Manziel indicted; his attorney says he’ll be cleared

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Johnny Manziel’s attorney said in a statement Tuesday that he believes his client will be cleared of a domestic violence charge stemming from a January incident involving ex-girlfriend near Dallas.

Manziel was officially indicted Tuesday on a misdemeanor assault charge related to family violence. If convicted, Manziel could face up to a year in jail.

Collen Crowley told police that Manziel repeatedly hit her and threatened to kill her on Jan. 30. Manziel’s attorney, Jim Darnell, said Tuesday that his client’s side of the story will eventually clear him.

“We certainly respect the decision of the grand jury but of course they only hear one part of the case: What the D.A. chooses to share with them. We don’t know what that was,” the statement said. “The case will now be assigned to a court in Dallas County where the parties are able to join the issue. Johnny will certainly plead ‘not guilty’ and we believe the evidence will support that plea.

“Out of respect for Ms. Crowley, we will not try the case in the press. We do, however, believe that Johnny will be acquitted at the conclusion of this case.”

Darnell also represented Manziel in 2013 when he was accused of violating NCAA amateurism rules by accepting money for his autograph. He was eventually suspended for the first half of the 2013 season opener.

67 responses to “Manziel indicted; his attorney says he’ll be cleared

  1. It’s past the point where i care about Johnny the Football player. He needs help and if doesn’t get it quick he will find himself dead or in jail. I hope the kid can turn it around but he doesn’t seem to listen to anyone.

  2. “Out of respect for Ms. Crowley, we will not try the case in the press. We do, however, believe that Johnny will be acquitted at the conclusion of this case.”

    umm ok…

  3. Defense attorney says client will be cleared!
    Now there’s something you don’t hear everyday…oh wait

  4. Let me guess, he’ll be using the Greg Hardy defense. Deny he did anything wrong, but only AFTER writing a big, fat check to the victim who unfortunately will take the money and run and make herself unavailable for trial. I hope I’m wrong and I pray this woman has what it takes to stand up for herself and every other victim of domestic violence.

  5. It doesn’t matter if he’s cleared or not; the indictment is just as bad given his situation. Being cleared would be important if he was already on a team hoping to avoid suspension but he’s out-of-the-league needing to convince teams he’s not going to be a massive headache if they bring him in for a look.

  6. Wonder how long it will be before his lawyer fires him, as well. Soon, he won’t be able to afford the fees!

  7. I really want him to get off the hook, if only because the rectal pain in the PFT comments will be amazing to behold.

  8. Misdemeanor family charge. Yes, girlfriends count as ‘family’. As in ‘must arrest’ in most places.

    First time arrest leads to a diversion program, especially since he hasn’t had any contact with her since then.

    No record etc but that diversion program will be a longer rehab and some community service.

    BUT, all eyes on everyone involved…sooooooo we shall see.

    Ask Judge Judy. She was a Family Court judge (the lowest of judges in pecking order)…

  9. So the woman beater hires the original bully of smaller girls, Buddy Hinton!

    Drunky talk, drunky talk; it’s a wonder you can walk!

    Oh, wait, you can’t — you’re passed out surrounded by coke, shrooms, empties and no real friends.

  10. Yes Sir…Johnny Football will be exonerated and is, of course, ” Pure as the driven snow ” .
    This kid listens to no one, and is going to do as he pleases and suffer the consequences, not even knowing what they will be.He is heading for a BIG fall, that no one is going to be able to bail him out of , and, is just too dumb and bullheaded to turn around and start making responsible decisions !

  11. Only hears one part of the case? Yes… it’s called his peers saw the evidence which they believed was enough to be charged and likely convicted.

    Then he acts like he’s doing Crowley a favor by not litigating in the media. (which we all know would make Manziel look worse by divulging some pretty bad circumstances). That’s why he’s not doing it.

    He then says he doesn’t know what the D.A. shared with them. Well gee… so how can you be so sure he’s going to get off, when you don’t even know the evidence against him?

    On that note Johnny… you don’t line up behind the big guys in prison… they line up behind you, and when the balls are hiked they are headed the other way. Good luck!

