Anthony Davis makes it clear he wants out of San Francisco

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If 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco, he hasn’t said so in his own words. 49ers tackle Anthony Davis now has.

“I do not want to work with a front office or anyone else who seemingly doesn’t want to win as bad as I do,” Davis said via Twitter on Wednesday night.

“Would you happily rent your body out to people that bullsh-t you and constantly try to manipulate you?” Davis added. “I hope you’d stand up for yourself. . . . I don’t like the back and forth messy sh-t. Don’t speak to me in code.”

Davis earlier tweeted that the “49ers should draft an offensive tackle in the top 10.”

On April 1, Davis said he plans to unretire later this offseason, but that “[d]ealing with [G.M.] Trent [Baalke] is giving me a headache.” On April 12, after a report surfaced that the 49ers are trying to trade Davis, Davis said that Baalke told Davis that report is false.

Davis retired a year ago, and he has repaid the portion of the signing bonus applicable to the 2015 league year. It’s possible that the 49ers have refused to refund the signing bonus upon his reinstatement.

It’s probable that Davis opted to state his case on Wednesday night to turn the supposedly false trade report into something that actually happens.

UDPATE 8:38 p.m. ET: The 49ers have no comment on the tweets from Anthony Davis.

64 responses to “Anthony Davis makes it clear he wants out of San Francisco

  1. Too bad he’s in the same division as the Seahawks… we sure could use that big boy on our OLine.


  2. Its been a couple of decades (21+ years) since the storied Whiners won a super bowl. With the current front office in charge, it might be another couple of decades til they win another. Who can blame Anthony Davis for wanting off a sinking ship??

  3. If all the good players in the league wanted off the bad team they were playing for….

  4. Congrats Jed. You will be lucky to sell 25,000 tickets per a game. You and Trent earned this. Worst ego’s ever. They’ll blame chip and fire him after season. Rinse, repeat

  5. Never seen a team implode like the 9ers. To go from a tipped pass away from back to back super bowls down to all your players and coach leaving overnight….My Seahawks lost their black n blue 2 games a year buddy:'(

  6. Hey Davis, part of the reason you got that contract and signing bonus was because the Niners were expecting you to be there in the trenches when they needed you. Instead, you took a year off to go find yourself in Tuscany and eat, pray, love, or whatever it is you were doing. Therefore, you can’t just say “But it’s easy, I’ll just return the part of the signing bonus that would be applicable to this sabbatical year I’m taking, and then when I come back, you guys return the rest to me.” Are you insane? Are you a child? Or are you just too plain stupid to realize that’s not the way things work?

    I’ll say the same thing I said about whiny Sam Bradford: Be a professional and do the job you’re being paid handsomely to do.

  7. Look its way too easy for all of you in PFT land to take pot shots and the Niners front office (usually deserved btw), but lets not forget who AD was and is…..this is a chump who quit on his team gave no indication to anyone his concerns, and put the team in a terrible spot (had they any idea could have addressed the position in the draft last year).

    He has since promised the fans all this crap about coming back yet never filled the paperwork? this dude is delusional, and brought most of this on himself with his selfish behavior. He put himself over the team and now is taking the team to task get real dude you made this bed now lie in in……..

    Let him rot at home Trent do not give in he is dead to us…….

  8. While his tweets aren’t doing him any favors I can only agree with his sentiment regarding our front office.

    York and Baalke ran out the best coach we had in decade because “he was hard to work with” and replaced him with an inarticulate, flatulent position coach. Demonstrating their arrogance and incompetence. Then our veterans and key players retired and our team nose dived.

    There is a reason no quality free agent wanted to sign with us. The word is out on this organization that the inmates run the asylum.

  9. jackedupboonie says:
    Apr 27, 2016 8:55 PM
    Never seen a team implode like the 9ers. My Seahawks lost their black n blue 2 games a year buddy:'(

    You only have 4 years of football watching to compare team implosions to. Not a very big sample size.

  10. During his year off, after he left his team high and dry AFTER the draft he had the nerve to make disparaging comments about the other linemen in San Francisco, including Joe Staley. He is not worried about Trent Baalke, he is worried about getting back in the locker room with the rest of the O-line he hung out to dry and then called soft… from his couch. My guess is the welcome back party would be anything but soft.

