Cowboys love Ezekiel Elliott, could try to trade down and still get him


The Cowboys earned the fourth overall pick in the draft the hard way, by winning only four games in 2015. They haven’t picked that high since 1991, when they made Russell Maryland the first overall pick. (Before asking aloud, “Who’s Russell Maryland?” Take a look at the rest of the guys taken in the first round that year — the same year the quarterback with the last name no one knew how to pronounce arrived via round two.)

Surely, the Cowboys would like to get a transcendent player. And it’s no secret that they have developed a strong affinity for Ohio State Ezekiel Elliott.

Some think the ultimate choice will be between Elliott and his former Ohio State teammate, defensive end Joey Bosa. Others think that the Cowboys may try to slide down a few spots and still emerge with their preferred choice.

To do that, they (like anyone else who trades down) would need to find someone who wants to trade up. Some think that, if tackle Laremy Tunseil is still on the board after the third pick, a team that covets him could try to move in front of the Jaguars at No. 5 and the Ravens at No. 6.

If the Cowboys dip, they need to worry about being leapfrogged by a team lower in round one that wants Elliott. In an interview that will be included in Wednesday’s PFT Live, Elliott says he regards his draft range as falling between No. 4 (Cowboys) and No. 13 (Dolphins). At some point, the Dolphins could try to spring past Dallas, if they believe that Elliott will become one of the all-time greats.

For anyone who’s thinking about taking a running back that high, at a time when running backs can be found in any round of the draft and beyond, the team taking the running back needs to be sure that he’s Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson, Emmitt Smith, or in more general terms the opposite of Trent Richardson.

28 responses to “Cowboys love Ezekiel Elliott, could try to trade down and still get him

  1. …..if you love a player and what he can do for your team, DRAFT HIM…..don’t get cute and thing you can trade down and have your cake and eat it too. It rarely works out…….

  2. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

    If Elliot is the missing part, pick him. Period. You really need a 3rd round pick that much?

    This really is a tough call for the Cowboys. Ramsey/Elliot/Bosa.

    Which future backup can you live with as a starter? In other words is the guy Ramsey is replacing better than the guy Elliot is replacing? Which trade off makes for a better team? Is McFadden/Ramsey better than Elliot/Claiborne?

    Like those 4 for 1 trades are really 4 for 4 because YOU have to cut 3 players. Who did you cut?

  3. Taking a RB would be silly for Dallas, teams in the top 10 in rushing get around 2000 yards. What does it matter if its mostly from one guy or spread over RB by comity besides doing an RB group keeps players fresher.

    Elite RBs are luxurys, and need to make sure they get their “touches” there are plenty of other RBs that could transition smoothly. I said it earlier Langford-Chi Johnson-ARi, and Rawls-Sea all made a smooth transition and helped there team when called upon. Besides Dallas has way more important holes to fill, especially when Romo only has about 4 seasons left.

  4. Elliot is too classy of a person to play for the Cryboys. Take Ramsey, get him to beat his mom, or some other woman, and he’ll “lead” your team.

  5. Derrick Henry is a better back. Even Sport Science on Espn agrees when Henry beat Elliot in more categories. Henry is a better fit in Dallas especially given success DeMarco Murray. Henry is a bigger, faster, and more powerful version of Murray.

  6. Who is Russell Maryland??

    He was a STUD at the U of Miami and the #1 overall pick. I believe he was the first DT taken #1 overall (I want to say 1991-ish?)

    I’m not even a Cowboys fan. You should give your readers more credit!

  7. Let’s see:

    1. I’m older than 12

    2. He played 10 years, made a Pro Bowl, and was on 3 SB teams.

    3. So, I know who Russell Maryland is.

    BTW, while he wasn’t a stud in the NFL, he must have done well enough with the “Boys” to earn a 6 year, $19 million free agent contract with a $4.3 million bonus. This is in 1996 dollars.

  8. Smokescreen… However there is truth that the Dolphins at #13 would like him, but if they Trade, it would be with the Browns to leapfrom the Giants and Bears from getting Elliott. The Trade to #8 would be reasonable for a swap and a 3rd rounder. No way the Dolphins move to #3 for a RB. You are speaking of the “old reckless Dolphins”. Cowboys take Bosa.

  9. if they do anything but take Elliot at 4 then jerry IS still calling the shots and the cowboys are doomed..the kid is a franchise changer

  10. Ramsey should be the first option. If not then trade down to 7 with the Niners who would pick Tunsil, Dallas then picks Elliott and gets another pick. With their new pick, package and get either Treadwell or Dodd

  11. @maestro1899:
    Buch Buchanan was the first DT taken No. 1 overall. AFL in 1963.

  12. If you don’t know who Russell Maryland is please refrain from giving your opinion about anything football related ever again.

  13. ” the team taking the running back needs to be sure that he’s Jim Brown, Barry Sanders”…uhmm, except their is absolutely no way to “be sure” like that. Even brilliant draftsmen like Ron Wolf and Bill Polian whiffed plenty of times.

  14. I don’t think I’m buying Elliot to the boys at 4. They never had a problem paying guys they liked and still let Murray walk (and the running game wasn’t their issue last year, no RB would have saved that debacle of a qb situation and lack of good WR play).

    I think they’re drafting Ramsey if he’s there, or otherwise trying to trade back (and if they can’t, they’ll probably take Bosa).

  15. ” the team taking the running back needs to be sure that he’s Jim Brown, Barry Sanders”…uhmm, except their is absolutely no way to “be sure” like that. Even brilliant draftsmen like Ron Wolf and Bill Polian whiffed plenty of times.


    So the obvious answer is that in today’s NFL it is a big mistake to draft a RB that high.

  16. They can only afford to drop down a few spots to grab Elliot. He should be a top 15 pick.
    Not sure if you can fleece a team that really wants to move up to take Bosa/Tunsil/Ramsey. Each has issues.

    Bosa is no JJ Watt.
    Tunsil has run block issues
    Ramsey may not be the best CB – and Safeties rarely go this high.

    I think the Cowboys are “stuck” with taking Bosa due to the entire DE squad being suspended for 4 games.

  17. Hey Jerry, call Ozzie, he is at 6. The Ravens want Ramsey, bad. If the Chargers don’t take him at 3 call my boy, Oz, and he will hook you up with a couple late 4th round picks. Face it, we are only moving 2 spots, just to get ahead of the Jaguars, so you aren’t going to get a lot for the pick.

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