Brady Quinn sums up Sam Bradford’s mindset: He’s never had to compete

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Many have been confused by Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford’s desire to leave Philly. Former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn isn’t. Quinn explained Bradford’s mindset during a Friday visit to PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio.

“He came into the league being a guy who got paid $60 million to be a starting quarterback and to play and really didn’t have to deal with any sort of competition throughout his career because economically he was paid so much,” Quinn said. “I think he finds himself now in a situation where that’s what he comes to expect and that’s all he knows. He’s never had to necessarily grind it out and compete against someone else on the roster.

“So he signs a new contract and he’s thinking, ‘Alright, I’m the guy for this team for at least the next couple years.’ He feels like, ‘Well, I don’t have to deal with worrying about the second overall pick in the first round to compete with and hear the fans clamor for him the second that I throw an interception, the second I end up playing bad.’ He’s never had to adjust to that before in his career, so he doesn’t know how to deal with it and he wants to go somewhere where he feels like he can be the guy. He probably feels that way because he had his best statistical season last year for the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though he hasn’t been healthy for 16 games throughout his career he still wants to be the guy. He still thinks he has the ability to be the guy so he’s just looking for that opportunity. So you could see why he would feel that way, unfortunately that’s just not the position that he’s in anymore in the NFL. It’s not like he’s the first pick overall coming in the draft, like a Jared Goff, who has some time to prove himself. He now has to prove himself even among his own roster and his own quarterback room.”

Quinn makes a lot of sense. Hopefully, Bradford will see what Quinn had to say and take it to heart. While it may take some time to get Eagles fans back on Bradford’s side (if they ever were), Bradford’s best bet is to accept his changed circumstances and commit to competing. It’s something many quarterbacks far more accomplished than Sam Bradford have had to do.

44 responses to “Brady Quinn sums up Sam Bradford’s mindset: He’s never had to compete

  1. Haha Bradford will never see what Quinn is saying. It’s correct but Sam has way too much money and has been babies way too long. He’s hardwired now.

  2. Wow! Brady Quinn, you summed it up quite nicely!

    Bradford don’t douche now…..

  3. Actually a very good observation by Brady Quinn. People on here will still criticize Quinn and his comments because he never lived up to his potential but at least he’s been in an NFL locker room.

  4. A never been QB is so dead on about another never been … The Eagles screwed the pooch big time on this one …

  5. Brady Quinn is not summing up Bradford’s mindset at all. Bradford is mad because he feels like the Eagles were very deceptive with him. When they told him they’d draft a young QB, Bradford was more than willing to compete with him. They didn’t tell him they were going to mortgage the near future to move up to #2 and get a QB. Now there won’t be any fair competition (just like when Bradford was drafted). I have no problem with someone arguing that Bradford should just accept these facts, work hard, teach the kid the ropes, then fade away without being allowed to compete. But that’s not what Quinn is saying.

  6. Brady is right on the money here. Sam expects to get paid big and be the starter even when he essentially plays for the opposing team or gets a boo boo. He has never been competitive in the NFL. Ever.

  7. There’s a glut of bad announcers that Quinn could replace- Joe Buck and Phil Simms just to start.

    He’s much better at it than he was as a QB.

  8. Bradford’s reaction is why he will never be elite. The best guys out there love competition. If he doesn’t think he can beat out an unproven rookie, then what team does he think he should go to that would be a better fit.

  9. Not only is Bradford delusional thinking he deserves to be the unquestioned starter of the future for the Eagles. But he is also stupid for not realizing there was not another team who would be willing to make him their unquestioned starter for the future.

    He is the luckiest quarterback in the history of the NFL for how much he has been paid relative to how little he has accomplished. Now he has another huge contract that any qb outside of the top 15 NFL QBs would kill for and he wants out? What a #*^%#

  10. Brady is right. This is not about Brady who has become a decent spokesperson for his sport. This about Sam the diva. I hope Wentz creams him.

  11. Much respect for Brady Quinn. He handled it like a pro when he was Tebow’s backup.

  12. The best way to for Bradford to ensure being the man is to play like it. No one other than the teams playing against them is clamoring to see Brees’, Rodgers’, Brady’s, Roethlisberger’s or Rivers backups

  13. Traded by Rams……Tough, but life goes on.
    Team uses #2 pick for your replacement. Worse, but life’s not over.
    Being judged by Brady Quinn….Now THAT hurts.

  14. joshgordonsbong says:
    Apr 29, 2016 6:44 PM

    Lol ole Sam should feel blessed…richest man ever who is made out of paper mache…

    Right up there with Charlie Whitehurst, who actually holds a clipboard better(G). 🙂

  15. I was surprised to see such an audacious statement from Brady Quinn but he’s absolutely correct. I figured this would bring some hate to him because his NFL career was a disaster but that doesn’t mean what he said isn’t the truth. It took a lot of guts to say what he did.

  16. He outghta be thanking God that he’s made 100 mil in the NFL when he’s not worth a damn. I knew he’d be a bust coming into the NFL.

  17. I think Brady Quinn is correct in his comments. Bradford entered the league making as much as a superbowl winning QB and never had to prove anything.

    It’s a pity the Rams talked him out of retiring.

  18. so, Bradford, a millionaire, feels entitled and doesn’t want to work for the starting gig.

    I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

  19. Why shouldn’t the eagles go get a QB, of the future? Bradford hasn’t proven anything, in the time he has been in the NFL. He cant stay off the injured list.

  20. Who knows what Bradford is thinking. I doubt Quinn does. Brady is one of those failed Cleveland Brown’s 1st round draft choice QBs and is just talking, which is what you have to do on a radio program. Bradford should be ecstatic that he went a whole season without blowing out another ACL, and of course for that big contract he just signed.

  21. I wasn’t in favor of the trade up to the #2 slot initially. However, Bradford’s reaction to the trade has made it pretty clear that the Eagles really needed to address the QB position long term. And boy did they ever do so.

  22. Don’t blame Bradford for being in Philadelphia. Blame that know it all Chip Kelly who was so brilliant at destroying the Iggles’ roster.

  23. Who cares what either of them say or does it’s Quinn and Bradford; neither are qbs to take advice from about being an nfl qb.

  24. Though Quinn was a mediocre at best QB in the NFL, he always seems to provide rather insightful and smart commentary or comments. He could take someone like Trent Dilfers job.

  25. Bradford’s gonna get sent to the Carlisle indian school if he doesn’t smarten up and fly right

    but seriously…what balls this guy has. he’s not that good. he can’t string 3 good wks together. and to say he is “injury prone” is diplomatically minimizing the subject.

    last thing he wants to do is alienate passionate blue collar eagles fans, of which I am one. if he gets knocked out of a gm, and replaced by wentz, the situation will get a standing O

  26. There’s a little detail that Bradford missed about being a diva: you have to be good or great to pull it off. He’s been mediocre at best so… nobody cares.

  27. On Bradford’s worst day, he’s 100 x better than Quinn…

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