Late word emerges of a Paxton Lynch free fall


Some have quarterback Paxton Lynch going in the top 10 of the draft. As the draft approaches, some have him not going in round one at all. (Maybe Lynch wasn’t able to whip up a sufficiently impressive soufflé.)

Adam Schefter of ESPN says this: “Someone may be laying in ambush, but unless Dallas trades back into first round, hard to find a landing spot for [Lynch].”

Some have suggested that the Saints could target Lynch. (That’s not happening.) Others have linked Lynch to the Jets. Rich Cimini of says that’s not happening, either.

“Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch is the player most commonly linked to the Jets in mock drafts (including by me in the televised NFL Nation mock draft on Tuesday night), but I no longer believe that will happen,” Cimini writes. “I received late information on Lynch, and the sense I get is the organization has concerns about his maturity and ability to adjust to a pro-style offense. There’s a lot of smoke leading up to the draft, and sometimes it takes a while to see through it.”

Then again, this may still be part of the smoke. As the process approaches, it become more, not less, important to keep people guessing. And there’s nothing like floating fake information to help a team keep its true intentions concealed.

Besides, who ever goes back and dissects what was and wasn’t true in the days and weeks before the draft? Fans want to look ahead to the next thing; after the draft, the next thing to which to look forward is training camp, where all the rookies get thrown into a blender with all the veterans and we thereafter only pay attention to the rookies who get a chance to play — and who play well.

For now, the objective of every team is doing anything they can to keep their real plans hidden.

72 responses to “Late word emerges of a Paxton Lynch free fall

  1. Paxton Lynch will be the best QB in this years draft when its all said and done…..
    hopefully he falls to the 2nd and my cowboys can get him!

  2. I could see him falling, but teams are so QB desperate, I don’t see him falling too far. I think Andy Reid would love to have him to groom behind Alex Smith,though.

  3. Lynch is better than Goff and Wentz. There is only one QB that’s better than Lynch, and he might go in the second round too. If this is true, John Elway is going to be picking at #31, and the top two QBs will still be on the board. You can dominate the NFL right now if you can evaluate QBs accurately. This wouldn’t be unprecedented. Montana went in the 3rd round and Brady in the 6th.

  4. If this is indeed an ambush leaked story, and if he is drafted by the team that created this rumour, he should be pissed off.

    By him dropping in the draft, they took Millions of dollars out of his pocket by claiming he was immature.

  5. Jets are trying to make Lynch fall so Hack does as well. Obvious he’s the QB they like the most and they’re hoping he’s there in the 2nd.

  6. So….someone definitely wants him and are spreading BS. If theres anything ive learned, its that this is exactly the type of thing that gets spread draft morning when a team is hot for a player.

  7. Lynch is Bryce Petty 2.0.

    Look for the Jets to try and get a pro QB like Hackenburg or Cook.

    Cook could be a Brady type lucky pick

  8. …or is Cleveland waiting to snatch him. Too much made of the Browns poo-pooing Lynch; and didn’t Whoey Huey dismiss him completely? Just a thought.

  9. Lynch’s selling point was his team beating Ole Miss.

    I don’t see that as impressive as Connor Cook’s team beating my Buckeyes in Columbus. I also do see it as impressive as Cardale Jones coming in at the end of a season to win the three biggest games of any college football player’s life.

    Lynch will be the 5th QB taken in this draft.

    Mark it down.

  10. Paxton Lynch is a bad QB, who had a bad year and for whatever reason known only to the frauds who write this stuff shot up the draft board. He is a moron to boot with the lowest wonderlic score of any QB in the draft. His 18 rivals other idiots like Vince Young. Maybe you take a flyer in the 4th or 5th round but people have him going as high as 8th to SF.

  11. He’s going to the Browns at #14 as long as Elliot is there for the Dolphins to trade up for. If Dallas takes Elliot that changes things, but still think the Browns trade down inside the top 20 to take him

  12. A team that trades back in 1st round and acquires extra picks will grab him with one of those extra picks in late 2nd or 3rd rd.

  13. Don’t know much about Paxton but he’s truly the 3rd highest ranked QB in the draft then someone will take him in the first round. There are several teams without true franchise QB’s in the NFL. I mean, teams are still fighting over Ryan Fitzpatrick and he isn’t exactly Tom Brady……

  14. If Lynch somehow makes it through the entire 1st round, he won’t last long in the 2nd. My guess is the Browns would grab him right away at 32.

  15. Just to keep score, he’s going 7th to the niners, 8th to the Browns, 13 to the saints, 19 to the bills, 20 to the jets, maybe to kc, for sure the Broncos, Cowboys in the second, now falling.

