Raiders owner pledges $500 million for Las Vegas stadium

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Mark Davis is probably getting comped on this trip to Las Vegas, because he’s willing to drop half a billion dollars there.

Via Scott Bair of, the Raiders owner told the Southern Nevada Tourism and Infrastructure Committee meeting that he was ready to commit $500 million toward a stadium there to bring his team to the desert.

Davis also brought some rhetoric with him, saying Las Vegas: “would not just be getting a football team, they would be getting everyone who has worn the silver and black for the last 56 years.”

Of course, shaking the tree and waiting for the money to fall out isn’t the only problem for Davis, who would still need to convince 23 of his fellow owners to approve a move. But the reaction to Las Vegas has been more positive (or at least less negative) than it has been in the past.

89 responses to “Raiders owner pledges $500 million for Las Vegas stadium

  1. What’s the sentiment in Las Vegas about getting the Raiders? I’m sure there’s some excitement about getting and NFL team, but are they ready for the Raiders fan base?

  2. Top 5 Raiders All-Time

    1. Jack Tatum
    2. Howie Long
    3. Art Shell
    4. Ray Guy
    5. Rich Gannon

  3. So wait, he has $500 million for Las Vegas and what exactly for Oakland?

    $500 million almost can build a stadium by itself as long as you aren’t in bubble nosebleed property locations… and aren’t trying to build a Taj Mahal.

  4. I have no problem with it as long as current season ticket holders get priority on seats there……and as long as their are no PSL fees.

  5. Why does every story about this mention the falsehood that 23 owners would have to agree to the move?

    We all know that’s simply not true and Mark Davis knows it better than anyone.

  6. I think this is the right move. Oakland has had over 10 years to come up with stadium resolution. No progress at all. Las Vegas is a cash cow and a high growth market. 2016 will be the last year of the Oakland Raiders. I am sure many people in the suburbs of Las Vegas will come to see the Raiders . It won’t be just people in Las Vegas. Davis better call Jeff Fisher to get tips on how to handle a franchise move.

  7. Does he actually have the $500 million though? I thought NFL owners were trying to push him out (or force him to take on a partner) because he wasn’t wealthy enough? (A billionaire, but not a super-billionaire.)

  8. Wow, I never thought this would be possible. I’m so excited. This move would be so awesome. Besides that, Las Vegas knows how to get what it wants. And if Las Vegas wants the Raiders, they will convince enough owners to okay the vote. BOOM!! What happens in Vegas is the RAIDERS!!!

  9. Time for Oakland to pony up or shut up. If they don’t build a new facility for the Raiders then I’d move the team for sure. Way to much up side for being in Vegas. It’s good to see Mark has some of his father in him!

  10. Davis might just come out of all this as the biggest winner of them all.

  11. Clearly one of the best owners in the league. has done everything right after the mess his father left him. It’s sad some these owners still hold a grudge for things his father did.

  12. Watched the live feed and Davis pledged the Raiders support. He discussed not only the $500Mil but also building a practice facility and the teams plans during the construction.

    Believe the posturing and bs is over, the Raiders are all in for Vegas.

    SB in Vegas = Bananas!

  13. Vegas should not give him one stinking penny.

    If he will spend 500 mil on a stadium that’s what should be designed, a 500 million dollar stadium.

    No more welfare for these scumbag NFL owners.

  14. Jeez, he couldn’t spend that same half-billion on his own stadium in Oakland? I know times have changed, but wasn’t the Bucs’ stadium built for less than $200 million, which is still less than $300 million in today’s dollars? And that stadium is still gorgeous.

    I realize property is more expensive in Oakland, but half a billion would still get a heck of a new stadium.

  15. $500MM should be almost enough to build the entire stadium.

    These owners are in an insane stadium arms race.

    Houston built their retractable roof stadium for $352MM in 2002.

    When adjusted for inflation, the cost would be $532MM.

