Chargers say they’ve been locked in on one player all along


With the Rams and Eagles set to take Jared Goff and Carson Wentz with the first two picks in the draft, the real intrigue starts at No. 3. But for all the talk that the Chargers have plenty of options with the third pick, they say they’ve always known which prospect they like best.

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco told Brit McHenry of ESPN that he has been locked in on one player all along.

What we don’t know is who that player is. The hot name is Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley, but various mock drafts have the Chargers taking Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey or Oregon defensive end DeForest Buckner.

Telesco also said there’s a real possibility the Chargers could trade down, but he doesn’t want to move down too far. So if another team with a Top 10 pick is willing to give up a lot to move up to No. 3, Telesco will take that call. If not, the Chargers will take the player they identified as their pick long ago.

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  1. I would be supremely tempted if I were the Bears to offer Alshon Jeffery and #11 to the Chargers for #3.

    Yes, the move makes the Bears offense less explosive this year, but it is not clear whether Jeffery wants to be in Chicago long term, or whether they can get a deal done with him for more than this year. The Bears can take Tunsil, Stanley, or Buckner, and improve the team a lot more than having Jeffery on the field. Most mocks are showing Elliott or Lawson to the Bears, and while both are good players, Lawson is a clone of Houston and McPhee, and doesn’t give them speed off the edge. Elliott could be a stud, but I see Buckner as the next JJ Watt, and Tunsil or Stanley could lock down LT for the next 10 years.

    If the Chargers would take the deal, I would do it right now.

  2. God, the suspense is just killing me!!! Men, I don’t know about you but at this time of year I am so consumed by the draft that I can’t work, focus on my relationships (I don’t even interact with my kids) or even eat normally. I am just so locked in on trying to help my team anyway I can. Dudes, do you have any idea how many mock drafts I study a day?? Anyway, can’t wait for tonight. Let’s get this show on the road!!!

  3. Sounds like Stanley is their guy then, because Tunsil would get snatched up immediately. No way Stanley slides too far. Same with Ramsey.

  4. Please God, please, guide this man to the player who will be the bestest of the bestest. A roll of the dice and the Chargers are in the playoff hunt, or again the objects of ridicule.

  5. My gut feeling is Ramsey since he seems like the biggest flashy impact player.

    But they should draft OL. They said their run blocking was terrible and not the pass prection…I dont know what the heck they were watching because Rivers was running for his life all season

  6. Easy to say now that the 1st 2 picks are QBs. 2 Months ago they didn’t have a clue.

  7. If you listen to certain Eagles fans, Carson Wentz will still be available there. Maybe that’s who Telesco is secretly targeting. Rivers replacement.

  8. If this isn’t a smokescreen, it’s gotta be Ramsey. The kid looks like he could be a 10 year All Pro. I’d love for my Bucs to land him, but I just can’t see him falling to 9.

  9. Its me. They called me and said they wanted a really out of shape past his prime player who was better at tennis than football in H.S. I said take me, I won’t squabble about the contract at all. San Diego here I come.

  10. Better be Ronnie Stanley.

    The 30th and the 31st ranked rushing team the past two seasons cannot go into another season with a borderline starter at left tackle who has now developed concussion issues, in addition to the numerous injuries that caused him start only 9 games in 2015. King Dunlap is a marginal talent who cannot be trusted to start a 16 game season at L.T. , he should be replaced with a a blue chip tackle that can run block, which eliminates Tunsil from the discussion.

    Telesco knows the Notre Dame offensive line very well, having taken two Centers from N.D. the past couple years, Chris Watt and Trevor Robinson.

  11. they better grab that Cb… .to deal with carr / coop / crab / walford…………….

    Raider nation !!

  12. And I’ve been locked in on this pizza that I’m ordering for tonight, cant wait.

  13. It’s Bosa. Not an ideal fit, but they can’t ignore the tape. Incredible job by their staff to keep this a secret. He wasn’t even in the list of 5 potential picks. But seriously guys, it’s Bosa.


  14. I think it’s important to understand that the Charger’s draft board will determine who their locked onto. If Tensil is their top player, at 3, he should be there and they won’t have to settle for #2, meaning their sights have been locked on him from the get go, no matter what has gone down in the last month at #1 and #2.

  15. Mysterious. There are so many different guesses in this comment section… That’s what makes it fun.

  16. Laughing at joefelicelli and his “the Bears trade Jeffery” comment. Only a fan of another team would think the Bears would even consider it.

    They won’t.

  17. Unless they want Ramsey to play safety, the Chargers have a lot of investment at CB: Flowers and Hayward in free agency and a first round pick in Verrett. I think it’s a deep draft for defense and there will be a good player available at 35 – especially a DT or DE.

    I would take Tunsil or Stanley or trade back 5-10 spots, pick up an additional pick or two, and take Conklin or Decker. Perhaps one of those picks can be used to move up into the back half of the first round to pick up someone like Karl Joseph if he falls.

  18. San Diego has plenty of needs;

    They need to protect Rivers so a LT makes sense
    Tunsil but……King Dunlap has a few years left

    They need to get a pass rush so Buckner fits
    but……… Melvin Ingram is becoming a very good rush LB as is Jerry Attachou

    They lost Weddle and they have Jason Verrett on one side and Brandon Flowers on the other side
    and need a safety that can both cover and play the run and when Flowers goes down they have a plug and play thumper to move to the corner

    The AFC West is a pass happy division so…….

    Jalen Ramsey is the guy

  19. Like I have said all along. They have been going Ramsey since the end of last year and were prepared to trade up to get him. Hence letting weddle walk. Dallas will draft Elliott or Buckner… Leaning elliott

  20. Shouldn’t the chargers maybe be thinking about selling this pick for some funds for their requested new office building for their events?

  21. All these fake accounts talking about suspense and how they can’t wait for tonight. The NFL spin and marketing machine is in overtime hyping today.

  22. It has to be Ramsey. Tunsil was expected to go first until the Titans traded out, so if they ALWAYS knew who they would get, if they thought Tunsil was gone he is ruled out. If Tunsil is out, I doubt it is Stanley who has only recently become a popular pick. Has to be Ramsey. No one else was so sought after for so long by so many teams.

  23. I really miss having Bobby Beathard around this time of year. I used to love the draft when he was a GM. His strategy always seemed to be to cross off the top 150 players off everybody elses list and then draft some off the wall guy and later trade a bunch of picks to get up in the second round in order to take some guy nobody else was interested in anyway.

    Those were interesting and entertaining times.

  24. Hope for Telesco’s sake what ever was offered to him for the 3rd pick doesn’t become public record, especially if it turns out he was offered a good deal..

    I’d prefer Ramsey cause good safeties don’t come around very often and they aren’t insanely expensive to resign. When Wash. drafted Sean Taylor then didn’t have an amazing Dline by any means. They barely had over 30 sacks but went from a middle of the pack crappy D to a top 3 D in one year. Also thanks to Gregg Williams scheme.

  25. Does it really matter who they take? Regardless, they’ll finish at the bottom of the AFC West (strong chance NFL) this season.

    We’ll see this same exact story next year with another high draft pick. And the year after that and so on….

  26. Take Staley as they must have a great left tackle to pass and run block. There are plenty of excellent DLs for their second round pick. Johnson from Penn St or Day from ND. They can take the BC safety with the third round pick.

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