Rams won’t call their pick until Thursday night

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The Rams already know whether they will take Cal quarterback Jared Goff or North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz with the first overall pick in the NFL draft on Thursday night, but the player himself won’t know he’s being picked until shortly before Commissioner Roger Goodell calls his name.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said today that the team won’t tell the player until the draft has begun and they’re about to turn in the card with the player’s name on it.

“We’ll get in touch with the player just before putting the card in,” Fisher said. “There’s only a few things better in life than this phone call, these phone calls that are going to take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s a great opportunity and we don’t want to deny our pick the opportunity to experience that.”

The Rams are playing things close to the vest to maximize suspense on Thursday night. Fisher wouldn’t even acknowledge that they’ll take a quarterback.

“We’ll probably pick an offensive player,” Fisher said. “That’s about all we can say right now.”

Goff appears to be the favorite to go first overall, but he’ll be in suspense, like the rest of us, for another 48 hours.

29 responses to “Rams won’t call their pick until Thursday night

  1. I don’t think you make the trade for the 1st overall without knowing whom you are going to pick

    I also think the NFL requested the LA Rams to keep there choice quiet, and since they no longer have to negotiate with players before the draft about contract because of the slotting system. There isn’t much reason too.

  2. “…and we don’t want to deny our pick the opportunity to experience that.”

    That experience of knowing that millions of people are at home watching you squirming in the green room hoping that it’s your phone that will ring.

  3. When asked if he’ll draft for Need or Best Player Available Jeff Fisher replied: “Neither. We’ll go for the dirtiest, most penalized player still on the board”

  4. Connor Cook is the best QB in this draft, so the joke is really on the Rams and Eagles…

  5. Whoever it is will be traded in 3-4 years and then begin his career as a journeyman.

  6. Fisher drafts by the D.P.A. (Dirtiest Player Available) approach. They are really struggling to determine which QB has the lowest morals. Unfortunately for the Rams, they both seem like pretty decent guys.

  7. Got to love how the Rams brass are so proud of themselves.
    We turned off our cell phones for Koby…who cares…We mortgaged our future for a second string QB… we are not telling you which second string QB we are taking. Who cares …Multi Billion dollar stadium, no fan base, bad team. Going to be fun watching this dumpster fire for years!!

  8. Well, which QB it is, he’ll be ready for the brand new office building being built by the Rams owner to play their games in. Sorry every other city who got blackmailed.

  9. Sadly, Fisher will deny any team he coaches from being better than 8-8 in 6 of the next 21 seasons he coaches…yikes.

    But, at least he’s not suspended for the first four games of the season for cheating.

  10. I hope whomever they draft can improve them enough to get them back to 8-8 where Jeff Fisher is used to being. 7-9 was very disappointing last season.

  11. Only the Ram’s and Eagles fans will care which QB is drafted first.

    There isn’t any chance of a trade at this point. You don’t move up in the draft to the first overall pick, and then trade that pick away. The same is true for the second overall pick.

    The draft really starts when the Chargers on the clock. And as a Charger fan, I am still convince that Telesco is going to find a way to screw this thing up yet again.

  12. I can’t tell you how much I would love if they drafted Tunsil and the entire media’s heads all exploded simultaneously.

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