  12. What else would you expect a lawyers to say??? Manziel is a basket case and the NFL should just ignore him.

  13. The Manziel family has more than enough money to bail his worthless a$$ out of trouble.

  14. He’s a lock to make the Cowboys now!

    Johnny Drama….. what a freaking trainwreck. We get about 55 more years of hearing this dork’s name. This won’t be the last of it.

  15. Everyone please relax. Its not as if he was ever more probably than not, allegedly, generally aware of air being discharged from game used football’s. Because we have all learned how despicable an act that is.

  16. This guy had Lebron James as mentor, and Lebron James just gave up along with the long list of other people. I hope Manziel wakes up and realizes he needs help before it is too late. The whole situation is kind of sad, yes, he’s an entitled wealthy snob who thinks he is on top of the world but, he has no one and even though Von Miller acts like a toolbox in his defense for Manziel but I gotta give it to him for extending a hand when no one else will.

  17. “Out of respect for Ms. Crowley, we will not try the case in the press. We do, however, believe that Johnny will be acquitted at the conclusion of this case.”


    Maybe if he actually respected her he wouldn’t have hit her repeatedly.

  18. Regardless of the outcome of the legal matter, if he ever does make it back to the NFL – quite doubtful in my mind – he’ll have to deal with the “personal conduct policy”.

    He might’ve had it better if he had focused on deflating footballs..

  19. Just like Greg Hardy, Because you greased the victim doesn’t mean you didn’t do it.
    And if the victim all of a sudden doesn’t wanna play with the prosecution she is a loser and a disgrace/ insult to all battered women.
    Nothing but a money grabbing gold digger.
    Please Miss Crowley, do the right thing! Testifying would probably be the best thing for the kid.

  20. Manziel would be the perfect official mascot for Limp Bizkit … just stand next to Fred Durst, with a sideways ballcap and sunglasses, while making goofy meathead hand signals and stuff.

  21. Good to hear his lawyer is so confident. On the other hand there are hundreds upon hundreds of NFL players who don’t need to “be acquitted.”

  22. If a complete zero-talent like Tebow can still delude himself about playing in the NFL, Manziel will be back.

  23. Imagine the target on him now. It was bad enough when he was a petulant kid… now he is a woman-abuser.

    In retrospect, I am glad Maualuga knocked the stuffing out of him.

  24. An indictment on a misdemeanor charge is really unusual. I cannot ever recall see that frankly.

    The indictment in itself means very little. The Supreme Court once said that a grand jury would indict a tuna sandwich if the prosecutor wanted it to do so.

    What is more concerning is Manziel’s personal situation. He clearly is spinning out of control. That is far more concerning than a mere misdemeanor assault charge. Frankly, it would likely be a good thing if he were convicted. Might wake him up.

  25. I look forward to the day some other team signs him, if only so that “Cleveland Browns” is no longer tagged to his stories.

  26. Very few if any wealthy white young men want their brains rattled around by 300+pound linemen while playingQB in the NFL

  27. “Million dollar talent. 2 cent head.”


    “Million” dollar talent? Sorry, 2 cent talent, million dollar waste of resources.

  28. Johnny Manziel’s attorney said in a statement Tuesday that he believes his client will be cleared of a domestic violence charge stemming from a January incident involving ex-girlfriend near Dallas.

    It’s Texas. The only defense his attorney has to use is: Your honor, I submit as evidence my client’s family’s bank account balance. The secret code word is: Affluenza.

    Case dismissed.

  29. Oh come on now, it’s not like he was generally aware of someone probably letting .2 lbs of air out of a football. Let’s not lose perspective here people

  30. For someone that has lied to his NFL team, public and agent. I do not take much stock in what his lawyer states whatsoever.
    Johnny (Train Wreck!).

  31. If he had a camera, out taking pictures, he would’ve been roughed up, thrown in jail, and his camera equipment taken and destroyed. (Especially in Harris County)

    However, since he only assaulted a woman smaller than him, he charged with a MISDEMEANOR, not a felony.

    Add in the facts that he’s a rich white boy, with some fame (or notoriety), and its obvious he has a bad case of affluenza, compounded with “don’t bother me now” parenting.

  32. Johnny: Ahhh-chooo!
    Friend: Cold, flu, Johnny?
    Johnny: Nah, just a touch of affluenza.

    His NFL “career” is over. He should concentrate on getting his act together. Then his daddy can find him a nice, cushy six-figure job to disappear into.

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