  11. He hasn’t even filed for reinstatement… Again, I respect anyone who leaves the game of football for health reasons. But I don’t appreciate it when someone claims he wants to return then starts taking pot shots in 140 characters or less, at his boss and organization who own his rights. If you are not happy with your boss tell them and tell them why rather than doing this passive aggressive method of publicly tweeting your dirty laundry. If you want to be traded, request it. So you’re unhappy? Won’t play for anyone who doesn’t want to win as much as you? I’ll take your bitching more seriously when you file reinstatement papers and layout your beef in detail.

  12. Check this guy for CTE or that concussion thingy. You don’t want to work for a crappy company Davis? Welcome to the real world! Except of course you get bizzaro world money in the NFL.

  13. Geez. Sure, it would stink to work under Baalke and York right now, but the guy signed a contract willingly. Then he “temporarily” retires? Look Davis, you are/were a really good lineman. Like someone said above, plenty of good players play on bad teams. If you want your team to improve you lead by example and demonstrate professionalism and other players can feel and feed off of your passion and turn into a cohesive unit.

    The guys who you are putting on blast on social media for all to see hold your rights. You can’t unretire and sign with any team unless they decide to release or trade you.

    I’m really good at my job, too. I think i’ll tell my boss tomorrow that i’m retiring for a year, but i’ll come back. I’ll let you all know how that works out.

  14. The Tweeting Turd is back at it. He actually retired and cashed a check the year before announcing it. Own his rights and let him rot until he gets his fat ass up, file for reinstatement and prove that he isn’t 400lbs

  15. The list has to be pretty short for players who voluntarily take a year off and then come back and recapture their previous level of play.
    What AD has pulled in the last yr or so does not go down with most front offices.
    Baalke is as anal as they come, so this was bound to be a messy divorce.
    Odds are he has already played his best football and would be a declining asset going forward. Had a bad shoulder and concussion issues in ’14. Hardly played.
    Always been an odd duck and now is damaged goods.
    Staley’s stance says it all: the locker room has already moved on from AD. And yes, Brown is a huge tackle from the SEC with potential. Give the kid a shot.
    It’s a good draft for tackles. They can get a good one from rds 1-3.
    Trade AD and Kap. We need as many draft picks as we can get. Both of these guys have already peaked.
    It’s rebuilding time vs. a brutal 2016 schedule.
    Got nothing to lose at this point.

  16. Things are so bad right now for the niners, its akward. Here in California, you would think us Raider fans would be having a blast busting these whiner’s ballz. Not so much. They can’t even defend themselves. Actually quite pathetic.

  17. Let me make sure I am understanding this correctly. This guy probably doesn’t have enough life skills to manage a shift at the local fast food joint, but he was lucky enough to find a way to get paid millions of dollars to play a child’s game 20 days out of the year and yet he is complaining about it? Is that right?

  18. Watch Baalke trade him and their 1st to the Chargers tomorrow night to get to #3 and then draft Paxton Lynch. The only winner in that whole scenario would be Davis.

  19. Send him back to nj. Give us him and your 7th and we’ll give you 10, 3rd and 6th

  20. Hey fatty you got that concussion from being hit not hitting anyone. Learn how to pass block and then talk.

  21. dwoofer says:
    Apr 27, 2016 8:47 PM

    If all the good players in the league wanted off the bad team they were playing for….

    Then owners, etc., who don’t care about anything but $$, or are just plain incompetent, would get run out of the league ASAP. Right now the players, and to an extent the coaching staff, have to fight like hell to get in and stay in the league. Guys like this (say Howdy there Jerry) run their teams – and players – into the ground an no one can do anything about it.

  22. I remember hearing a bunch of stuff about how the players were unhappy in the locker room. I wonder if any of those players who were unhappy wish they had kept their mouth shut. That place has done nothing but go straight to the bottom after they had a good coach and decided they’d let their egos run him out of town.

  23. Welcome to Santa Clara! Players want to leave, be traded, Free agents don’t want to sign there, and even the “fans” are dumping the remains years and balances on their PSLs. To call that place a dumpster fire would be an understatement.

  24. I’ll be the first to admit the 49ers are a mess and their leadership sucks. But this guy is a turd. He bailed on the team in June, way too late to plan for his replacement, then spent the year trolling the team on twitter and ranting about race relations. And still feels totally entitled to his NFL job and career. Blow it out your rear end dude.

