford was the #1 overall pick and played on some crappy Rams teams while Orton was like a 5th or 6th round pick on a decent Bears team. Given Bradford’s track record he’s lucky he’s getting the money he is going forward and guaranteed a starting job without competition. I don’t think anyone would view him as a franchise QB not only because of his skill set but his durability.

  14. Me thinks the Eagles original plan was for Sam not to stink so bad that they had to find a better alternative. He had the first crack at it and failed miserably.

  15. I love the look in Brady’s eyes, Rodgers eyes.. That I’m about to make a play determination.. Watching Bradford all of last season he genuinely looked scared and panicky. Add in his stupid jersey sleeves to finish off the look. . I think if Philly had a chance at Wentz they had to jump on it.. He has that determined look in his eyes

  16. Without permission to even seek out a possible trade, there is nothing that Bradford can do. He needs to re-evaluate his position and understand that it makes no business sense for the Eagles to Trade/cut him loose without knowing what the next QB-rookie’s potential is likely to be……He needs to show up, compete and prove his a starting NFL Franchise QB that can last 16 plus games…….That said; His recent moves have assured that Eagle Fans will have a very short fuse so he better shine quickly and brightly……..

  17. Overpaid veteran is scared of a rookie and wants a trade. There are so many things baffling with the above statement but only in the NFL.

  18. Cool it Tom and Sam. Let me explain how this works. Remember just a couple months ago when everyone was saying this was a weak draft for QBs? There is a total herd mentality when it comes to scouting, so everyone believed it. The Eagles thought Bradford was better than any of these prospects. But now that more information is coming in calling this one of the deepest drafts for elite franchise QBs, the entire herd has changed it’s mind in unison. Now Bradford doesn’t look as good. That’s the problem when you don’t know how to scout. You end up scouting with your ears and not your eyes. The Eagles are a mess. Get out while you can Sammy.

  19. Are you kidding me??? First they pay him a salary like that and then they owe him an explanation of what their plans are. Since when is the Employee entitled to so much. Give me a break. Now what is he going to do whaaaaa and not play up to his potential so they bench him and trade him for nothing.

  20. Me thinks Sam has taken one too many hits to the head, or he is in deep, deep denial.

  21. Maybe they just wanted someone to start the 6-8 games/year that he typically misses.

  22. The Eagles as an organization have a history of throwing their players under the bus from TO to Donovan to Sam Bradford the list goes on. If I was a player that would be the last team I’d want to work for. Well, OK the Browns are the last on the list.

  23. Sammy, looking at your history of injuries, money says you will miss a good chunk of the 2016 season. That is why they moved up.

  24. -So Bradford sits out all of OTA’s, Training Camp and Preseason while Wentz gets all reps.
    -Shows up for first game with no knowledge of new playbook Wentz starts
    -Bradford ends up sitting out the entire season while being paid $17M

    How much money has Bradford earned while not playing/starting for his respective team? It must be a record by a long shot.

  25. It wouldn’t matter what they told me, after I heard 22 million a year I wouldn’t have heard anything else. For that much green I’d wear that color, whether I played , started , whatever. SMH.

  26. Bradford clearly is missing mental toughness, emotional intelligence and competitive edge. One would expect the agent to be smarter though, or maybe he is. Anyone know how agents’ fees are paid? Does this guy get full percentage up front when deal is signed or does it pay out as Bradford’s comp is paid? So if its front end, and Bradford somehow transitions with bonus and signs another deal, does agent double dip?

  27. Three words Tom: two year deal.

    If the Eagles were only willing to go to the mat for two years with Sam, that’s enough said about their faith in him, and their interest in exploring alternatives for the long term.

    So knock it off. Nobody’s buying your complaint.

  28. Sort of a conundrum for Bradford. On one hand, I see his point. It would have been cool of Philly to let him know their plans but at the same time, they aren’t obligated to. He can ask for a trade if he wants, but letting it be known that he’s unhappy makes for an ugly locker room. He can choose to shut it down but he’d be better off playing lights (if he stays healthy) out for his next contract if he’s so sure he’ll be out next year. IMO, this years’ rookie is NOT going to be NFL ready in year 2.