    And if you’ve never been to NRG, its a very nice stadium. It just hosted it’s second Final Four and in February will host its second Superbowl.

    It’s a billion dollar dick measuring contest at the tax payers expense. Ridiculous.

  16. Davis has been demanding a free stadium from the taxpayers in Oakland, yet he and Spanos were going to build a privately funded stadium in Carson and now he’s committing money to Las Vegas. Screw that. We Alameda County taxpayers are STILL paying for the stadium renovations from the 1990s.

  17. I think this is a done deal. I feel like it’s good for the league. I feel for the local fans though. They’re really coming through this year but it’s obvious that the city of Oakland won’t back them considering they actually raised the rent on that cesspool of a stadium. I’m thinking Davis already has 5 votes for the move. Dal, SD, SF, Hou, & LA.

  18. Okay, does an owner need to get permission to move, or not?

    Al Davis didn’t. Did Irsay and Modell get permission to move their teams?

  19. Wow, San Fran now Oakland, no NFL in the Bay.

    Vegas is a perfect marriage for the NFL & now you just found your Pro Bowl home.

    Go all in with the stadium & put in an onsite book.If the league doesn’t have an issue with it in Europe, don’t make a stink about it where it is legal already.

  20. That amount will get him 1/2 a stadium…..who is he expecting to come up with the rest of the money? How about he mans up and pays for the entire thing?

  21. Finally, a SB location worth the trip. Think about it. Would you rather throw a party in a podunk town like Indy or in Vegas?

  22. The city will have to increase door security as the casinos simply will not permit access to the thousands of broke Raider ghetto bangers wearing 35 year old Stabler t-shirts carrying bed rolls.

  23. By the way I would imagine Davis did his due diligence amongst his partners before committing, getting a ballpark vote tally. Also you guys don’t understand how expensive EVERYTHING is in the bay area. I just moved from SF to Oregon. Stadiums for less than a billion are a pipe dream. Even a bare bones one. If I remember correctly the niners paid 1.4 billion for a stadium down the road. It’s mad expensive in the bay area now.

  24. As others have stated, if he can afford $500 million for a stadium in Vegas, why doesn’t he have $500 million for a stadium in Oakland.

    I realize inflation and everything, but 16 years ago the Patriots built Gillette Stadium for something in the area of $350 million. Are you telling me he cant built a quality stadium for $500 million?

    Obviously the benefit for Kraft was that he already owned the real estate. So that needs to be worked out for the Raiders. But I would be surprised if there isn’t 500-800 acres of land somewhere that can be donated to the Raiders in exchange for agreeing to not leave for 30 years. Patriots Place is 800 acres and that includes a 1.5 million sq foot shopping mall. And it isn’t like there isn’t undeveloped places that are big enough to put a stadium in the Oakland area

  25. If Las Vegas decides to create a hotel room tax in order to help fund the stadium, doesn’t that mean that EVERY Raider hater that goes to Las Vegas will in fact be paying to help build that stadium?

    The thought of that just makes me smile ear to ear.

  26. For those of you doubting this move, just understand that Raider fans are all over the country/world. We will fly in and pack that beautiful new stadium and stay the week. I’m thinking Vagas is the big winner here.

  27. He pledges 500 million to a Vegas stadium but then where will his relocation money come from? Why not spend that 500 million plus the 300 million from the NFL and work toward buliding a stadium in the one city you belong in. OAKLAND.

    Instead of parading around the country pimping your team how about trying to raise 200 more million in the Bay Area.

    I went to LA the first few years to see some games but then I tired of it. People will do the same with Vegas. Playing to a stadium half full of your opponents fans won’t be a good game experience.

  28. No way Raiders/Las Vegas get this deep in planning/negotiations without confirmation from Goodell/Owners that a move would be favorably accepted.

    UNLESS…Davis says you screwed me on LA and if I can get a deal done in Vegas, I’m moving with or without a vote..who knows.

