Talk emerges of Chargers taking Ronnie Stanley at No. 3


Earlier this month, Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Stanley told PFT Live he’ll be nervous on Thursday night if still on the board at pick No. 10. Apparently, he won’t be getting nervous.

It had been believed that, with the third pick in the draft, the Chargers would be taking tackle Laremy Tunsil or a defensive player (likely Jalen Ramsey). Word is getting around that the Chargers may be drafting Stanley, with NFL Network’s Mike Mayock projecting Stanley to San Diego at No. 3 in Mayock’s one and only mock draft.

Before the Titans traded down from No. 1, there was a sense that they were having a hard time choosing between Tunsil and Stanley. Earlier today, we pondered how real the Tunsil-Stanley debate is.

Stanley is regarded as being the safer pick than Tunsil, and it’s possible that the news of a re-filed assault lawsuit against Tunsil by his stepfather was a factor in San Diego’s final decision. If the Chargers have indeed made a final decision to take Stanley.

The one thing to remember is that few know what the Chargers will do. For now, though, an increasing number of folks are saying that Stanley will be the choice.

It’s also possible that the Chargers are strategically leaking the notion that they want Stanley in order to entice someone drafting lower to make the first move on a trade, either to get Tunsil or to snag Ezekiel Elliot, Jalen Ramsey, or Joey Bosa away from the Cowboys.

Either way, it’s important to get to know Stanley. Clicking the thing in the thing below is an easy way to do it.

36 responses to “Talk emerges of Chargers taking Ronnie Stanley at No. 3

  1. Chargers should trade out to another partner inside the top 10. Stanley at #3 is too high. If making a pick, they might as well select Ramsey or Bosa.

  2. Everyone thinks this is pre-draft smoke but this is exactly the sort of thing this moron regime would do. Then after Stanley, they give up their second, third and fourth round pick to get back into the first round to take Jaylon Smith. Yes, THAT Jaylon Smith. I think the last time I cheered for their first round pick was Shawne Merriman in 2005. I was ok with Cromartie in 2006, after that it’s been “WTF!!!!” ever since. Even for Verrett, who I thought was too small (I was wrong, he’s a stud).

  3. Liars month. Telesco is sitting back laughing at this report. It will be Buckner or Ramsey.

  4. Never really understood how a player can shoot so far up a draft board months and months after his last game. What has suddenly changed about Stanley’s skills? Don’t get me wrong, I think he will be a very good player, I just don’t get the last minute change in draft stock.

  5. And I hope the talk is true. The Chargers #1 need is a blue chip LT that can generate movement in the run game, that’s Ronnie Stanley. Not Tunsil.

  6. I will be mad if it’s not Tunsil. He seems to be the spot on choice to take. Chargers need to protect their QB first and foremost, time to lock this up.

  7. It’s amazing what Phillip Rivers has achieved with so little talent the front office have drafted the last 10 years, he is having a hall of fame career.

  8. “or to snag Ezekiel Elliot, Jalen Ramsey, or Joey Bosa away from the Cowboys”

    Wow….the Cowboys have a ton of options.

  9. People talk about his superior run blocking, but he also has better arm length which I think will benefit him more as he perfects his technique. Tunsil is great but he doesn’t have that amazing arm length that a lot of teams want.

  10. It was abundantly clear last year that the Chargers had no business drafting a running back in the first round, before they made that pick. They had other huge needs to fill.

    Now, it looks like they are trying to justify the drafting of that running back last year, by drafting a run blocking offensive lineman this year. Again, when they have other huge needs to fill.

    Of course, this wouldn’t be as much of a problem if Telesco would stop trading away picks to move around in the draft to draft marginal talent.

    In this draft, I don’t see a trading partner for the Chargers in the first round, even if they wanted to trade down. They could draft the player with the most interest by other teams, but that is a huge risk, if no one at that point is willing to make a trade.

  11. Best move the Chargers could make is to offer their 1st rounder for the Niners’ 1st and Anthony Davis. If the Niners are desperate for one of the top 3 QBs they might just bite, and with Davis and Stanley/Tunsil (one of which WILL be there at 7) the Chargers would have bookend OTs for what has been one of the league’s worst OLs the past couple of years.

  12. If the Chargers don’t trade down I will be shocked. There are plenty of needs on this team and they are most certainly not a playoff contender.

    Trade down, pick up more picks and grab a Mid-1st rd. o-lineman if you want one.

    If you are going to stay at 3 you’d be stupid to pass on Ramsey.

  13. Typical for the Chargers to overdraft a player. Larry English, Buster Davis , Antoine Cason, Ryan Mathews, Melvin Gordon, DJ Fluker, do you see a pattern? I knew they would screw it up again.

  14. Too much has been made over the years about the 1st round, the players selected and where, etc.. A study
    has shown that only 56% of 1st round picks make it in the NFL. Rounds 2 thru 5 are the rounds where one drafts players that win the championships. Why do you think BB trades down so much? For sure, there will be busts in the top group of OTs and WRs. And there will be really good OLs and WRs that come from the later rounds.

    No, I’m not a Pats fan, but yes, Brady should be suspended.

    Here comes the thumbs down.

    Tunsil vs. Stanley. Big deal. Ryan Leaf line 1.

  15. .

    Whoa….. Until you started naming names, I’d not realized the Chargers inept draft record over time.. What’s worse is that several of these underperformers were chosen in the top half of the draft.

  16. @THX 138 – Only 2 of those were from Telesco’s regime and DJ Fluker hasn’t been that bad. I will give you Melvin Gordon, but the book is still open on him.

    Also conveniently left off your list were Cory Liegut (2011), Melvin Ingram (2012), and Jason Verrett (2014) lol.

    Could Chargers drafts be better? Of course, but it’s more than just the 1st round.

  17. It’s hard to decide what’s worse:

    -Thinking Stanley should be the pick.

    -Thinking Tunsil should be the pick.

    -Thinking OL that isn’t Center should be taken at all.

    -Or taking OL in the 1st.

  18. icanspeel says:
    Apr 28, 2016 10:38 AM
    @THX 138 – Only 2 of those were from Telesco’s regime and DJ Fluker hasn’t been that bad. I will give you Melvin Gordon, but the book is still open on him.

    Fluker has been horrible and Gordon is a Bust considering where they chose him. John Spanos and Telesco have not drafte that well. I left off Te’o also.

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