Johnny Manziel to turn himself in before May 5 hearing


Johnny Manziel was grooving to Justin Bieber’s tunes in Cleveland on Tuesday night, but he’ll be back in Texas next week to turn himself in to authorities after being indicted a misdemeanor assault charge earlier on Tuesday.

Judge Roberto Canas set May 5 as the date for Manziel to appear in a Dallas court and told ESPN that he will explain the conditions of the $1,500 bond to the former Browns quarterback at that time. The judge also said that Manziel can turn himself in next week

Robert Hinton, one of Manziel’s attorneys, said that his client will turn himself in on the day of the hearing or on May 4. He would not say where Manziel would turn himself in because neither he nor the prosecution wants a “media circus,” although the big top seems to find Manziel whether he’s wearing a disguise or not.

Hinton and Manziel’s lead attorney Jim Darnell have both shared their opinion that Manziel will be acquitted of the charges, which carry penalties of up to a year in jail and/or a $4,000 fine.

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  1. “He would not say where Manziel would turn himself in because neither he nor the prosecution wants a “media circus,” although the big top seems to find Manziel whether he’s wearing a disguise or not.”

    No. It would be more apropos to say:

    “although the big top always seems to find its #1 clown whether he’s wearing a disguise or not.”

  2. I said 6 mo. ago that Manziel was riding the highway to hell and it’s not going to end well. Best thing that could happen is for this judge to hand him the one year in prison, it might end up saving his life.

  3. jjb0811 says:
    Apr 27, 2016 4:47 PM
    They should slap him w/ a drug test upon turning himself in. Add more charges for this loser.


    lol wat. Sounds like something a dictator would say. Guy probably works in the for profit private prison industry. Terrifying rhetoric and thought process.

  4. Manziel’s family has oil billions and political connections, which means that short of actually killing or maiming someone else, he’ll never see serious prison time (unlike Ryan Leaf who went to jail for less). And even in the event of seriously harming someone else, his family will rent the best defense to get this enabled lowlife off the hook.

  5. Manziel swaggers into the room, smugly takes the book held out to him, signs it with a Crown Royal logo and proudly hands it back.

    Bailiff: “You imbecile; I said put your right hand on it and repeat after me!”

  6. I hear he’s going to use the affluenza defense. That’s very successful here in Texas. My guess is he ends up with an insignificant fine and heads directly to the bar.

  7. From reading what he allegedly did I wonder why he’s charged with misdemeanor assault and not felony.

  8. Really ? 20 comments down and nobody take a the Bieber bait?

    Well, I will.

    I’m not gonna lie. The fact that he listens to Justin Bieber makes me hate hi 10x more

  9. They better get the margarita mixer ready in court, it’s gonna be a Juan Futbol Fiesta on Cinco De Mayo!! Arrrrrrriba!!

  10. the guy is never going to take a snap again.. I hope someday to never hear about him again

  11. For a long time I thought Johnny just was trying to get cut from the Browns!! Now, it’s pretty clear he is really in trouble. He can afford the nicest rehab in the country…hope he takes advantage and signs in. I’d like to see him play again…but he appears to prefer being high…

  12. Why don’t the authorities in Cleveland arrest him and send him to Texas now. Like anyone else who breaks the law he shouldn’t be allowed to schedule the day he wants to turn himself in because that’s when its convenient for him to do it.
    Imagine if the cops came to serve anyone of us with a warrant and we said “today isn’t really a good day for me. You leave and I will turn myself in May 5th. Thanks Bye.”

  13. Why do they continue to bore us with reports of this clown’s adventures?

    The Browns drafted him, he was a bust, he insists on going out and partying, he goes to Justin Bieber shows – THAT should be an indicator – now he’s going to court for something.

    The guy is a bust – enough is enough.

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