  29. Condon’s way too smart not to have factored in the future when Bradford signed a two year agreement. Condon’s also too smart not to know that the Philly fans are going to be a little touchy at Bradford’s childish demand to be traded after he cashed an eleven million dollar signing bonus … and we all know that Philly fans are among the most passionate on the planet. By going public Condon has forced the team to accept the circus Bradford’s demand has created or trade him. The real question is what team is going to want Bradford after his hissy fit. Any ideas?

  30. Maybe the reason they didn’t tell him their plans is because they know he has a really, really big mouth and would have screwed up the plans by flapping his gums to anyone who would listen.

  31. So Philly. Intercine organizational political machinations. Machiavellian power plays and secret deals behind key employee’s backs. It’s totally OK because ‘he’s getting paid good dough.’ It’s a mercenary town and deserves the futility it’s sports franchises typically experience. It’s been a town for losers since the Nation’s Capitol was moved to DC. Cheers. #natsfan #1801

  32. He’s of an era where everybody gets a trophy and are told that no one is more special than them. He really believes that he should not have to compete for his job. He is delusional.

  33. Sam Bradford is the most “mistreated” multimillionaire quarterback to never have a winning season, to never be selected to the pro-ball, to never complete a season without missing games due to injury. Sorry Sam when you need your agent to insist your “the guy” you’re really just “that guy.” Good luck with Jacksonville

  34. I’m not Sams agent or PR rep, but I went ahead and wrote up a release for Sam. Sam feel free to use it at will, and see if things don’t look a little brighter with a new attitude.

    “First and foremost I am a team player. I am paid very well to help this team, in any way I can, find success. I was brought in for my leadership as much as anything, and that is what I intend to do; Lead this team and this city to a World Championship. I welcome competition. I have the utmost confidence in my abilities, but every day on the field I will strive to make my teammates better as well. It only helps us, As a team, to have a quality and talented backup at the quarterback position. I will help any new player in any way I can. Things will shake out as they are supposed to. At the end of the day, I’ll know I gave it my all for this team and this city.”

  35. Does anything people say anymore have to even pass the lowest bar of common sense? If the Eagles would have even told Bradford about this before it went down, would he believed it? Condon is a moron.

  36. Sam Bradford has made TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in the NFL over 5 seasons with only a meager 25-37-1 record with a career passer rating right around a very mediocre 81.

    Nobody owes him anything.

  37. Sam doesn’t have to like it.Sam can request a trade and Sam can also refuse to show up. The Eagles can fine Sam if he doesn’t show up for work….
    Both sides have a bit of leverage in this case. The crazy part is that the Eagles decided to resign Sam and sign a QB their new coach wanted (Chase Daniels) and THEN trade up to pick a QB at #2. Roseman should be questioned about his poor planning. Spend all of your resources on one position, and guarantee that whoever starts is constantly looking over their shoulder…..

  38. Right, because a team that just got a new head coach, and came off a non-playoffs year, is trying to “win-now”…?

    What’s extra weird is that he’s actually in a terrific situation in Philly. Being paid extremely well given his resume, and if he plays well this year, he’ll either get extended and mentor the rookie some more, or if worst-case scenario he does get cast off, his market-value should be pretty high next offseason and he can sign where he wants.

    Where does he think he’s going to go? What team that right now doesn’t have a QB is trying to win-now? Is that even a thing?

  39. Luckily Sam has made (can’t say earned) enough millions of dollars to keep him and Tom Condon in fashionable, new skirts for the rest of their lives.

  40. Sam, you signed a crummy two year deal because you and your agent realized you are still in “prove it” stage and NO ONE was going to give you a long term deal. Nothing has changed. So quit crying and go have a great season. THEN demand a trade or a long term deal. It would be interesting to see what the Eagles do if Bradford stays and somehow makes a Pro Bowl. Do you sign Sam and trade Wentz at that point? I would.

  41. You guys are a joke…

    So if you just got hired by someone, then learn your job has already hired your replacement a month or 2 later you’d be cool with that?

    Hey family this is great, I just got a job! Hey family lets just stay in a hotel for now because my job just hired my replacement! I’ll be gone in 1 year!

    #No wonder Philly has no rings
    #When does trading up for a QB ever work?

  42. I guess if Wentz decides to retire in August, yall would be okay with that? Misleading the Eagles into thinking they were in his plans only to be ditched months later?