    Pretty much all bases covered

  16. No way he falls to 2nd round. If not Browns trade down and draft him, then Jets, or Broncos take him. Browns will trade down at #32 pick for sure. Pick up extra pick and take remaining QB, Cook or Hackenburg

  17. General rule of thumb:
    “Trust no rumors the 24 hours leading up to the draft.”

  18. honkeyt says:
    Apr 28, 2016 11:34 AM

    Cowboys trade back with Raiders and take Lynch @ 14 and Raiders draft Woodson 2.0 I mean Ramsey @ #4.
    I like it. Carry on sir…

  19. Hope he goes top 9 so a blue chipper is guaranteed to drop to us at 10 instead of that stick figure Leonard Floyd everyone and their mother is mocking to us.

  20. Just look at the player. I don’t remember John Elway at Stanford beating up on USC and Washington. It was Elway and a bunch of high school kids vs. some great college players. Paxton Lynch is a stud.

  21. He was a late 1st rd at best, is it really a free fall if he falls to the 2nd round?
    QBs 1 and 2, then Cook and Lynch in middle to late 2nd. No other QBs til the 4th.

  22. If he’s not a franchise QB, then there’s no point in taking him in the first two rounds. Heck, at this point, all the QBs in the draft are crapshoots. It’s all about the projections.

    Maybe you can get LUCKY and find a Russell Wilson, Montana, Brady in the later rounds, but they are the exception to the rule of drafting QBs early. There’s a reason why teams rarely find a franchise QB in later rounds or why the walk on player suddenly becomes a starter in college.

    You can’t count on drafting a QB in the later rounds and think he’ll be Russell Wilson.

  23. Not sure I’m buying that it’s a “free fall” if he’s not taken in the first round. He was never going in the top ten of first round to begin with, that was just speculation by self appointed “experts” after the trades at the top of the draft.

    Not a pro offense, bombed combine interviews, bombed the Wonderlic. You can’t teach 6’7″ 245 w/ moblity, but he’s a developmental project who will need to learn and mature (aka sit for at least 1 year and probably 2). Nobody is taking him in the top 10, and they never were after the combine.

  24. This is a copy cat league. Most of the first round will be trying to build up defenses. Denver proved that the QB position is not the essential ingredient to win a SB, its almost always defense. Look for most of hte QB’s being drafted in round 3.

  25. Those assume Lynch is the 3rd QB drafted are making a mistake. His success is due to the college system he played in, with almost all decision making taken out of his hands. He threw almost exclusively to his first read, as the offense was set up to get the #1 read open. Additionally he waits to throw the ball until the WR/RB/TE is already open, you can’t do that in the pros. Eventhough 90% of his passes were predetermined he was still very inconsistent at ever level on the field, short, mid and long passes. When he faced good defenses with speed he was held in check . . . and none of those defenses had the speed or power of any pro defense. Finally his instincts where to flee when the pocket began to close, which worked for him at the college speed but won’t work at the pros.

    He is big, has a strong arm and good speed, but that is the problem with the combine . . . measurable do not translate directly into on-field success. I think both Conner Cook and Cardale Jones will have more success at the pro-level and will end up being drafted before Lynch, also Lynch will probably be drafted before Hackenburg eventhough Hackenburg will be more successful. Lynch should have Backup tattooed across his chest, he is a decent value in late 4th/early 5th round. Just a waste before then.

  26. Cook will be beat QB in draft bar none. Everyone else is caught up in numbers and measurables. All Connor Cook did was produce on a high level for 2 years in a defensive conference…put Lynch Goff Wentz in Big 12 and see how different their bunbers will be

  27. I still think it’s Carson and Hackenberg in this draft. That’s the two. Goff gives me that Alex Smith feeling. Paxton Lynch… What is that dude? Lol..

  28. Packers.

    Last year showed Rodgers is on a steep downward decline.

    If it werent for Hail Marys, the season would have been an even bigger joke.

  29. Paxton has large hands, he should have no problems playing with properly inflated footballs. I wish my QB could say the same.

  30. when some team is desperate for A QB wants to trade back into round one to nab Lynch… the Seahawks will be there at 26… ready and willing to trade down… for a price.

  31. Adam Schefter used to work for the broncos . first he broke the bradford news, now it’s lynch dropping. how convenient both situations are for the broncos qb needs.
    he’s their spin miester .

  32. I’ll say Detroit drafts him. If I’m wrong I’m just going to claim it was a smokescreen and that I really knew he was going to Chicago.

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