  29. “So, why can’t Davis commit $500 million to the stadium in Oakland?”

    Because Oakland will never host a SuperBowl. Vegas, however, could begin bidding for the big game immediately after the stadium’s built.

    It’s all about the Benjamins!

  30. I honestly don’t know why a company wouldn’t want to move out of California. It’s very business unfriendly and the yoko’s they have running the state are pretty clueless.

  31. Once the seal is broken in LV by the Raiders, MLB and the NBA will not be far behind.

    See the Rays and Indians trying to move there, and of course the A’s. Not sure who fits in the NBA, but there have to be numerous owners that would love to be in that market.

  32. It’s definitely a move on defiance.

    The man with whom he’s negotiating with is the same way.
    Sheldon Adelson just bought the local newspaper and fired an award winning staff publisher with 3 decades working for that paper. 6 more are rumored next. If Sheldon doesn’t like it, he’ll buy it and make his own rules.

    That may work in some situations, but not with the billionaire boys club of NFL owners.

    Besides, there’s that pesky sports betting thing.
    Not gambling, but sports betting.
    The NFL disallows it on or near game sites on, and before game day.
    Allow it Vegas, and they have to allow it in London and other places, including that high profile czar in New Jersey.

    This is not just a move, it will also include the procedural goings on, on and around game sites.

  33. Those that are comparing this deal to Oakland miss a minor point…….

    Will Davis own the facility and the land? In Oakland he will not.

  34. Some of the comments on here are ridiculous. “Why doesn’t Davis pay for the stadium himself?” Seriously? If you even have to ask that then you aren’t a football fan. He is rich because he owns the raiders, but he doesn’t own the raiders because he is rich. He inhertied the team from his dad who only spent $18,500 for 10% of the team in the 60s, he wasn’t rich either. In fact, Mark Davis has the lowest net worth of any NFL owner and is supposedly worth 500 mil. I am not sure how he is pledging $500 mil, when that is his entire net worth. Why dont you ask Sheldon Adelson? He is the one who so desperately wants the stadium so bad. He is the 18TH RICHEST PERSON ALIVE AND IS WORTH $28.1 BILLION. He paid $140 million to buy a newspaper pretty much just to bias the articles for the stadium, but is only willing to put up $150 MILLION for the stadium itself. Wtf? Open up your pockets if you want a stadium Adelson. There is already a COMPLETELY stupid $20 resort fee for every day you stay at a hotel in Las Vegas, now they want to up the taxes too? Okay. Also this comment is even more ridiculous that the casinos will have to up security because they “will simply not permit access to thousands of Raider ghetto bangers”? Have you ever been to Las Vegas, specifically the strip? Its not a bunch of millionaires walking around everywhere. It is a place to vacation on a budget… a majority of people on the strip are low income “gang bangers” anyway, whats your point? I was in Las Vegas a month ago and saw two crackheads having sex on a bridge in-between Exacalibur to Tropicana… dont act like Las Vegas is above “raider gang bangers”, Las Vegas was technically built off “gang bangers” and isnt exactly an “upper class” community. It is extremely blue collar. I am not a Raiders fan at all (actually, a Chargers fan), but I would love to see them in Las Vegas. Oakland is a dumpster fire in more ways than one, and Las Vegas is the entertainment capitol of the world. Oakland doesn’t bring anything special to the NFL. Las Vegas brings money, an untouched sports market (maybe NHL before the raiders arrive), a thriving economy, and a “destination” away game. People will be in Las Vegas all week long when their team is playing the Raiders, it would be the ultimate fan experience. Also, Las Vegas would easily become the new Pro Bowl site.

  35. Cirque’s ‘LOVE’ half time show at the Super Bowl. YES! Vegas is the entertainment capitol of the World baby!

  36. For all those crying about the $500M relocation fee, it doesn’t have to be paid in one lump sum. He gets to spread it over 10 years , I believe.

