Report: Reggie Ragland flagged for enlarged aorta

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Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland pops up in the first round of most mock drafts, but a medical issue may cause some teams to think twice about picking him.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Ragland has been “flagged” by some teams because he has an enlarged aorta. The condition requires yearly monitoring and can put one at risk of developing aneurysms and could require surgical intervention to help avoid that outcome.

Per Rapoport, some teams have pushed Ragland down their draft board as a result of the condition. He also cites seven teams that don’t believe it will impact his football career as long as he is monitored closely over the years.

Ragland took over for Ravens 2014 first-round pick C.J. Mosley as a physical presence in the middle of the Alabama defense and could see a lot of playing time early in his career if he shows he can be the same player at the professional level.

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  1. Hate hearing about stuff like this. Guys work hard to get to a position and potentially fall because of a situation they have no control over. Pulling for Reggie!

  2. That’s tough. Playing with an enlarged Aorta is risky business. We’ve seen too many guys die young because of medical issues.

    I’m glad he knows about it, and hopefully they will be very cautious about it.

  3. (Wants team to draft Ragland)
    (sees mock drafts of him going early)
    (sees this news pop up)
    (in Stan’s dad’s voice) “SCORE!”

  4. I have that same condition. It raises a few questions.
    First, what is the measurement? 3.9 is large, but OK. 4.4 or higher is a huge red flat.
    Second, how long has it been monitored? If you are between 3.9 and 4.2 for a while (it depends on who is measuring it) and it remains steady, that’s one thing. If it hasn’t been measured over time, or if there is a progression, that’s a problem.
    Third, the one real restriction I have is no lifting weights for strength. No bench press. I can run all day and my cardiologist is fine and I can do some light lifting for conditioning and it would be OK. but my days of benching 250 are over.
    Having lived with the condition for about 10 years, I likely would pass on the guy, at least in the first round. An aorta issue can be extremely serious. I just don’t think I would want to be the guy pushing a guy with that condition.

  5. Flagged for large aorta huh… that a 10 yard penalty nowadays? Can’t tell what the rules are anymore since goodell took over.

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