  25. So what I’d he wants to look for a new employer? If you were extremely unhappy with your job and there were 31 potential jobs out there, wouldn’t you want to change jobs? No one criticizes teams when they cut players before they can live out their contract. Not to mention the fact that we are clearly talking about a franchise in absolute disarray. Far worse than any other including the Browns. I don’t blame this guy one bit, he’s got a lot of football left in him. Plus it sounds like management has lied to him in some way. He’s hinting at a lack of trust. Once trust is gone that’s pretty much it.

  26. Between a paranoid, backstabbing GM and a trust fund bozo who thinks he knows it all, the Niner’s fans only hope is a well placed meteor at team HQ.

  27. Niners got bullied out of the schoolyard by Seattle. So much for that “Rivalry”.

    I’ve never seeeeeen such an awesome display of taking your toys and going home as the 49ers have demonstrated on every level.

    Then again as much as that so called rivalry is played up as if it were competitive, the 49ers are 1-7 against Seattle in the kaepernik era and the one loss was a 2 point game that Seattle didn’t need.

  28. This is a man with a brain. maybe all of you geniuses that do not play pro football nor make anything close to what mr davis makes are a bit envious because he has the opportunity to decide his future wisely. yeah, i know these dudes get paid alot of bank but it is a very dangerous game and playing for owners that rub you the wrong way is a legitimate beef as far as i am concerned. he wants to win. if i were he and saw what has gone down in S.F i would be questioning the situation also. i mean c,mon, all the homers getting pissed at this dude are the same people that are saying nero is burning down rome.

  29. Come play for a team and ownership that knows how to win – in Seattle. We would welcome you with open arms. You might even get a chance at a ring. That will never happen in SF.

    Your choice. Work for the idiot boy wonder down south or come be part of a world-class organization run by one of the most successful businessmen of the last century.

  30. Either niners are great at finding weirdos or the niners got the worst luck I’ve ever seen. Willis goes evangelist , McDonald gropes drugged chicks, Borland decides to be a professor , Aldon drinks himself into 5th arrest in 2 years, now this loony toon has Twitter diarrhea after up and quitting on his team

  31. Here is the problem the G.M. in S.F. is terrible nobody wants to play for this guy so everyone wants to be traded or if they don’t they retire.. come on San Francisco owner get rid of this G.M. can’t you see he is the problem here..If you wanna win he got to go.. alot of players would go to San Francisco if the G.Meg. was gone bottom line…

  32. He knows that fraud Chip is not nor will he ever be a head coaching material in the NFL with his “gimmick” offense,hard to believe Chip was able to con some other team in hiring him.It would just amaze me that some would refer to Chip as a genius offensive coach as the Eagles ran 5 different plays on offense and were beyond predictable

  33. Chip Kelly won’t last the season. The niners will be lucky if he doesn’t resign before the regular season starts. Talk about a dysfunctional front office…

  34. Hope the 49ers get a lot of good draft picks because with the crumbling of the franchise, no smart free agent will sign there unless they just want to collect a big paycheck. The 49ers have become a joke and a laughing stock. In a matter of just a few years, the front office has managed to destroy a good productive franchise who was in line for years of success. And somewhere there is an idiot owner letting this happen.

  35. The 49ers have a better chance of trading Davis than they do Kap. Baalke is crazy to sit on an asset that is giving him no return, find a way to move him and get back a draft pick in return.

  36. Seriously Davis is right, who wants to play for this ownership group. They have their stadium, they had the coach, they were on the cusp 3 years in a row and now they have the most money to spend in FA and decide to pocket the money. Yep that shows to the players, fans, rest of the football world that you are willing to do whatever is necessary to improve.

    Jed, I know you are not going anywhere but I truly hope the real fans of your team make you hurt where your family cares…in the wallet. I would not go to another game until this group shakes things up and shows they are passionate about winning.

  37. Not a good look for Baalke. He runs the best coach they’ve had in 20 years out of town by leaking BS stories to the press and causing discord in the locker room. Add that to his horrendous drafts and you have to wonder why York sticks with this clown.

  38. Beware the team that’s overlooked. I for one think they’ll be more like the ‘Blazers and everyone will look past them.

    It is nice though to hear front office criticism coming from the other side of the Bay for a change.

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