Bears wish Alshon Jeffery was at workouts, still talking contract

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Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery isn’t taking part in the team’s offseason workouts right now as he’s opted to work out in Florida using a regimen he hopes will cut out the soft tissue injuries that plagued him all of last season.

The workouts are voluntary, so Jeffery is under no obligation to be there even though he has signed his franchise tender for the 2016 season. That doesn’t mean that Jeffery’s decision to work out on his own thrilled Bears General Manager Ryan Pace.

We’ve been in communication with him,” Pace said, via CBS Chicago. “He’s in Florida now, training down there. In a perfect world, we’d like him here with his teammates and building those relationships. But I also understand that it’s voluntary, and that’s the option he’s taken. … I wish he was here. It’s voluntary. It is what it is.”

While the Bears would like to have Jeffery in Chicago, his absence doesn’t appear to have squashed the team’s willingness to sign him to a long-term deal. Pace said Wednesday that “cordial and productive” talks on a new contract with Jeffery’s camp are ongoing

11 responses to “Bears wish Alshon Jeffery was at workouts, still talking contract

  1. As long as he’s not training with Brandon Marshall again, that’s all I care. That didn’t work out very well for him last year. Whatever he did last preseason he needs to do be doing everything the opposite this time.

  2. Seems to me not showing up is not the most productive way to get a contract. It says quite loudly, “NOT A TEAM PLAYER.”

  3. Every NFL team should just put these quotes in the can and use them for the veteran or two who decides to work out on his own in the off-season (and doesn’t hurt the team a single bit).

  4. If he didn’t sign the tender, thats one thing. But you signed the tender. You’re under contract for a LOT of money. Show up.

  5. So disappointed in the Bears soft-as-tissue receivers, whether Jeffery or Kevin White or Royal or Marquess Wilson. ALWAYS injured. Cutler had a couple of games where he was throwing to practice squad WRs.

  6. At what point does making all of these comments in the press become a violation of the CBA? The workouts are voluntary but if you don’t show up, prepare for your coaches and/or front office to rip you in the press with the intention of pressuring you to come work for free.

  7. Alshon’s heart either isn’t in the game or isn’t in Chicago.
    I don’t think he has any desire to be there long-term. With an outside chance of changing his tune if they want to pay him like he’s a starting QB. But all of the “injuries” last year when he was just a little banged up seemed to confirm it.

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