  43. eagles couldn’t have told bradford anything until they actually moved up in the draft. if they didn’t have the #2 pick maybe they wouldn’t have taken a qb. they should trade him now and get some draft choices back. play chase daniel, who already knows the system, anyway. they need bradford now because, why?

  44. No sympathy… No one made him sign that 2 year deal, and he got paid.

    Man up, Bradford.

    I don’t understand why he wouldn’t keep his yap shut, play ball, and earn a bigger contract with a new team in 2 years.

  45. They are trying to win now; when he gets hurt they will still have 2 QB’s on the roster.

  46. I don’t think this plan was hatched and hour before he signed. The Rams/Titans move got things rolling. Besides, it’s still ridiculous that any team moved up for these two guys. Once the season of pain starts, he may still get a chance to be traded. It’s been glossed over that the Eagles still are thin on the offensive weapon side and no more Chip Kelly trickeration to cover that up. QB is the least of their issues.

  47. hahahahahaha SAM.

    You should’ve gone to Cleveland when you had the chance!!! LOL

  48. Sammy is amazing…hasn’t been a leader once, peanut brittle for a body, yet still gets paid at the top for his position. See, this is why Jamarcus wants back in…

  49. Yeah. Bradford’s got a lot of nerve. After all, the number of Lombardis shining in the Eagles’ trophy case should show Bradford who knows what they’re doing and who doesn’t!!

    Oh, wait….

  50. Is Sam’s agent just punking the entire league and this is some sort of bad joke?

    Seriously, the path to the #2 pick was not predictable when the signed Bradford. Remember the traded with Miami to get from #13 to #8, if that doesn’t happen there is no way they can pull off the #13 to #2 move. Besides that, if the Rams don’t move to the #1 pick Cleveland might stay put to have their choice of QBs. Maybe the Browns want Goth and are confident that the Rams will be taking him, thereby devaluing the pick. Also with the top two picks both being QBs there are players available at 8 that wouldn’t be.

    All that said, there is no way a team is going to tell a player they might be drafting his replacement, especially during contract negotiations.

    Bradford’s agent would have been way better off making a statement to the effect of “Things have changed substantially since Sam signed his two year agreement with the Eagles. While we understand things leading up to the draft can be very fluid, we could not have anticipated the team moving in this direction. To that end Sam would like the opportunity to move into a longer term scenario where he is more likely to have stability with the same offensive scheme, therefore we have respectfully requested permission to seek a trade. We understand that any trade would have to present a win/win situation for the team, in so much they get substantial value in the trade in order to fully benefit both teams involved. While Sam is disappointed about the possibility of moving on, it would appear that is the best approach and Sam appreciates his time with the Eagles.”

  51. It’s hard for Sam to realize the Eagles want a qb that doesn’t take a hundred sacks a game, pass to defenders, generally just suck and look like he should be playing in a PAL. Guess it is wake up time. He’s already scammed millions from teams. Give it a rest and maybe you can Jedi mind trick your way into another stupid contract with some dumb franchise.

  52. igornathanhiggers says:
    Apr 26, 2016 7:07 PM

    So if you just got hired by someone, then learn your job has already hired your replacement a month or 2 later you’d be cool with that?


    If an employer hired me, paid me an $11 Million guaranteed bonus and told me that they wanted e to be ‘the guy’ for 2016, then a month or two later hired my 2017 replacement, yes, I’d be ‘cool with that’.

    With the bonus and salary for 2016, it comes to $18 Million, I believe? That’s over $1 Million per pay check (16 pay checks for the regular season).

    Yeah, I’d be cool with that…

  53. Bradford should drop to his knees and give thanks three times a day that they drooped that cash on him, given his proven talent level.
    He’s a middle of the road starter at best. I’d say the Eagles over-committed on his contract.
    There’s no way any reasonable person thinks he’s worth that.

  54. Geez, sack up Bradford! You haven’t really given the organization any reason to keep you around. Zero winning seasons. Zero trips to the playoffs. You’ve made how many millions of dollars doing nothing?

    How about instead of crying about having a new kid coming in to challenge you for your spot, you make the organization regret trading all those picks away by playing well, getting your team to the playoffs and competing for a super bowl? (for the record, I do not think that’s something he can do, but that should at least be his attitude about all this)

  55. Kinda weird Condon would speak up about this. I mean, who really tells their players their draft plans? Or their agents for that matter?

