Cowboys “struggling” with whether to take Ezekiel Elliott

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Two years ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones desperately wanted to use a first-round pick to obtain quarterback Johnny Manziel. Someone ultimately persuaded Jones to come in from that specific ledge.

This year, it’s widely believed that Jones wants running back Ezekiel Elliott with the fourth overall pick in the draft. As one source with knowledge of the team’s deliberations tells PFT, the Cowboys are currently “struggling” with whether to take Elliott.

Elliott, who plays a position that has talented players available at every round of the draft and beyond, could instantly give the Cowboys a dangerous running game. Coupled with the team’s already potent passing attack (if quarterback Tony Romo stays healthy), that could help Dallas improve dramatically from last year to this year.

It’s no surprise that Jones would want Elliott. Jones has a much stronger “win now” vibe than others in the organization (such as team executive V.P. and heir to the throne Stephen Jones), who are more likely to take a longer-term view of the situation.

If the Cowboys take Elliott that high, it will create plenty of pressure for the rookie. He welcomes it.

“There will be some pressure because there’s gonna be some high expectations but my whole life I’ve had high expectations,” Elliott recently told PFT Live. “Going to a university that demands competing for a championship every year like Ohio State has created high expectations and I think as an athlete that’s something we look forward to. We look forward to the high expectations, we look forward to proving people wrong and no one would want it easy. Everyone wants something to work for.”

Reminded that being picked that high means he’s expected not to just be great but to be an all-time great, Elliott didn’t flinch.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said. “That’s the way I was raised to be. To be exceptional at everything, to be excellent and I demand excellence of myself so I wouldn’t say that anyone else’s expectations are more than my own expectations for myself.”

The best expectations for the Cowboys’ pick and the bulk of Thursday night will be to expect the unexpected. Most fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

24 responses to “Cowboys “struggling” with whether to take Ezekiel Elliott

  1. Smh…all of the other GM’s are hoping they do, and I’m hoping my team stays away from a RB in the first round

  2. Derrick Henry will be more than likely available in the 2nd round for Dallas and will get just as much production out of that line. Dallas will possibly have the first defensive pick of the entire draft with can’t miss guys in Jalen, Bosa, or even Buckner. DON’T BLOW IT DALLAS!

  3. He’s a stud and worthy of a high pick, but like others have said, RBs in this NFL are not the same as RBs in previous generations.
    Draft Ramsey, Bosa or Buckner with that pick, and if you aren’t happy with Morris/McFadden/Dunbar, grab Henry, Collins, or any other solid RB in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rd.

  4. Picking Elliott could keep Romo healthy for the entire season. Behind the Dallas Line Elliott will make Dallas Fans say ” Emmitt Who “.

  5. Jones should listen to the football people he hired to run the team (especially the people who told him not to draft Johnny Football last year). Owners who think they are GM’s usually find a way to muck things up.

  6. I think I’d be happy with either Elliott or Ramsey. Ramsey is a potential shutdown corner, while Elliott has twinges of Emmitt. He can not only catch out of the backfield, but block and keep the sticks moving. Not to mention, breakaway speed, something we’ve been lacking, for a LONG time.

    All I know is that tonight, either way, we’ll get a little better.

  7. I’m sure they are, while everyone else realizes that there has not been much that has come out of Ohio St. That is worth a first round pick. Really not much has come out of Ohio St. Period

  8. Cowboys like stars, and Elliott is a star. He’d be a good pick for them. I bet they take him. And I’m not a Cowboys fan, just an in-division fan who would have to have my team face him twice a year.

  9. They shouldn’t draft Elliott as it defeats the purpose of having an elite offensive line.

    They’re better off drafting Kenneth Dixon (La. Tech) or Devontae Booker (Utah) later and use them in case Morris or McFadden goes down.

    At no.4, they should add Jalen Ramsey or Joey Bosa. Ramsey can make the Cowboys D a great dime defense while Bosa fills a need as a Top 5 player.

  10. Ramsey won’t be there. Chargers will take him. Ramsey is my first choice, but I will be more than happy with Zeke. Jerrah trying to trade back into 1st round. Can get another quality player whether we trade back in or stay where we are with the second pick

  11. One of these days there’s going to be a full on wrestling match in the Cowboy’s draft room as Jerrah tries to do something stupid and the staff has to stop him from turning in a bad card. TV will be all over it.

    Thought last year might have been the year with Johnny 8ball but maybe this year….

  12. If they were a run-dominated team I’d say this was a good decision. That offensive line is probably the best in the NFL. The problem is that in many games this year when they had a lead and should have been running the ball they decided to pass all the time. Even when they had success running the ball in the first half of a game, they went away from that and decided the best way to lose the game was to call 90% pass plays in the second half. If that’s what they are going to do then it’d be a waste to take Elliott.

  13. He is probably trying to drum up interest so if someone else within a few spots really wants Elliott they trade up with Dallas, and Dallas still gets a great defensive player.
    Then again, it is Jerry Jones.

  14. I can live with Elliot, Ramsey or Bruncker but Elliot has the talent to be better for Dallas than DeMarco which would keep the D off the field and save Romo from punishments he can’t take so that may be something they can’t pass up.

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