PFT’s one (and only) simulated draft

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We’re done with mock drafts. In place of the practice of throwing a handful of darts over the course of two months, we’re taking one shot.

Blindfolded. In a room that contains a dart board. And we’re not entirely sure that we’re pointed in the general direction of the bull’s-eye.

So here’s the first and only (for this year, perhaps forever) PFT simulated draft.

How is it different than a mock draft? It isn’t. The name is different. It’s like calling mock apple pie what it really is.

So enjoy simulated draft. Like an apple pie filed with Ritz crackers and cinnamon but no actual apples, it will fill you up — with zero nutritional value.

1. Rams: Jared Goff, quarterback, Cal.

2. Eagles: Carson Wentz, quarterback, North Dakota State.

3. Chargers: Laremy Tunsil, tackle, Mississippi.

4. Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey, defensive back, Florida State.

5. Jaguars: Joey Bosa, defensive end, Ohio State.

6. Ravens: DeForest Buckner, defensive end, Oregon.

7. 49ers: Paxton Lynch, quarterback, Memphis.

8. Browns: Myles Jack, linebacker, UCLA.

9. Buccaneers: Vernon Hargreaves III, cornerback, Florida.

10. Giants: Darron Lee, linebacker, Ohio State.

11. Bears: Ronnie Stanley, tackle, Notre Dame.

12. Saints: Sheldon Rankins, defensive tackle, Louisville.

13. Dolphins: Ezekiel Elliott, running back, Ohio State.

14. Raiders: Leonard Floyd, linebacker, Georgia.

15. Titans: Josh Doctson, receiver, TCU.

16. Lions: Jarran Reed, defensive tackle, Alabama.

17. Falcons: Robert Nkemdiche, defensive tackle, Mississippi.

18. Colts: Kamalei Correa, linebacker, Boise State.

19. Bills: Shaq Lawson, defensive end, Clemson.

20. Jets: Jack Conklin, tackle, Michigan State.

21. Washington: Ryan Kelly, center, Alabama.

22. Texans: Taylor Decker, tackle, Ohio State.

23. Vikings: Laquon Treadwell, receiver, Mississippi.

24. Bengals: Reggie Ragland, linebacker, Alabama.

25. Steelers: Karl Joseph, safety, West Virginia.

26. Seahawks: Germain Ifedi, tackle, Texas A&M.

27. Packers: Kenny Clark, nose tackle, UCLA.

28. Chiefs: Corey Coleman, receiver, Baylor.

29. Cardinals: Christian Hackenberg, quarterback, Penn State.

30. Panthers: Eli Apple, cornerback, Ohio State.

31. Broncos: Connor Cook, quarterback, Michigan State.

72 responses to “PFT’s one (and only) simulated draft

  1. Horrible mock…and not a chance it plays out that way.

    If the Rams didn’t want Wentz, they would have traded for the second pick, not the first.

    And the Browns take a LB instead of a QB? lol

    No way it plays out like this.

  2. Woof. I’ll be disappointed if the Cardinals take Hackenberg in the first. I understand the need to groom a QB, but this is a year to draft an impact player and try to win the ring.

  3. If the Rams didn’t want Wentz, they would have traded for the second pick, not the first.

    And the Browns take a LB instead of a QB? lol
    Rams are taking Goff – it’s the worst-kept secret in the league.

    And why would the Browns take a QB after trading down? They’re going to have the top pick in the 2017 draft, where they’ll get the QB of their choice.

  4. Not sure I can see my 9ers picking Colin Kaepernick v2.0 in the first round. That seems like a pick destined to go down in flames. Baalke generally plays it safe in the first round with either O-line or D-line.

  5. Funny how people put it down. No one knows who any team is gong to pick. Most mock drafts are done based on what teams need. That may not be the draft philosophy of teams. Most teams will pick the best player they can get unless they have a major need and are willing to reach for a player. Tomorrow night we will know, and we will find out nobody was right about anything.

    Aside from Ezekiel and Bosa I don’t think there is a blue chip player in the draft.

  6. You clearly are not paying attention to Baalke. No way that he takes any of the remaining QBs at 7. He might trade down and do that but his first love is Connor Cook.

  7. With 12.2 million per year committed to Dunlap and Barksdale thru the 2019 season along with a weak secondary and a suspect run defense, it’s highly unlikely that the Chargers take Tunsil. Put your money on Ramsey or Buckner.

  8. I would really like it if the Seahawks used their first round pick and got a tackle. Let’s be real though, there is a greater than 50% chance they will trade or draft someone we have never heard of. Traditionally it hasn’t failed us… dat o-line doe…

  9. wastnawayagnverizonnet says:
    Apr 27, 2016 2:43 PM
    You forgot the Pats pick….oh, wait…

    Yeah that’s right. The other owners forced Goodell to frame and penalize the Pats so they could steal their 1st round pick in the name of “fairness”. Maybe these other owners should focus more on putting a viable product on the field.

  10. Texans will take a skill position (treadwell) before a tackle in the first round. They’ll pick up a good T/OL later.

  11. 17. Falcons: Robert Nkemdiche, defensive tackle, Mississippi.