    Something’s not right about this entire story. From the “rumors” of a trade to now…

    Could Philly be the next Factory of Sadness? Someone’s gotta own the mantle.

  56. i don’t think i’ve ever seen the comment section on PFT so unified and on an eagles related post no less. you guys are even down voting the trolls lol. I love it

  57. “If the plan was to build for the future, where does that leave Sam this year?”

    Knowing Sam, most likely on IR

  58. This just proves he’s not hungry to win. It’s all about him not the team. Why would a team want to sign him? After all they won’t be able to draft a QB without Sammy having a temper tantrum. Did Jason Peters cry when they drafted Lane Johnson.

  59. Did the Eagles know they would be able to trade up. They only swapped 1st rounders and gave up one 3rd this year and Bradford thinks that some rookie would make them contenders? How can you be a contender anyway with Bradford under center? The guy is IR waiting to happen.

  60. Dear Sam,

    Regardless of whether you get hurt this year or not, you will be beat out by a rookie qb. Enjoy how well you get paid to hold a clip board.


    Mr Wentz

  61. Maybe Bradford just sees what a nuthouse he is playing in. Backup QB for 7million after signing a starter for 18? And then trading away a boatload of picks for yet another? No team does that.

    Still…it shows a lack of perspective. Bradford has some professional pride and it is understandable that he is frustrated by Philly’s moves after signing him. But…you are getting paid 18mil… you should be able to honor that without demanding to be traded.

  62. …and who is Sam “mickey ficky” Bradford? What championships has he won? What games has he individually rescued from the jaws of defeat. Tom Brady yes. Joe Flacco maybe. But Sam “micky ficky” Bradford? Trade his butt!!!

  63. …and who is Sam “mickey ficky” Bradford? What championships has he won? What games has he individually rescued from the jaws of defeat. Tom Brady yes. Joe Flacco maybe. But Sam “micky ficky” Bradford? Trade his butt!!! Trade the scared man who can’t take competition.

  64. The Eagles will regret this when he inevitably tears his ACL in the preseason.

  65. Bradford was lucky to have gotten the money he did.Only selfish douchbag would be whining about $20+mollion ollaes over two years. I hope hold out and then tears an acl getting out of shower.

  66. Sam Bradford should have told The Rams back in 2010 before they drafted him that his intensions were to have career passer rating of a little over “80”.

  67. He paid for the Rams and the Eagles and both are looking for long term answers at QB yet Sam has made $100 million dollars. Whats wrong with that!

  68. If Eagle’s fans are not satisfied with Bradford’s results, they surely will not like the results when he is not committed.

    Like it or not both sides need to move on .

  69. Really what did he expect when he signed a 2 year deal? I know he’s only average at football, but Is he really that stupid?

  70. I don’t really get the outrage from the Bradford camp.

    Wentz is, at best, a “project” QB, 2+ years away from consideration as a legit starter.

    With a couple healthy, productive years under his belt, Bradford can leave the stench of Philly and punch his FA ticket to whatever team he thinks is a QB away from the Superbowl run.

    TL;DR: Philly sucks, Philly fans suck even more, and they all deserve it when anyone remotely talented in PHI leaves the first chance they get, because there’s no reason to ever play or visit PHI.

    Why not just use PHI for nuclear waste disposal and call it a day?

  71. I think Sam Bradford’s complaint is that it is now more difficult for the Eagles to win with Sam Bradford at QB since they traded away much of their ability to get better for a developmental rookie backup QB.

    I don’t think he’s afraid of beating Carson Wentz out for a starting job in the immediate future. He’s mad that the Eagles traded their ability to put good players on the team for a guy they expect to be his replacement in a year or two.

    Bradford apparently believed he could be a good QB with some solid pieces around him and perhaps even lead the Eagles to the playoffs. That’s not going to happen now. I’m kind of surprised Eagles fans are so happy with this trade. Considering that Wentz is probably the league’s next Sam Bradford.

  72. For those of you saying the rookie won’t be ready in year 2–who cares?

    It’s year 6 or 7 (or something) for Bradford and he still isn’t ready, though he’s making almost as much money as Russell Wilson and Tom Brady and Peyton Manning did before he started sucking.

