Report: Giants won’t draft Myles Jack at No. 10

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The Giants have removed linebacker Myles Jack from consideration for the No. 10 overall pick in the NFL Draft, reported Wednesday.

The report cited two sources with knowledge of the team’s plans. Jack left UCLA last season after suffering a torn meniscus, and he’s been one of the draft’s most talked about players over the last several months due to his talent and the uncertainty with his knee.

Jack was busy on the pre-draft visit circuit and had several private workouts with interested teams, including one with the Jaguars, who own the No. 5 pick. Jack did not run a 40-yard dash during his workouts.

The report cited unnamed league executives who projected Jack would be selected in the mid-teens. It also said the Giants have set their sights on Georgia pass rusher Leonard Floyd at No. 10.

16 responses to “Report: Giants won’t draft Myles Jack at No. 10

  1. It’s a real crap shoot drafting a player in the first round who is coming off of a major injury Last year it worked out for the Rams…this year, who knows.

  2. If you’re drafting in the top 10, you’re obviously not a player away from contending. You should be taking any player that could make a difference for you. Even if that means they sit out most of their rookie season.

  3. Of course they say that. The good ol’ “oh man if the Giants wont draft him then his knee must be bad”. Then when they are on the clock they will choose Myles Jack.

  4. Floyd IMO is a bigger gamble than Jack even with the knee. I see Aaron Maybin all over Floyd.

  5. It doesn’t matter which lb is on the board. The Giants haven’t drafted a lb in the first round since Carl Banks in 1984. Our lbs aren’t asked to do nearly as much as Pats, Broncos, Steelers, etc. lbs. Our olbs need to be athletic, but it’s not like they’re rushing the passer or consistently in coverage. It’s better to get a lb later. Focus on the million other needs we have right now. I think many Giants fans understand that lbs aren’t critical for our success.

  6. Floyd is the pick. He’ll be used as mostly as a DE in our scheme. He’ll play LB when we use a 3-4. He’ll be a project pass rusher.

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