Carson Wentz says he hasn’t heard from Eagles since trade

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The Rams said this week that they won’t be letting the player they surrendered several draft picks to draft know that they are drafting him until Thursday night, which fits with reports that the league has asked the Rams to keep their pick secret in order to enhance suspense (and ratings) for the start of the draft.

It seems the Eagles may be operating under the same procedure. The presumption around the league is that the Rams will take Jared Goff and the Eagles will select Carson Wentz with the second overall pick, but Wentz said on Wednesday that he has not heard from the Eagles at all since they made a deal with the Browns to leap up the draft order.

Wentz was keeping things coy, but there didn’t seem to be too many people buying it since the questions he fielded at a pre-draft event in Chicago were about the Eagles coaching staff, Philly fans and Sam Bradford’s trade request. Wentz passed on commenting on the latter issue, but did say he wouldn’t be put off if coaches determine he should serve as a backup during his rookie season.

“As a competitor, you want to get on the field as soon as you can,” Wentz said, via “But you want to do best for your team, your career and everything. That’s not up me to decide. I’m just going there to compete, do the best I can, earn the respect of my teammates and everything. The coaches will decide when I’m ready.”

In a little more than 24 hours, the games will stop and we’ll know for sure which coaches will be making those decisions.

25 responses to “Carson Wentz says he hasn’t heard from Eagles since trade

  1. I heard that’s because they are interested in the guy he backed up for three years !

  2. I hope he is as effective as … Mark Sanchez.

    So the Eagles will have spent 2 #1s a #2 and #3 on Mark Sanchez, who they already had.

  3. Despite the fact that Howie already said that they would be taking a QB with the #2, it would be kind of funny if that were a big fat lie to throw people off and they end up taking Tunsil or Elliot. How stupid would Bradford look then? Big baby.

  4. I’d prefer to be able to root for Wentz – can’t do that if he ends up with this year’s Philly front office or last year’s Philly front office.

  5. I’ve been saying all along that Wentz is going to the Rams, not Goff. This is why Cleveland traded out of the #2 spot, because they wanted Wentz, and moved down when they knew they wouldn’t get him. Philly moved up because they like Goff. I guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow night…

  6. the nfl telling the teams no to announce there pick early isnt new.. and since the implementing of the rookie scale there is no advantage to even negotiate early, so why not wait

  7. TheDPR says:
    Apr 27, 2016 3:14 PM

    Maybe they traded up for Tunsil.
    You don’t mortgage the next couple years’ draft for a LT. You can get one of those through Free agency, trade with another team, or even lower in the draft.

  8. Hard to get excited about the worst draft class in a long time!
    …and by “long time” you mean 2013?

  9. On the Gruden show Wentz came off and looked as good as any QB I’ve seen on it.

    He also seems to be a guy who will continuously try to get better and better.

    Those who worry that the Browns may have whiffed on Big Ben II could be proven right. If so, that may finally send me over the edge.

  10. I like the idea of start April 1st, letting the teams begin drafting at thier leisure. Yes, you would miss out of the big tv draw of draft night. But could you imagine the buzz around every pick if you never knew when it would be made? Espn breaking news crawl would be broken; rumors would be 5 times better, and teams not in the 20s wouldn’t have to wait so damn long for this to be over with.

  11. Look all the NFL gurus are here. In a couple of days they will tell you how smart their team was because they read somewhere so and so has loose hips. In 3 years half these guys will be out of the league and you idiots will still act like you know something.

  12. If it comes down to Goff or lynch in the 1st round I seriously hope the eagles would trade back with a team like the bears and take lynch. Goff seems like a sure fire career back up while lynch looks and plays a lot like rothlesberger.

  13. I really hope whoever the Eagles draft decides to retire within the year…Since the eagles don’t really understand what making a commitment means, maybe they’ll understand when they’re on the wrong end of some imaginary commitment.

    #Free Bradford
    #Who’s side are you on? Players or Owners?

  14. Goff and Wentz are both screwed from the get go. One goes to LA with a relocation franchise and the other to dysfunction in Philly. Lynch may be the safer choice where he can carry a clipboard for a few years like Rodgers.

  15. Think of the HORRIBLE defenses he had his success in in college D2 football.
    OK. now you’re in the NFL. Whole different deal.
    I hope he does well, but its entirely possible that he might be just AWFUL.
    My point here is that draft picks are just DRAFT PICKS. and I don’t care if he’s number 1 overall or an undrafted FA, you just never know how these guys are gonna pan out. No sense in second guessing the NFL draft.
    Think Brady Quinn, Geno Cappeletti (Heisman winner). Christian Ponder.Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell and Johnny 8-ball.

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