    Other than earnings, the ceiling is low for Bradford and it’s always been obvious that it would be. Maybe the Eagles are just exposing him for what he actually is: worthless (in a very Eagles way of doing things, by paying him too much)/

    At least he isn’t suspended for the first four games of the season :-).

    (Of course, he’ll be out for the year with some injury instead).

  73. arrogantnation says:
    Apr 26, 2016 6:11 PM
    I’m tired of Bradford’s entitlement. You’re getting paid tens of millions of dollars, the Eagles don’t owe you anything. Best revenge would for him to have a Pro Bowl caliber season and then go be the guy for another team, but he won’t.


    How exactly would having a Pro Bowl season for a team you hate be revenge? What would be the best revenge is to “hurt” his ankle and leave them with their second stringer and then sign with another team that wants a mediocre QB next year.

  74. Let me give some information I have not seen posted yet. Bradford was “Rookie of the Year.”
    He played on a bad team with a porus defense–that is why they had the first pick. Despite that Sam played great his first season. Then the injuries case, given the beating he was taking. So he missed a lot of time for several years. But Coach Fisher came to coach the Rams he had said prior to that, that he would only coach a team with an elite QB. Fisher contacted the NFL people he respected the most in evaluating QB’s. In sum, they told him Bradford was one of the top QBs if not the best. Phil Simms on National TV said to his co-host that Jeff was Giddy!! when asked about Bradford.

    I am not 100% sure of this but it was written that the owner said if you keep Sam and he gets injured both you and Snead are gone.

    So now he comes to Philly. It takes hime a half a season to get sharp. You all probably know how well he played with, again, a porous line and no deep threat receivers. Despite that, he set records for completion percentage in Eagle history, despite a league leading 50 dropped passes. I don’t have the number of TDs he threw in those last 7 games but it was a high number.

    TheEagles paid him 18 Million. Why? Because if he stayed healthy, which he did in 2015, they knew he was a franchise QB.

    Then why use him as bridge? Some have said they went too far and damaged the team by giving up all those picks. Also, notice all of the players who were traded this season so far. All of Chip’s players except Sam. It has been reported that Kelly insulted Roseman and belittled him in public. So Roseman wants no credit going to Kelly should the Eagles draft well this year, have a great salon with Sam. Once he saw he could get the 2nd pick (with a king’s ransom) he did it, and left Sam hanging in the breeze.

    Rosen knows how good Sam is. If otherwise he does not pay him 18 million. I will end with this: If Elway wants him, perhaps Elway knows Sam’s value better than most of you other posters.

  75. I always thought this guy was pretty good on mostly awful teams, but the one thing I never understood is why he is so bad in the redzone. His teams almost always kick field goals. 4,200 yard and 18 touchdowns. how does that happen?

  76. Using Condon’s logic, the team name should be changed to the Philadelphia Bradfords. I’m so sick of spoiled multi-millionaire athletes.

  77. …….I have never seen such a baby as a nfl qb. He has done NOTHING in his career yet he thinks he’s the next joe montana. Cant wait till heS off the eagles roster and someone elses problem. Mail him and his bad knees to the 49ers.

  78. I think with most other QB’s more would side with them, but because Bradford has made SO MUCH in his career, and was the last of the big rookie contracts, couple that with the fact he’s getting so much from Philly now and he’s never been to the post season, no one is gonna feel sorry for him.

    He does have the right to be upset and Eagle fans will ignore the fact that they have a guy who does want to play for them. The truth is, because of the HUGE investment teams have put in him hasn’t paid off in any way, he’ll never have an axe to grind..

  79. Hilarious….. Perhaps one of the most over-paid athletes in history behind only Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf, and he has the nerve to extend the thought that the team should have come to him first and let him know of their plans?

    Still on the floor laughing…….

  80. Bradford is a joke. He is always a candidate to wind up on IR and the Eagles should tell him to quit whining. He’s lucky he even has a job in the NFL, because it isn’t like he’s been Johnny Unitas when he’s played.
    If Bradford is afraid a rookie is going to take his job, it’s all you need to know about him.

  81. Man, he brings on the drama more than Ripa.

    Since when does the hired help have to be told what management’s plans are? Yes, perhaps it would be nice, but they are under no obligation to do so.

