Philadelphia wants to host next year’s NFL Draft

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The Eagles don’t have a pick in the first round, so they want the whole draft instead.

Via Dave Zangaro of, commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed that the City of Brotherly Love wants to host the three-day event next year.

They’re one of the cities bidding,” Goodell said. “Were interested in Philadelphia, among other cities.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that they were the “leading candidate” to host but Los Angeles was also a factor, prior to Goodell doing what Goodell does to keep interest ramped up and deals getting sweeter.

The draft is in Chicago for the second year of a two-year run, after 51 in New York. But there have been reports that half the league plus Canton, Ohio wants to host it, so there figures to be competition.

31 responses to “Philadelphia wants to host next year’s NFL Draft

  1. Makes sense for the Eagles, they’ll need to find SOMETHING productive to do in the first round while the Rams use their pick.

  2. I think it’s a bad idea for Philadelphia to host next draft. Do they want to see how Browns pick first thanks to his round in front of their fans?

  3. Of course with no 1st round pick the NFL would now consider moving the draft there…the fans should boo everyone else’s picks. Especially the NFC East and the pick that they gave up.

  4. As an Eagles fan, please pass until 2019. Philadelphia hosting the draft without their top pick or 2nd round pick in 2018 wouldn’t be quite the same.

  5. That would actually make for a really awesome atmosphere. I can see it now… Goodell drowned out by the crowd, as they boo every single pick, including the Eagles.

  6. Folks relax…Philly will make a couple of trades tonight and regain at least one pick.

    Broncos trade 3rd round pick for Bradford, his agent and cheesesteaks.

  7. …as they throw stuff at Roger. Don’t give any freebees like for the Caps game, it will just end of being tossed.
    Then again, that might be funny!

  8. benfranklinshat says:

    The Eagles will have the 32nd pick next year, so why not!

    I guess you’re saying the NFL will take away the first round pick from Pats (again, no matter if there is a real reason) and Eagles will pick in the first position of the 2º round. If not, i don’t see it.

  9. The most unfriendly fans I have met in my tours of NFL Stadiums and they want to host the NFL draft?!?

    True Story (it’s on the internet)
    My son and I flew to Philadelphia to watch our Buccaneers take on the Eagles in a playoff game in 2002. Black Sunday for the Eagles… Tampa had lost two years in a row to the Eagles at the old Vet Stadium.

    A group of fans were yelling about cutting us if Tampa won the game. They were profanity filled and everything nasty about society as a whole.

    Tampa won. Tampa went on to win the Superbowl. Thank you Rhonde Barber.

    Again, been to loads of Stadiums (17 so far), I have never seen that kind of fandom in any of the other cities????

    Philadelphia hosting anything but a cleanup party for the city gets a NO vote from me. (too bad I don’t get a vote)

    Chicago has done well and when I went to see the Bucs against the Bears it was a great time for my son and I. Chicago deserved/deserves to host.

    Not Philadelphia.

  10. Having visited their I was reminded of W.C. Fields famous line “I went to Philadelphia once, but it was closed.” It is West Jersey with less personality.

    I like the idea of having it centrally located in Chicago, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Kansas City, Dallas, maybe Nashville.

    If it was on the West Coast it would be done outside in the daylight.

  11. Throw 32 team cities in a hat and pick one. Guaranteed that that city would benefit from revenue.

    For me, it’s all just 60″ of real estate booing at Goodell.

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