Mike Mularkey: Nice to have all the picks, but this isn’t a one-year turnaround

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The Titans traded out of the first overall pick, so they’ll have to wait a while before making their first-round pick on Thursday night rather than getting it out of the way right at the start.

As it stands right now, Friday night will offer less time for sitting around. The Titans have five picks in the second and third rounds, starting with No. 33 and ending with No. 76, and they have plenty of needs to fill on their roster after going 5-27 over the last two seasons.

An infusion of young, talented players should raise the level of excitement around the Titans, but coach Mike Mularkey would prefer that the expectations for the 2016 season remain low in Nashville.

“It’s nice to have all the picks,” Mularkey said, via the Tennessean. “We think we’re going to build depth and actually have a number of starters with the picks that we have right now, if we use them all, but this is not a one-year, turn it around in one offseason and three months [endeavor]. To think that you can change things immediately — we’re talking about a lot of young players we’re going to be bringing in here.”

The Titans may not use all of those picks as having six picks in the first 76 selections gives you plenty of ammunition to use to move around the draft board, but no number of players is going to change the amount of work that needs to be done for the Titans to find their way back to on-field success. Mularkey may have learned while taking over for Ken Whisenhunt last season that keeping that fact in people’s minds is a good thing for the guy on the sideline.

27 responses to “Mike Mularkey: Nice to have all the picks, but this isn’t a one-year turnaround

  1. but this is not a one-year, turn it around in one offseason and three months [endeavor].


    Sounds like a guy who knows he’s a terrible coach & his team is not going to be good trying to squeeze a couple more years out of this job he lucked into.

    It’s still baffling why AAS decided she was a football person & hired this guy. I cannot fathom her reasoning for making this decision. Hasn’t once ever been involved in football operations & decides she’s gonna be the one to hire the coach. Such a shame.

    I get excited by Jon Robinson’s moves & having Mariota in his 2nd season & then I remember Mularkey is our coach & he hired Robiskie as OC & the excitement quickly fades a little.

  2. Here’s hoping Goff struggles year 1 and we have two top ten picks next year. We’re building something, here.

  3. Actually it can be a 1 year turn around. Protect your QB, get him another target to go w/ last year’s 2nd rounder and depth on D easily can push them to 500. All teams are basically equal, even with HoF QB in involved, it’s a matter of coaching & depth.

  4. Yeah, it’s probably a four or five year turnaround. After two years they’ll fire Mularkey and it will take two or three more years to get back to normal. I have faith in Jon Robinson to make a good hire in 2 years! (if he isn’t fired as well)

  5. Okay, I understand. I also know we are tired of losing games at home, on the road, and a total lack of playoffs in 8 seasons and counting. That is why it is easy for expectations to grow quickly. Realistic or not. I hope that isn’t a bunch of Mularkey.

  6. Most fans already know to set the expectations bar low when Mike Mularkey is at the helm.

  7. I don’t think anyone expects a 1-year miracle. If they manage to get 5 players that start or otherwise contribute, and win 4 more games, they’ll be on the right track.

  8. I’ve been a fairly level-headed Titans fan since the team arrived in Tennessee, and I have to say, something about him saying this troubles me. If he means he doesn’t expect to be in the playoffs this year, I can get my head around that. If however, he doesn’t want us to expect the Titans to be competitive, then … that’s just … not cool. Not cool at all, man.

  9. “You gotta believe!”

    Titan fans, have faith it will get better. Sure, it could always get worse, but at least your team WANTS to win and not turn into just a “moneyball” team.

    – from an old (70 yrs) Browns fan

  10. He makes a great point. Any team with him as HC and the over-the-hill gang he’s brought in as assistants shouldn’t be too optimistic…

  11. .
    He’s correct. The Titans, as presently constructed, excel at no phases of the game and ate subpar in every phase of the game. They need a total roster overhaul. Being that Robinson comes from the Patriots ” more picks = more hits” school, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Titans end up with as many as 15 picks. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Robinson push a few of those choices into 2017, further solidifying his position as ” controller of the draft”.

  12. I have no dog in this fight.

    My 2 cents: if you are a struggling franchise and you drafted your franchise QB last year, getting a ton of picks like Tennessee did is the absolute best-case scenario.

    And to the people hating on Mularkey? Please.

  13. A good GM could get this turned around in two years. You already have a great young QB, and a ton of early picks. The coach has very little to do with the team’s future success. This is all on the GM. He inherited a gold mine.

  14. Mularkey is right, it is going to take 2-3 years for the team to get competitive again. Even if they have an A+ draft, rookies usually need a year or two playing to adapt to the NFL.

  15. Doesn’t matter what he says. If TN doesn’t have a DRASTIC improvement over the last few seasons he’s gone. Jon won’t waste his young player’s time if what MM is doing isn’t working…

  16. I’m not sure, if I was a coach, I’d want my players hearing me say that. I would want them to think I believe in them and think they can win NOW. What godd does it do for them to know their HC doesn’t think they have what it takes to get the job done? It’s like he’s saying “It’s alright, guys. Nobody expects you to win anyway.”…

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