    Sigh, the problems of vastly overpaid millionaires. IMO, they would absolutely wet themselves if they had to live like the every day folks in the real world.

  82. Bradford,
    Suck it up son. Here’s the reality:

    You haven’t earned that right.
    You were supposed to be a $4mil upgrade over Nick Foles.
    That hasn’t happened.
    You’re wasting a fresh start on a new team who’s paid you well.
    A chance to show the NFL that you aren’t as soft as we’ve come to believe you are.
    Yes, it would’ve been considerate for The Eagles to tell you their plans.
    Not wise though, as teams are very subversive this time of year.
    And you haven’t put the time in to be face of a franchise and deserve that respect like a Brady, Brees or Big Ben. Heck look what the Pack did to Favre!

    Man up! Play football. Stop crying.
    You been paid well to perform well. You haven’t held up your end.

  83. Their “plans”? The “plan” to suddenly have the ability to move to the 2nd pick with a willing partner? Sam should have told the Rams his “plan” to be injured and told the Eagles his “plan” of meddling in mediocrity. I mean he only got a 2 year deal…if he or his agent didn’t see that he was NOT their long term plans then he should not have accepted the 22 mil guaranteed. Shut up Sam (Enter crying Jordan meme here)

  84. 20 QBs have started at least 60 gms since Bradford entered the league. Sammy’s ranks:

    Comp%: 19
    Rating: 20
    Y/A: 20
    TD%: 20
    Wins: 20
    TD: 20

  85. I’m too lazy to figure out what Bradford has made with all of his contracts, bonuses etc but take Bradford’s total wins in the NFL and divide that by his total earnings and I think it comes to around $4 million per win.

    I have no idea if its true but I would guess that’s the highest number for a QB in NFL history. And he has the balls to lodge a complaint?

  86. Every draft brings in guys who are the eventual replacements for players around the league. Bradford hasn’t accepted reality. He signed a two year deal which the Eagles can really get out of in one year. That should’ve told him everything he needed to know.

  87. In that picture I see –
    (a) – an ill-fitting helmet that looks a size too big
    (b) – ill-fitting shoulder pads that looks a size too small
    (c) – and a player who clearly didn’t get the gist of what a 2-year extension means AND the signing of you backup to a lucrative deal. It means “ehh, Sam, we like you, buuuuuut, not really a whole lot.”

  88. I’m so sick of this entitlement. Your an employee, they dont have to tell you crap. You do what you’re told, if you dont like it then quit the league. But your employer doesnt have to tell you their long term plan, thats way above your pay grade. Be happy you have a starting position for even a year or two because you arent any good.

  89. Yeah, the plan was to trade Bradford (along with a King’s ransom) to the Titans for Marcus Mariota.

    It didn’t work out.

  90. Lifelong Birds fan here! Most of the radio media hates Bradford and has been stoking the fire to run him out of town since he came here. I am surprised they aren’t happy that he wants to be traded. Howie Roseman should trade him and move as planned. My Birds are a wreck!

  91. Bradford has a family to feed.
    A man can’t live on $100 million these days.
    He’s way short of $200 million in lifetime earnings.
    The Eagles owe it to him to let him start the entire season.
    If they let him go after the season, he can go to a new team.

    I feel terrible for the poor guy. Imaging only having $100 million. What a pity.

    PS – how many of us would take the following deal “Be a bench warmer in the NFL for only 5 years, at $450,000 per year.” Then you get cut. Is there anyone here would wouldn’t think they were dreaming.

    Sam – play well and you wont get benched. And next year you will be wanted by more teams, who will pay you.

  92. So as I listen to Bradford’s agent, it sounds like that he wants the franchise QB treatment. The problem is that he is not a franchise QB.

  93. Who’s wrong? Why not both? The Eagles weren’t wrong by not telling Bradford their plans, they were wrong both for giving him too much money and for trading up to draft a QB that isn’t and may never be NFL ready. Both were dumb moves. I’m not optimistic about this team doing much for the next several years.

  94. the guy isnt crying… he has a legitimate argument…. why pay him that much money and then turn around and decide to build for the future…. Sam thought they were in Win now mode and wanted them to use picks to place other guys around him to Win now…. not to pick a QB to groom… just not a smart move on the eagles part especially with giving the back up that much money as well… No he should not have to give his signing bonus back because at that time he thought the team would build around him…

  95. Sam, you and your agent should shut up. The Eagles need a starting caliber qb from the draft to take your place when you get hurt running out onto the field during the preseason and you are lost for the year. Enough said.

