Adam Gase: “Very impressive” to see Jay Ajayi in person

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After Lamar Miller made a quick jump to the Texans in free agency, the Dolphins pursued a variety of veteran running backs but haven’t added any of them to their roster.

There have also been reports of interest in Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott in the first round of the draft, although General Manager Chris Grier said that the team is comfortable with their current group of running backs in a press conference last week. Coach Adam Gase offered some support for that assessment when he was asked about current No. 1 back Jay Ajayi after Tuesday’s practice kicking off the team’s voluntary minicamp.

“I guess I never realized how shifty he was, and today was a great example,” Gase said, via the Palm Beach Post. “Just seeing him stick his foot in the ground and change direction, you didn’t see him do that a lot in college. Just being able to see him move around, it was very impressive for me to see him in person. The way he cut in some of the run game schemes … I mean, I’m really excited to see what we can do going forward.”

Ajayi ran 49 times for 187 yards and caught seven passes for 90 yards during his rookie season in 2015, so a lead back role would be a significant step up in his second season. Given the team’s interest in other backs and the absence of a surefire complement on the current roster, it seems likely that Miami will be making an addition at some point even though Gase, Grier and company are selling their comfort level with Ajayi.

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  1. Ajayi did look impressive when he was on the field last year. But it was usually when the defense was wore down already. He might be better than Miller, it all depends on how the new staff uses him.

  2. Ajayi was a horse in college, allowed Bouse to finish a lot of games with a ground and pound attack. He only started playin football late in high school so he still has room to grow as a player. He’s got the body (6’0 220) and running style for handling punishment. Good things are ahead of him as long as he stays healthy.

  3. He looked good, but we just haven’t seen enough yet. My wife thought her Cowboys should have taken him in the 4th and I’m not sure why they didn’t. Maybe the knee thing. He might be good enough, but they won’t pass on Elliot if he’s there.

  4. Ajayi is a good back, but he isn’t in Elliott’s league. Then again, how many trips to the super bowl has Minnesota made with Adrian Peterson? Miami needs a QB. Good news is that the best QB will still be around when the Dolphins pick. Perhaps they realize this and they’re just being really quiet about it. Remember when Shula stole Marino after everyone else passed him up? Could happen again.

  5. tonebones says:
    Apr 27, 2016 10:10 AM
    Miami needs a QB

    Miami HAS a QB- let’s jut see what he can do with some proper coaching. Something he hasn’t received yet.

  6. I think the only teams with potential to add Elliott ahead of the Dolphins are the Cowboys, Browns, and Giants. But even saying that I think the Cowboys pick is too high for a RB.

    If the Browns or Giants go Elliott then Miami will have a fantastic OT fall in our lap who can play guard this year and add insurance to our line should Albert have an injury for a 3rd year straight.

    As Miami fans should know since Jake Long… when offensive lineman take a seat on the injury train it’s very difficult to get off it.

  7. I am going to be the voice of reason here and say Lamar Miller “might not” be missed, but we don’t know if Ajayi is his equal yet. We do need another back regardless and Williams and Thomas are not the guy. Maybe Pead or Jahwan Edwards is? They deserve a real shot. The facts are we do not need to Trade for Elliott and Ajayi was a Steal in the 5th because of this Pre-Draft gossip and the Knee (bone on bone comments, etc.). He was easily late 1st round or 2nd round and he slipped. He proved he is healthy and darn good with huge upside. He needs to learn Blocking assignment and we do need another back as do all NFL teams these days. Also, keep in mind about 50-75 decent RBs will be hungry and available in late August. Just look at Gillislee for example. He may have found a home in Buffalo under the same circumstances.

  8. I like Ajayi. Not as fast or explosive as Miller but he won’t fall down after a dirty look either. He is a good RB in a committee system. Miami does not need Elliot. He is very good and I expect him to be like Forte rather than Peterson. Miami needs a hammer that can move the pile forward to get that last yard for a first down. That is a 4th or 5th round option, not a first or 2nd.

  9. I may have seen a better than average run from Ajayi twice last year. Granted was a rookie, played a limited role, I don’t expect too much from him. I hope I’m wrong.

  10. I would like them to get a back that could get that first down. But word is Gase wants the overall type backs.

  11. It could be worse…like having our 1st pick being the 60th pick. Pats fans know what I’m talking about.

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