Chatter intensifies of a Myles Jack slide

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The first (and only) PFT simulated draft pegs linebacker Myles Jack to the Browns with the eighth overall pick. As the draft approaches, that’s looking like the absolute best-case scenario for the former UCLA product.

As mentioned earlier in the evening, the Giants have removed Jack from their draft board. Thus, if he gets to No. 10, he’ll get past No. 10.

Earlier this week, there was buzz that the Dolphins were cautiously optimistic Jack will fall to them at No. 13. If accurate, that could be his floor. If not accurate, who knows where his floor may be?

The coach/G.M. that takes Jack will have to be very secure in their status, and in no hurry to get Jack onto the field. The challenge becomes rolling the dice on Jack at the expense of an opportunity to take another quality player with that pick.

Putting it another way, the question a team needs to ask is whether it would trade the pick to another team for Myles Jack? If enough teams think of it that way — and if enough teams prefer to de facto trade that pick for a player with less risk, who knows what will happen?

It’s one of the many unsettled questions on a Thursday night that figures to have plenty of them.

32 responses to “Chatter intensifies of a Myles Jack slide

  1. It sounds like there is some genuine risk but if he slides out of the top 10 what an amazing value he’d be if the knee is ok. If healthy he’s easily a top 5 player.

  2. He will be drafted before #12. I hope the Jags trade back a few spots then get him “if” he falls or they trade back into the 1st and get him.

  3. Keep seeing mocked to Oakland.

    Hope Oakland doesn’t take him. Don’t need injured draft picks like DJ Hayden. And ILB is bad value in the 1st anyway. Pass rushers. Pass blockers. Corners, Receivers, QB’s… those are the classic 1st round positions.

  4. You can’t believe anything that a GM or owner says this time of the year.

    If New York DID want him they would be smart to say they took him off their board and have no interest in drafting him. They would be baiting a team in front of them into thinking its safe to trade back and still draft Jack. At the same time fooling any team behind them that they wouldn’t have to trade up in front of NY to draft him.

  5. Most want their 1st rounder to play, who knows how well his knee will respond, second may be a stretch also, any team would gamble a third .

  6. His knee will eventually be ok and he’s a phenomenal athlete. I would be more worried about the fact that he is projected as an OLB but is smaller (6’1″) and lighter (225 lbs) than several safeties in the NFL. Does he have the frame to put on the 20-30 lbs he’ll need to fight through linemen? I’m not convinced?

  7. If I’m a GM of a team in the 20s, I’m taking the risk & drafting Jack
    His knee injury is nowhere as severe as Jaylon Smith

    Jack will be ready Week 1….and if I’m the Vikings at #23, or
    Another team in the 20s that can use a talented OLB, take Jack

  8. He has been headed to the Jaguars for weeks now in multiple mock drafts. But when you consider their 1st rounder from last year didn’t play a down it would completely understandable if they got cold feet with Jack. Redshirting rookies is the fast track to nowhere in the NFL. If the Jags pass on him I could see him indeed going on a slide but still have a hard time imagining his name not called within the top 15.

  9. This is starting to remind me of Da’Quan Bowers in 2011. From top 5 pick to a perpetual slide. Although his impact with the Bucs has been a little underrated, he’s certainly nowhere near what he should have been. Understandable that the teams would be concerned given the similarity. Gotta feel for this kid.

  10. The Jags need a MLB. The two best linebacker prospects since Keuchly come out this year…and they are both hurt. It literally never ends.

  11. Vikes have bigger needs, but it would be cool to have a trio of athletic former Bruin lbs…

  12. The only way I’d be happy for the Browns to pick him is if he slid all the way to 32.

    Too many injury concerns with RG3 already. It makes no sense to effectively have two players made of glass as the leaders of both sides of the ball.

  13. Blah, blah, blah… I hope he slides all the way to 23 and the Vikes get him. Remember what they said about AP??? Everyone was worried about him being “injury-prone” too!!! Whatever, I know our guys will make the right decisions this weekend, they’ve been doing a GREAT job these past few years. Don’t stop now, boys!!!!

  14. Bengals red-shirted their first round pick last year, Cedric Ogbuehi, who went into the draft with an injury. If Jack made it to 24, they could do it again.

  15. Reggie needs to stay away from Jack, Nkemdiche and any other potential draft busts..SHELDON RANKINS REGGIE!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jack was a great player his first year at UCLA, playing LB, RB, he was all the rage. That was then. This is now and into the future with a 4 year plus contract. I wouldn’t touch him in the first unless I have a pick to waste and am willing to have him sit and rehab.

  17. Smoke and mirrors? Maybe, maybe not but one thing we can be sure of when it comes to the validity of what we hear on draft day. We don’t know Jack about what the truth is.

  18. They should move the draft up to march. Too much time for teams to overthink these things. Seems like every year a player plummets for some crazy reason and ends up being very good as he was originally expected to be.

  19. The Knee is a concern, but the fact remains he is not an NFL MLB. This makes him lose value as he is a not a classic OLB Pass Rusher either due to a smaller fram. He is however a phenomonal athlete and will go in the Top 10. If the Giants pass, then he goes to the Bears, if they pass the Dolphins take him for sure. No way he makes it to the 20’s as some of you suggest. Heck, Jaylon might be pricked there as well. Too much talent in a relatively talentless draft.

  20. Who was advising thus guy? Besides the combine, Jack shouldn’t have worked out for anyone. He probably pushed himself too fast.. the knee didn’t heal completely. As a Raiders fan, I wouldn’t mind passing on him and taking RANKINS or RAGLAND. I trust REGGIE knows who the right pick is .. COWBOYS SUCK!!

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