  96. This sissy is the antithesis of what a franchise QB should be.

    pay attention kids.

  97. this makes condon look the fool.
    sam takes an $11 mill signing bonus for this year and wants to do 0 to earn it in Philly.
    Tom has to act like Sam is a professional when all he is really is a boy afraid to compete with a rookie making 1/4 the money he is. Sam is afraid the kid will beat him out showing that Sam really was an overrated worth 1/2 of what he ever earned quarterback.
    Sam wont even last the entire season without an injury.
    Tom is trying to earn that $440K he got from the signing bonus money but he only looks like a schmuck taking up for a crybaby lil boy excuse of a man

  98. “If the plan was to build for the future, where does that leave Sam this year?”

    Seriously? Being paid a nice salary to be a starting QB in the NFL . Something that only 31 other players can claim by the end of August.

    If I were a Broncos fan I would take Sanchez to be my starter over this guy. Numerous reasons, but let’s start with the top two, his attitude and his winning experience being a QB of a team with great defense in the postseason.

  99. It’s not that hard, he wants to play for another contract because he only signed a 2 year deal, he knows now that contract won’t be here so he wants out. He’s already made $78 mil so it’s not about the money, you can say ‘well just rip up the contract’ all you want but the nflpa won’t be having that

  100. On what amounts to a one-year deal how much job security was he anticipating? He sounds like some naive rookie who has no idea the NFL is a business yet he’s been in the league for years.

  101. Lost in all this is the giant middle finger Bradford is giving to his teammates. If he thinks drafting a QB for down the line means he isn’t capable of playing this year, it means he thinks that his teammates are crap. I hope they let him hit a new sack record this season.

  102. As a long time Rams fan, I have a slightly different perspective on Bradford. I loved the guy in St Louis, but he couldn’t stay healthy. Yes he signed a ridiculous contract, but that is how the draft picks got paid at the time, no one would turn down the money. He has all the tools to be great, but hasn’t done it consistently. I don’t believe he is all about the money right now. I remember an interview from around a year after he was drafted and signed, and all he had bought for himself was a ping pong table lol. I truly believe he thought he had a chance to really cement his role with Philly, and this move blind sided him. I agree, he should suck it up and play his role, but I understand his frustration. He just handled it wrong.

  103. On paper, he signed a two year deal but it can be easily voided (with little cap hit) after one year so in reality, it’s basically a one-year deal. Bradford should be whining to his agent for the two of them buying into it and not foreseeing him being around just one more year.

  104. The only way Condon’s story makes sense is if the Eagles were only 1-3 players away from Super Bowl contention. If he & Bradford believe that, they are suffering from a level of delusion only encountered by the brains of schizophrenics. If he had said he thought that after this year’s draft, along with next year’s FA period and draft, they could be contenders, and he thought he was the undisputed starter for both years of the contract, I could buy that. Otherwise, they sound like crybabies.

  105. The fact that they were signing Bradford showed the team had no interest in winning now or anytime in the near future.

    …and I’m an Eagles fan!

  106. McNabb and Reid ain’t looking too bad now, eh?
    5 Conference Title game appearances, stability at QB, ton of division titles and playoff appearances.

  107. Way to improve your value Bradford. Im sure there are 31 teams lining up to give away their entire draft to procure your services now.

    What team doesn’t want an average at best, primadonna QB that folds at the first sign of competition? Seriously…if you wanted a trade, you should have done it quietly, and not advertised it all over the internet and radio.

    Between him and Condon, they must not have 2 brain cells to rub together. What GM is trying to trade up to #2 in the draft, and will tell ANYONE…let alone a stopgap average player they are replacing? Are you an idiot Bradford?

    What you’ve done, is just count $11 mill on the Eagles cap. And you expect them to trade you for anything now? So if Denver offered a 7th, the Eagles should just jump at that and take the cap hit? And you call that refusing to trade you? Hah…yeah, that’s realistic. Way to paint it Condon.

  108. This agent is too much.Bradford was overpayed as a bust Ram draft choice and did very little for the Eagles.Please…

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