Bears trade to No. 9, take Leonard Floyd

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The Bears had the 11th pick in the draft, but it seems they were worried about the Giants taking the player they wanted.

Chicago made a trade with the Buccaneers to move up to the ninth pick of the first round and selected Georgia linebacker Leonard Floyd. The Bears gave up No. 11 and No. 106 to move up to Tampa Bay’s spot.

Floyd’s star was on the rise in the weeks leading up to the draft. He was always projected to be a first-round pick, but made his way from the second half of projections into the top as the big day drew closer. Floyd showed a lot of versatility while in Georgia and there has been talk about him playing at either inside or outside linebacker in the NFL.

The Bears could use playmakers all over their defense and Floyd gives the a piece who defensive coordinator Vic Fangio can use to build a more threatening unit in his second season with the team.

17 responses to “Bears trade to No. 9, take Leonard Floyd

  1. It’s hard to determine a good pick in any draft, but the Bears are clearly focused on a solid LB-ing core. Fox and Fangio are going to Aaron Rodgers running for his life!

    LB’s: Trevathan, Freeman, McPhee, Floyd, Houston, Young, Jones

    DL: Hicks, Goldman, Ferguson, Gaston, Sutton, Browner, Scruggs

    The secondary will have a lot of pressure taken away from them.

    I can’t say I’m disappointed with the the trade or pick. It’s tough picking at 9,10,11, 12…Let’s bring back the best defense to it’s home in Chicago!!

  2. At 6′ 6″ and 240 – we just got a great SS or CB.

    Ah crap – he’s supposed to be an OLB and pass rush? Half of the lineman in the NFL can bench 400+ lbs, so deflecting his 240 won’t be an issue.


    Why not trade back and acquire picks? Don’t tell me NYG was taking him – fantastic. Shaq Lawson went @ 19

  3. I like all the hate for this pick, they had to trade up to get him. The Giants were going to take him. Yes he needs to develop a bit but hes an actual OLB like McPhee. The other guys that are OLB’s for the Bears are converted 4-3 DE’s. This is one of those picks you legitimately have to give it time to decide. It also doesnt hurt that the last 2 times a Jon Fox led team took an edge rusher in the top 10 was Von Miller…..maybe he knows what he likes to see….

  4. The Bears prove yet again why they will be in the basement for years to come. What a complete joke of an organization.

  5. Hey ChitownGronk, after you’ve spent 22 minutes reading about the potential draftees, what else do you have to share with the group?

    The draft is such a joke…buy a magazine and become an expert.

  6. rlpftt says:
    Apr 29, 2016 8:54 AM

    The Bears prove yet again why they will be in the basement for years to come. What a complete joke of an organization.


    Hyzers, the bitter Lions fan appears to be very worried, since his Lions took an O-Lineman instead of a replacement for Megatron.

    Everyone knows the Lions are the embarrassment of the NFCN and the NFL. Stop stealing my name and lines you f00l!

    Nice pick Bears, but Go Packers!

  7. The key here was stated in the last paragraph: The Bears need playmakers on defense. Not just guys who are solid at their position or serviceable, but high ceiling, Lawrence-Taylor-Brian-Urlacher types. Sure, it’s a bit of a gamble if it doesn’t pan out, but until you have few of those type of players starting on your defense who other teams have to game plan around, you will never reach elite levels in the NFL. Floyd has that potential, now we’ll just have to see if he realizes it.

  8. Leonard Floyd college play doesn’t compare to Von Miller, Julius Peppers or Aldon Smith. Leonard Floyd was a poor High School student with above average college stats who has speed and athleticism. John Fox’s ego believes he can develop him into an impact NFL player. Floyd is 24 and he will need a year to develop into an impact player. If that works out he will have 5 good years in the NFL before his decline at age 30. We will have to wait and see but history tells us other wise.

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