Some think Jaylon Smith could still be a late first-rounder

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There are legitimate concerns about Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith’s knee, the the extent that a possible top-10 pick’s draft stock has taken a tumble.

But there’s apparently a floor for how low he’ll go, and it might be higher than some thought.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Smith’s expected to still be taken by the end of the third round, and one head coach told him Smith could even go in the late first or early second.

That could always be wishful thinking from a coach who wants a player who can contribute before next season, hoping an speculative pick on Smith pushes one of his targets into his lap.

But it could also be a simple reflection of Smith’s enormous talent, and some team’s willingness to give him a red-shirt season. The nerve damage to his knee is much more of a worry than the torn ligaments suffered in the Fiesta Bowl, though his doctor thinks it’s fair to believe Smith will make a full recovery.

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  1. There will be a gm that didn’t pay any attention to the Gaines Adams situation, and will take this guy too high. And that will probably cost him his job. Wouldn’t touch this guy in the draft, would give him a look as an undrafted free agent though.

  2. Late first rounder?
    OK… but you can’t knock Jack out of the top ten and jump Smith into the first round….

  3. If the Jags can trade back and gain a couple picks, I wouldn’t mind them using one of those new picks to pick him up and let him sit out the year.

  4. You guys saying you can’t knock Jack and let this guy be in the first there’s a huge difference. Smith has had his surgery and once healed should never have a problem again and be the top 3 type of player people expect him to be in this draft. Jack on the other hand is in the 80th percentile for likely hood of needing major knee surgery in his FUTURE. Meaning you don’t know when you might lose him. Compared to Smith who you know you won’t have this year but should have the next 10-15.

    Yes players don’t come back from these injuries but many do, Bowman had a very similar injury and he’s back to full strength. Smith’s doctor has already said the nerve has grown back 2 of the 6 inches it needs to.

    If a team is gonna take a flyer on him I hope it’s my Packers. TT has taken players with injury problems before and with how well TT tends to do with other picks a shot at a top 5 talent, something Green Bay never gets a chance for, should probably be taken

  5. The Bengals should draft him as they like to sit their first rounders a year anyways, are not afraid using 1st rounders on injured players with upside (Ogbuehi) and it would be nice insurance if Burfect can’t clean up his on field issues this year.

  6. I’d equate him to Sean spence. Lost 2 years because of nerve damage. Hasn’t been that great now that he’s recovered.

  7. Teams at the end of the 1st round don’t have many holes. They CAN afford to take guys like this.

    Don’t know if he’s in the 1st round or 6th, but it really wouldn’t surprise me either way. One of those teams with multiple picks (including multiple 2nds) might have the draft pick capital to snatch him up.

  8. No way he goes in the first or second. Those picks are just too valuable to risk on a player whose ability to function at a high level is still in question. I’d say mid-third round is his ceiling

  9. It will be a huge risk taking him in the 1st round.

    Talent wise he’s a perfect fit for the Pats but thats not likely to happen if he goes on Thursday night.

    The issue really is that a GM that needs hom that desperately has to win now and Smith won’t help him till next season. Which means he won’t reap the benefits of the signing.

    Teams at the bottom of the draft could take him early as they can afford to sit him for a year.

    But those organisations tend to be run by smart managers who don’t waste high picks on players who may never play in the NFL because of the nature of his injury.

    He’ll go but probably in the late 2nd or 3rd I suspect.

  10. Perfect fit for the pats?

    When you play by your own rule book that has far, far fewer limitations then the other 31 teams, it doesn’t matter how talented the players are.

    To regain any integrity the NFL needs to strip NE of its team and move it to a city that promotes honesty. Heck even Vegas is more honest than boston.

  11. More smoke screen BS intended to make his client some money (if coming from Smith’s camp) or a GM hoping that another GM makes the mistake of taking him in the first 3 rounds leaving the better option on the table.

    Either way, there is a better than 50% chance that he never fully recovers.

  12. codiablo says:
    Apr 27, 2016 11:20 AM
    Schedfter on smith’s agents payroll

    His agent died of kidney cancer. ESPN has an article with a small interview with his doctor that says basically he’s gonna be fine but it’s only been 3 months and that for the time frame he’s exactly where he should be. Could he be wrong? Of course but in this day and age sports surgeons have a pretty good grasp on knee injuries and recovery. 10 years ago there’d probably be a ton of questions.

  13. He will go undrafted and hopefully the Patriots sign him. Even if he only gets back to 80% it would still be a good signing.

  14. Nerve damage. That’s like a death sentence for a player. I say take a chance as free agent, but then again I’m not a GM.

  15. Then again, “IF” he returns to being the player he was, then that’s a top 5 pick selected whenever he’s selected.

    That’s great value.

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