Rams won’t call their pick until Thursday night

Getty Images

The Rams already know whether they will take Cal quarterback Jared Goff or North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz with the first overall pick in the NFL draft on Thursday night, but the player himself won’t know he’s being picked until shortly before Commissioner Roger Goodell calls his name.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher said today that the team won’t tell the player until the draft has begun and they’re about to turn in the card with the player’s name on it.

“We’ll get in touch with the player just before putting the card in,” Fisher said. “There’s only a few things better in life than this phone call, these phone calls that are going to take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s a great opportunity and we don’t want to deny our pick the opportunity to experience that.”

The Rams are playing things close to the vest to maximize suspense on Thursday night. Fisher wouldn’t even acknowledge that they’ll take a quarterback.

“We’ll probably pick an offensive player,” Fisher said. “That’s about all we can say right now.”

Goff appears to be the favorite to go first overall, but he’ll be in suspense, like the rest of us, for another 48 hours.