  37. “So, why can’t Davis commit $500 million to the stadium in Oakland?”

    Because nobody, even the raiduhs, wants to stay in the cesspool known as Oakland.

  38. Britney Spears can perform at halftime or sing the national anthem. She has a residency in Las Vegas. They should add a dice logo onto the Raiders jerseys.

  39. Mark has had $500M on the table for Oakland the ENTIRE TIME! How do you “Raiders fans” not know this? $500M isn’t gonna cut it though, and Oakland is NOT chipping in any more money……Vegas is willing to meet him halfway on the deal, so obviously he’s exploring it.

  40. I’m not shocked. Thats about what the Wilfs coughed up. Keep in mind the NFL will kick in 100 mil if approved by the owners and for sure Vegas gambling will put up some money too.
    I personally think its cool to have a team like the Raiders there but wonder if this aint another plow to get Oakland to pony up?
    My take is Davis gets it that Oakland has no money and there hands are tied.

  41. It’s a good thing NFL players have such an impeccable history of staying out of trouble, otherwise, a move to a city like Las Vegas might seem like a bad idea.

  42. The team is rising. Take away the ridiculous state income tax in California and every free agent will want in. Everything is positive EXCEPT the fans left behind in Oaktown. They have bled silver and black, stuck with the team through all the nonsense.


  43. “So, why can’t Davis commit $500 million to the stadium in Oakland?”

    Because Oakland is a dump with or without a new stadium. It’s like putting $5k rims on a $1200 car.
    Does that analogy work better for you?

  44. Funny Oakland comments – from people all over the U.S. who get 30 miles outside of their home once a year for a shindig with the boys to watch an MLB 3-game series, and who’ve never been to the Bay Area. Oakland, especially the hills, has some of the most prime real estate in the area, with views of the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco – and with tree-lined meandering streets and beautiful neighborhoods. Yes parts are suspect – like any city. So before you start chirping, jump on an airplane (that’s a big bus-like contraption with wings that takes you places very high up in the sky) and visit before spouting.

  45. Ok halfwits listen up.. For those of you saying “if he has $500 million for a stadium in Las Vegas why doesn’t he just use that money for a stadium in Oakland?” The answer is, he would have actually put $600 million into a stadium in Oakland $300 million from the team, $200 million from the NFL G4 loan program and $100 million grant from the NFL for not moving to L.A. However there is no other money in Oakland to fill the over $300 million gap in funding for a stadium in there and (for all of you with the Taj Mahal references) that would only be a 53,000 seat stadium ( the smallest in the league by far) In Vegas he will have partners willing to fill the funding gap plus UNLV already has purchased the land so he will have everything he doesn’t currently have in Oakland.

  46. Las Vegas Sharks (card sharks) or Las Vegas Hookers (Hookers) would be suitable names. I really think Hookers is best suited, the way Davis is who*ing out the Raiders right now.

  47. mark is in for 300 million and 200 mullion G4 money and he has offered 600 million in Oakland but Oakland still dragging their feet….Vegas would be an epic stadium glitz and glam beautiful skyline picks during games, natural grass and a retractable roof… makes a lot of sense, its and hour or less flight from Oakland and LA, totally going to happen

  48. I wouldn’t go to a raiders game in Oakland if you paid me anything…

    I will go to a Raiders game in Vegas.

    And I’m a Seahawk fan!

  49. Davis, what a turd, why not pledge $500 mil to Oakland? you continually crap on Oakland fans, i wish someone would buy you out, and ship you to Vegas alone

  50. Rascal1414, they are planning to to build the stadium on Tropicana and Koval, right next to the airport and behind the MGM Grand.
    Locorogue, this has been talked about 20 times over in the comments, Davis technically is putting up $600 million in Oakland. The 500 million in Las Vegas is 300 from him and 200 from the NFL. In Oakland it is 300 from Davis, 200 from the NFL, and an extra 100 from the NFL to stay in Oakland.

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