    You’ve never heard of the Falcons Filter have you? After Vick they only draft choirboy’s.

  12. wastnawayagnverizonnet says:
    Apr 27, 2016 2:43 PM
    You forgot the Pats pick….oh, wait…


    They didn’t forget. Patriots don’t have a first round pick because they traded it for a SuperBowl49 Ring.

    Best TRADE EVER!!!!!

  13. “If the Rams didn’t want Wentz, they would have traded for the second pick, not the first.”

    I don’t think that’s how trades work. Or drafts for that matter.

  14. bamboozle99 says:
    Apr 27, 2016 3:11 PM

    Haha! How about the Patriots? Whom are they talking ng round one?? Lol!!

    And we see exactly why the Patriots were punished. So other teams would gain an unfair advantage. Apparently their fans think this is hilarious.

  15. I know ya’ll don’t care about mocks. But giving the Vikings a WR and leaving a safety for two picks later tells me you don’t know much about the Vikings.

  16. bamboozle99 says:
    Apr 27, 2016 3:11 PM

    Haha! How about the Patriots? Whom are they talking ng round one?? Lol!!

    Patriots don’t have a first round pick because they traded it for a SuperBowl49 Ring.

    Best TRADE EVER!!!!!

  17. If you put all the hype aside, William Jackson is the best CB in this draft. And if the Steelers could grab him at 25 he will make an immediate impact on that defense.

  18. Hackenburg to the Cardinals shows that whomever did this draft knows and thinks approximately this deeply: “Carson Palmer is getting old”.

    Steve Keim didn’t dismantle the old Rod Graves roster and contracts and rebuild it to what is one of if not the best top to bottom depth charts by drafting this way.

  19. No way Denver drafts Cooke. Basically media outlets already stated they don’t like him. Denver will trade the 31st pick to SF for their 2nd rounder and Kap. Now SF gets the QB they want in Cook plus 5th yr option and getting rid of the guy who wants out

  20. Hackenberg is extremely underrated in most mock drafts, but I do believe he will be a first rounder. Under direction from an NFL caliber coach like Bill O’Brien, he can perform very well, his freshman tape proves that. Under a crap coach like James Franklin at PSU, he was horrible + the sanctions. If AZ takes him, he’ll be a good fit! If the AZ fans think Stanton is the future or Matt Barkley…their kidding themselves.

  21. First time I’ve seen Darron Lee mocked to the NYG. Better than that twig Barkevious Mingo / Dion Jordan bust clone Leonard Floyd.

  22. Six QBs in the first round???

    Elway and Keim aren’t that stupid to draft below-60 percent passers like Hackenberg and Cook.

    Besides, San Fran can take Dak Prescott or Kevin in round 3 and, possibly, make them starters.

  23. Bears better not take Stanley. A soft LT prospect is not a good pick. If Elliot, Hargreaves, Bosa somehow (long shots) end up at 11, take them. Otherwise, trade down.

  24. If both CBs, Jackson and Apple, are there when the Chiefs select there’s NO WAY they don’t take one of them to replace Sean Smith. can get a WR later. I hope your Mock is correct, as a Chiefs fan, because I don’t think either of them make it that far down.

  25. And with the 60th pick the Patriots select….someone to sit next to Tom on the bench so his ego doesn’t feel so deflated.

  26. “Like an apple pie filed with Ritz crackers…”

    I don’t normally “file” apple pies, I typically “fill” them, but if filing them with Ritz crackers works for you then go for it.

  27. BTW, I look for the Chiefs to trade out of their 1st pick and attempt to pick up a 2nd & 3rd.
    Unless someone falls that far that shouldn’t still be on the board.
    In fact, they will probably be on the clock before they make the trade.

  28. Can’t see the Bears taking Chris Williams 2.0 at 11. If they go OT at all it would be Conklin and that would/should be only after a tradedown.

    I’m thinking it’s Rankins or Shaq for John Fox even though neither of those guys is a real good fit for Fangio’s system. They really need a pass rusher and a CB and if Hargreaves is off the board they’ll take one of those two and tell Fangio to figure out how to make it work out.

  29. After all the trolling you guys have done about the Colts needing a better offense of line you say that they take a quarterback in the first round with Taylor Decker still on the board, what are you guys smoking?

  30. perhaps the worst mock EVER;

    only the Browns would take in the 1st a LB with one knee to put alongside a tweener DE with no vertebrae, or a home state one-cut RB to replace their last glorious bust one-cut RB they foisted off on the Dolts;

    no way the Bears pass on Dochton to pair with Jeffreys, and even the Bi-Queens are not dumb enough to drag a riverboat-speed possession receiver to pair with their noodle-armed no defence-reading running QB;

    wouldn’t the Lions draft the best WR on the board over a second-tier defensive lineman?

    are their FIVE quarterbacks goof enough to be drafted in the first round?

    rounds 1 AND 2, maybe, but not just round 1;

    no way that kid from WV falls to the Steelers, not any possible chance;

    the Bengals or Ravens would draft him out of spite;

  31. This post is staying on PFT’s front page longer than any Manning HGH or sexual abuse post did. That the mock draft proved to be an absolute embarrassment you’d think they’d bury it with the Manning stuff.

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