Broncos don’t think Eagles are trading Sam Bradford at all

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For the moment at least, it appears Sam Bradford is not going to get his wish.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Broncos have checked with the Eagles about their wantaway quarterback, but are convinced they’re not going to trade him at all.

While it remains to be seen how willing the Eagles are to fight to keep Bradford around when he doesn’t want to stay, it would at least force the Broncos to look at other options.

So far, those include trying to beat a paycut out of Colin Kaepernick, settling for Brian Hoyer, or just drafting one at No. 31 (or with some other pick).

None of those seem to be perfect options, which is probably why they’ve been talking up Mark Sanchez lately.

Because while the Broncos clearly want to find another quarterback, it’s apparently not Bradford, at least at the price the Eagles must want.

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  1. As an Eagles fan I think that’s good the Eagles aren’t trying to unload him. The gameplan seems to have always been Bradford starts for 1-2 years then Wentz will take over. How the fanbase (seemingly not just the Eagles’ fanbase, either) understands that but Sam doesn’t is on Sam. But this shows the Eagles are sticking to their guns and trying to execute their plans.

    But if Denver’s Defense can continue last year’s roll then Sanchez will be totally sufficient.

    I’m still waiting for some criticism of Elway mishandling the departure of Peyton because without Sanchez this offseason thus far would be a total cluster for Denver.

  2. SB champions with a QB throwing 3x more INT than TD and a passer rating in the 60s. Like it or not, Sanchez is actually an upgrade over their QB play from last season.

  3. I haven’t heard the Broncos talking up Sanchez. I’ve heard individuals around him talking him and his effort up though, which is very encouraging to me as a Broncos fan. Personally I hope they draft a guy to sit the bench for a year or two and let Sanchez capitalize on his last real chance. I think mr dirty butt fumble just might surprise some people.

  4. Look, Elway should get Brian Hoyer on the cheap. With Hoyer and Sanchez you’ll be covered for the year. Kubes can coach these guys.

  5. .
    It’s highly unlikely that Wentz will be fully equipped to run an NFL offense from day one, especially coming from a small conference. However, if you are not going to move Bradford, what purpose does Chase Daniel serve? Who wants a clipboard holder with a 3yr / 10 million dollar contract?

  6. xli2006

    1 full season with a single OC that is there before training camp, that he doesn’t set records.
    He has never had the same OC for consecutive years and he had the best statistical Rookie season at the time.

    I’m not a fan of Bradford, but I am a fan of Alex Smith and I saw his turn around once he had some consistency around him. I hate to judge QBs when we know their coaches are terrible.

  7. The Eagles are going to win about 5 games next year, and Philly fans are going to blame Bradford, but it’s the Eagles front office that traded away their ability to be competitive for a kid who may or may not turn out to be any better than Bradford. And it’s worth pointing out that the Browns get to benefit from that lousy record.

    Trading away a bunch of draft picks to gamble on a rookie QB is not the way to build a winning team in the NFL.

  8. How many years will it take until teams finally realize that Sam Bradford isn’t good?


    How many years will it take to find out if Wentz is any better? Good luck overspending in free agency to build a team around him because you traded so many draft picks to get him.

  9. I don’t know how smart of a football guy Howie Roseman is, but the guy is no dummy. He’s not going to sit there beside his owner and watch Sam Bradford win a super bowl with Denver. That would be a bit uncomfortable.

  10. The Jets once had the same D as the Broncos have now. Maybe better.

    This is Deja Vu all over again.

    Sanchez just finds a way to make 2 or 3 head scratching plays a game.

    Big difference is the Broncos won it all and everyone knows it’s nearly impossible to repeat, so there should be no expectations.


    I do root for the guy because he is a good guy. I’d rather lose with him than win with a tool (Cutler).

  11. Although my first choice is to see him on the Niners simply because this cry baby is already on record that he doesn’t want to play for Chip again, how awesome would it be to see him in Denver with the Sanchize? Reunited, and it feels so good.

  12. Screw Bradford, if I’m Philly’s front office I make Bradford the most miserable player in the NFL.


    As miserable as anyone can be after they get $22M. I’d love to try being that miserable.

  13. What I don’t get about all this movement for QB’s is I don’t believe Jameis Winston and Marcus Mairotta are in this draft, much less Andrew Luck. I may be proven wrong later, but to me, it’s a heck of a gamble.

  14. 2manyconcussions says:
    Apr 28, 2016 10:06 AM
    I thought Denver’s mascot was a horse, but we now know it is really a bird, “Cheap, Cheap…Cheap, Cheap, Cheap…”
    Not a Denver fan, but how are you justifying calling them cheap when they have already spent almost all of their cap space?

  15. As a Raider fan I am begging the Eagles to send Bradford to Denver. Please please please…

  16. “Who wants a clipboard holder with a 3yr / 10 million dollar contract?”

    Teams who were paying their clipboard holder $5.5 million last season, which the Eagles were. Sanchez had a 2-year $9 million deal with a $2 million signing bonus.

