Bucs teammate to Jameis Winston: “What happened to the belly?”

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The Buccaneers hope they’re in better shape this year, but at the very least, quarterback Jameis Winston is.

Via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, Winston’s physical condition has been the talk of offseason workouts, as the second-year quarterback has reportedly lost 18 pounds this offseason.

He lost a lot of weight. He slimmed out,” wide receiver Mike Evans said Tuesday. “I was joking with him the other day. He took his shirt off, and I said ‘Man, what happened to the belly?’ He’s got a six-pack like me.

“He’s put in a tremendous amount of work and I think it’s going to be a great year for him and this whole team.”

Winston has never exactly been what you’d call chiseled, but he has been able to play at a pretty high level. Perhaps lowering the number on the scale will help.

27 responses to “Bucs teammate to Jameis Winston: “What happened to the belly?”

  1. …..Good !..YEAR 2…now he has to take the next step and do less running and more reading the other teams defense, and TAKING what they give.
    As far as you Mike Evans, how’bout you catch MORE balls he throws you.

  2. It is an encouraging sign that he was willing to make a change to his way of doing things in order to improve as a quarterback. While being a gym rat doesn’t automatically improve your on field performance, being over all more fit is going to allow him to be stronger, faster and able to take more punishment on the field. If he is willing to put as much time into film study as he did in changing his physique, he should trend upwards in his second season.

  3. Remember when people said he was the next Jamarcus Russell?

    This guy will be a franchise Quarterback for a decade. The Bucs just have to put the pieces around him now.

  4. Good for Winston! I don’t like the Bucs, and honestly thought he would be a bust, but he’s proving a lot of people wrong.

  5. I agree with allaineff, last year, you could see the potential in the Bucs-Panthers matchups. I hope to watch some great QB battles this year and for years to come. These could be two potentially monster offenses with throwback feels.

  6. Now you see JaMarcus. Work hard, study film, take ownership and you can be in this league for a while without begging to play for free.

  7. “role model QB in the NFL”

    You mean, other than that who assault thing from FSU? Some role model.

  8. If the headline read “Winston Donates Time And Money To Orphanage and Battered Women’s Shelter”, people would still find themselves posting negative comments about this guy.

  9. uglydingo says:
    Apr 26, 2016 1:36 PM
    Jameis must have a girlfriend.
    He does and she is ridiculously hot. Breion Allen. Google it.

  10. Feels so good to see some positive Jameis stories on PFT. Sure is hard to find the haters these days though. I got all these limited edition crow filled hot pockets to hand out and the haters are nowhere to be found.

  11. “mackcarrington says:
    Apr 26, 2016 6:18 PM
    If the headline read “Winston Donates Time And Money To Orphanage and Battered Women’s Shelter”, people would still find themselves posting negative comments about this guy.”

    Because if he were to do that, it would just be for the positive PR to balance out the tremendous amount of negative PR he managed to acquire in college. You don’t have “nole” anywhere in your screen name, so you should be able to wrap your head around it. It’s not like people sat around and made up stories about JW. He brought all the criticism on himself.

  12. Hater’s hate.

    As a Bucs fan, I didn’t want Winston…but since being drafted he has been proving himself.

    The kid seems straight up good to me now. It’s enough to make me think the whole Rape thing was a lie.

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