Dolphins cancel Laremy Tunsil’s media appearance, citing allergic reaction

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Dolphins offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was the story of the first round of the NFL draft, as he dropped to the 13th overall pick while someone hacked his social media accounts and posted embarrassing videos and text messages. Tunsil then raised more eyebrows when speaking to the media after he was drafted by seeming to acknowledge he had broken NCAA rules while at Ole Miss.

So everyone was interested in hearing what Tunsil would say today at his first media appearance in Miami. Unfortunately, that appearance didn’t take place. Dolphins Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum said Tunsil was dealing with an allergic reaction.

“Unfortunately, Laremy had an allergic reaction this afternoon, so right now he’s with our medical staff and hopefully it’s just a quick, short-term thing,” Tannenbaum said at the Dolphins’ press conference, adding that it wasn’t clear what caused the allergic reaction.

Character questions swirled around Tunsil even before the video of him wearing a gas mask and smoking a bong surfaced, but Tannenbaum said the Dolphins feel good about Tunsil.

“Our area scout felt good about his character. Obviously there are some mistakes he made in his past, but we were comfortable with that. All the research we had done, we were very comfortable with his character. The decision was made by the entire organization, including Steve Ross our owner, and we are very comfortable with Laremy the player and the person,” Tannenbaum said.

Eventually, Dolphins fans may feel great about Tunsil. But for now, they’re not getting to hear from him.

57 responses to “Dolphins cancel Laremy Tunsil’s media appearance, citing allergic reaction

  1. He’s having an allergic reaction to bad publicity. Who wouldn’t in his shoes?

  2. Yeah – an allergy to questions about Instagram, weed, stepfathers, or improper payments from Ole Miss…

  3. I’m a very skeptical person in general, I think trash is trash no matter what but I actually buy Tunsil’s act – the redemption part. I think he’s going to go out and quickly become a dominant LT in the league and all this stuff will quickly be in his rearview mirror. I pretty much never buy the “I’m sorry” act but for some reason it wasn’t the words, it was the look on his face, I just for once believe him. I shall be interested to see if for the first time in my life I’m wrong about someone.

  4. “… but Tannenbaum said the Cubs feel good about Tunsil.”

    How hilarious would it be if that wasn’t a typo… maybe tannenbaum is planning his next gig

  5. I could careless if he smoked some of the funny stuff awhile ago, and who would fault him for getting money for his rent and to pay his mother’s utility bill. A bunch of frigid old woman are running these teams.

  6. He has a severe allergy to pollen. Sometimes it gets so bad that he has to wear a gas mask.

  7. “Whatever you do up there, Laramie, don’t do or say anything dumb…………… you know what?…….. maybe it’s better if you don’t do or say anything at all……”.

  8. Not sure I’ve ever seen such a wicked case of a kid’s stock starting to fall on draft night and then just keep falling. He is a good, potentially great talent at a position of high demand in today’s NFL but his pro career is off to about as bad a start as it could be.

  9. bwahahahahaha… Dolphins trying to keep their “vetted” 1st round pick from making a complete joke of himself not even 24 hours into his career. fins being their typical loser self.

  10. he was out clubbing all night to celebrate and couldnt even get out of bed probably…

  11. The Dolphins can’t resist. They honestly believe there is a better predictor of the future than the past (it’s called “what we hope will happen”). Like signing Incognito. Within a couple months the drunken buffoon was mauling a cart girl at a team charity golf tournament and within a year or so, dragged the team through all kinds of garbage.
    Pay Suh a king’s ransom. Doesn’t show up for any discretionary work. (anyone shocked?)
    Draft this kid in the first round.
    Understand, by almost every mock draft/rater, this tackle was rated as the number one player coming out. Twelve teams passed on him.

  12. I think Tunsil is genuine and obviously overwhelmed with the emotion of last night and the coverage the media has had on this. I applaud the Dolphins for cancelling it to give him some time.

  13. Remember the outrage that Robert Nkemdiche would dare to say that Tunsil was present at the party when he fell out of the window?

  14. Cleary someone had it out for Tunsil and did their very best to ruin him on draft night.

    Its not like he is first to take any financial help or smoke weeed in college. If NCAA looked into the money issue in all their sports especially football it would not exist. All of those top recruits are getting greased and the schools cash in thanks to them. I don’t know why we pretend is is not taking place.

  15. even as a bills fan, i feel bad for tunsil. seems like he got the shaft and the media chose him as this year’s rookie-to-ruin. #justicefortunsil #gasmasksarebetterthanbeatingwomen

  16. Allergic reaction. C’mon. Just say he isn’t taking questions right now. If it is an ailment my guess would be stress related. That was a heck of an emotional roller coaster he rode last night.

  17. If the worse thing he does in life is smoke some bud and accept payment for his skill as a football player, he’ll be alright.

  18. I love everybody that is crucifying this college kid for smoking weed and 300 dollars from his coach to pay his mothers electric bill 2 years ago ? Get over it people.

  19. Character issues because he smoked pot?

    Bet 90% of the people writing about his “character issues” also voted in favor of legalizing pot.

    BTW – the kid did “own it”, admitted he made a mistake and is moving on. Its the 7×24 news media and the Internet that can’t leave it be.

  20. mikermiker says:
    Apr 29, 2016 3:49 PM

    Still not as bad as Brady making a mockery of the game.

    You mean Goodell & the rest of the Jets infested NFL office who were clueless regarding the Ideal Gas Law don’t you?

  21. funny that they say a kid who smokes pot has character issues but a bunch of grown as men lying so a kid doesn’t have to get asked a bunch of nonsense questions by other grown ups is…. what again?

  22. He needs to get a place near the Davie facility, no extra friends around, just stay out of any trouble, hit the playbook ,lift and have good meals. Go hook up with a few charter boats and spend your free time fishing…Mahi is about to be abundant.

  23. Zuspetals: Tom Brady gets a negative comment on every article by mikermike. No matter what the topic, he doesn’t understand physics proves there was no tamperig , so to make up for being clueless , he comments on Tom. Pretty sad.

  24. vikingdoode says:

    Sure glad he is in Miami. The drama with him can stay as well!


    Really? You’re a Viking fan, right? With your team’s porous offensive line, you should pray that you get an o-lineman as good as Tunsil someday.

  25. Keeping the kid from speaking in public and then coming up with a flimsy PR-driven excuse about “allergies” just makes the situation worse. This will all blow over, but wow, what a disaster PR wise.

  26. vikingdoode says:
    Apr 29, 2016 4:35 PM

    Sure glad he is in Miami. The drama with him can stay as well!

    Says the guy rooting for a child beater!

  27. You people jump to conclusions when all he had was a bad reaction to some “special brownies”

  28. The rubber in those gas masks can be an irritating allergen. I understand medical marijuana, however, neutralizes the reaction, but, then you have the mask back on, and so on…he’s a victim of a vicious cycle. Poor guy.

  29. mikermiker says:
    Apr 29, 2016 3:49 PM

    Still not as bad as Brady making a mockery of the game.

    While Goodell is making a mockery of your “intelligence”.

  30. What a clown show the once proud Dolphin franchise has turned into.

    This is expected when you hire someone like Tannenbaum. Shame on you Ross.

  31. Who cares about smoking week years ago. He passed every test at Ol Miss and for the Combine. He served a Suspension for taking Gifts against NCAA rules… We know all this and when this blows over the Dolphins got Top Talent at #13. I love it ! Get off your soap boxes because at least 3 teams tried to trade up to get him once he was sliding. Carve him up, but you are in denial or know nothing about the position because he is the best LT in recent Drafts.

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