  17. OF course, Sam should take the money, compete and be the man in 2016 …. But on the other hand, he is playing in Philly. How long before fans turn on him and want to see what the shiny new QB can do. Oh wait, that’s happening now! Maybe Howie needed a fall guy … to keep the fans off his back for a while.

  18. Letter to John.

    Mr. Elway:
    I understand since Brock Osweiler left and departed for Houston you have been looking to sign another Quarterback. I am available and willing to relocate and would gladly re-sign with the Club I help engineer a playoff win against the Steelers a few years ago.
    Timothy Tebow

  19. Bradford needs to simply play so well the Rookie sits on the bench for four or five years. It would be good for both guys.

  20. Why does everyone assume the Eagles are taking Wentz? They need offensive line help. Isn’t it plausible they want Tunsil and felt they had to get in front of San Diego??

  21. what they are actually saying is,

    “We didn’t want to meet the asking price the Eagles had. Giving up draft selections for a QB that is the best option for a chance to repeat as SB winners simply isn’t worth it.”

    Good. I don’t want Howie to move Sham Bitchford just to cause he requested a trade.

  22. I think it is draft noise to create the opinion that the Eagles want to draft a QB. This diverts attention away from their real choice. But Denver sniffed it out and determined that he is not really for sale. Bradford is there as an overpaid tackling dummy until they get their line sorted out and draft a QB, maybe next year.

  23. The Eagles are going to win about 5 games next year, and Philly fans are going to blame Bradford, but it’s the Eagles front office that traded away their ability to be competitive for a kid who may or may not turn out to be any better than Bradford.

    So those two extra rookies they’d have drafted this year were going to be the difference between the eagles being comoetitive? Right.

  24. starfan79 says:
    Apr 28, 2016 10:49 AM

    Why does everyone assume the Eagles are taking Wentz? They need offensive line help. Isn’t it plausible they want Tunsil and felt they had to get in front of San Diego??


    Ummm, you have been reading the stories, right? IF this somehow happens, Roseman will have perpetrated the biggest smokescreen EVER, and more power to him. But I just can’t see giving up what the Eagles did just for Tunsil.

  25. If a young QB isn’t ready, then starting them too soon may result in them developing bad habits like panicing and rather than going through his reads, looking for the check down.
    These habits may take a long time to over come.
    Sitting Wentz for a year, while he learns will probably be beneficial.

    Bradford is a short term band aid, and the team can afford his contract for a year. After this season, they can trade him.

    Why would the Eagles give away their starting QB, if it hinders Wentz’s development? In addition they already paid him some money.
    Maybe for a 2nd round pick it would be worth trading him.
    Then write off the season, start Chase Daniel for 8 games, then bring in Wentz.

  26. I like Bradford and think he has a great skill set. Like others have said, he has had terrible coaching.


    He is frail.

    The DEN D-Line strikes fear in hearts around the league.

    The DEN O-Line brings hysterical laughter from around the league. Their run game is not great either.

    It is bad match.

  27. Cheaper option not discussed for the Broncos… trade their first round pick to the Bucs for Glennon and swap for the Bucs second round pick (#9).

    Denver gets a more reliable, steady game manager than Sanchez and moves back just 10 picks. Bucs move up to ensure they get a pass rushing DE

  28. Boy the Bronco fans are out in full force.
    It’s laughable that suddenly Bradford is a good QB, now that Denver wants to sign him.
    I can’t wait to see your franchise Sanchized.

  29. Apr 28, 2016 10:21 AM – igglesfan83 says: … Bradford … As miserable as anyone can be after they get $22M. I’d love to try being that miserable.

    When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, or a little better, $22 million is a life-changer. When you’re already set for life and can afford anything you ever wanted, it just means more taxes to pay and a bigger number on your brokerage account statement. It’s also a measuring stick some people use for their self-esteem. But yeah, I’d like to try that too.

  30. Elway may be cheap but he’s right in not wanting Bradford for more than a fourth-round pick. The big unknown is why Elway would pay this guy more than the worth of a fourth-round pick.

  31. Because Elway crapped the bed. He was willing to pay his back up a lot of money(who has actually proved less than Bradford), but he bolted. It’s a small window before it closes. A great defense can only stay around for so long.

  32. Have Bradford and his agent ever contemplated the team he might get traded to having the exact reaction from their starting QB upon his arrival? How does that go down in his next locker room? This guy clearly has displayed a lack of forward thinking and planning that dovetails nicely with his lack of success in the NFL. GHTFOH.


  33. People need to remember they paid a 2nd for Sam Bradford, and in fact, that 2nd is THIS YEAR’S.

    In fact it was then part of the trade that allowed the Rams to move up and currently sits with the Titans.

    I think their idea is, if they were to somehow want to trade him, they want back roughly what they gave up… maybe more.

  34. Kaepernick and Bradford both don’t want to be on their teams so trade them for the other.

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