Eagles coach: Bradford still “our guy,” but haven’t spoken to him

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson insists that Sam Bradford is “our guy,” and as soon as he actually talks to his expensive free agent quarterback, he’ll tell him that.

Of course, he hasn’t spoken with Bradford since they traded for the No. 2 overall pick so they could grab Carson Wentz, and Bradford demanded a trade and said he wouldn’t be coming back to work in Philadelphia, so that’s kind of complicating things.

“Well, right now we’re still in April, we’re beginning phases of our OTAs coming up in May,” Pederson said in an interview with NBC 10, via CSNPhilly.com. “I’ve said all along Sam’s our guy, he’s my guy, and he’s a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, and it’s just unfortunate where we are right now.

“But the thing is once he’s here, he’s our guy. Because it’s a voluntary offseason program there’s not a whole lot we can do. But at the same time we just know we want him to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles this year.”

Bradford lost a bit of the leverage he had last night when the Broncos traded up for quarterback Paxton Lynch, limiting the amount of potential places he could be traded by at least one if not two (since the 49ers appear stuck with Colin Kaepernick as a result, making Chip Kelly bringing Bradford in a second time less likely).

The next step is monitoring the damage control in Philadelphia. ESPN’s Twitter-less Sal Paolantonio said during the broadcast last night that Bradford wasn’t taking Pederson’s calls, which Pederson sort-of confirmed by saying he hadn’t talked to Bradford since the trade demand.

“I have not,” Pederson said. “Not right now. I had a chance to sit down with him just and visit with him 1-on-1 prior to our minicamp a week ago. Other than that, I haven’t had a chance to visit with him.”

If Bradford gets his way, he might not. But unless someone unexpectedly emerges as a suitor for an expensive quarterback with a 25-37-1 career record and no postseason experience, Bradford may be stuck holding a place for Wentz whether he likes it or not.

21 responses to “Eagles coach: Bradford still “our guy,” but haven’t spoken to him

  1. lol

    Sam has nowhere to go. And no team would give up anything for him. Let alone pay him that ludicrous contract.

    There is a reason he resigned with the Eagles for a 2 year deal. He just didn’t read the writing on the wall that he is a stopgap, and not the future. That isn’t the Eagles fault that youre not too bright.

  2. Unless Bradford has his head in the sand (I suspect it lies elsewhere), this has been the message all year. The Eagles plan on Starting Bradford and red shirting Wentz.

    Bradford’s best action is to perform well this season to prove his worth to both Philadelphia organization and prospective teams.

  3. Philly has too many QB’s, and NYJets have no QB or cap space. Philly needs to offer Bradford & #79 tonight to the Jets for M. Wilkerson. Both teams benefit, Jets get their QB for the next 2 years and Philly doesn’t have a toxic locker room.

  4. he just diminished his career , from this point on he’ll be just a backup. i’d put him on the ‘did not report list’.
    if he comes in and is disruptive then you send him home using the ‘conduct detrimental to the team’ clause in the contract . that’s why they brought daniels in .
    go get ’em carson !

  5. Man up and Grow a PAIR !! you are getting PAID a lot of $$$$ that many think you don’t deserve or have not earned. You have played with the houses money your whole career it’s time to earn some and maybe get some dignity also

  6. Bradford has absolutely ZERO leverage until another team expresses interest now, post-draft.

  7. Condon, unless he’s a fool, would not demand a trade unless he already had a team interested in Sam and his ridiculous contract. Denver? The Broncos say they wanted Sammie to take a lower contract. Really? Diva Sammie would take less to be THE GUY? The Jets? Nope. Bills? Nope. Denver selects their new guy in Lynch. Who is left? The Chipster is stuck with a guy who wants out and the GM wants gone. They traded their second pick. Bradford says he doesn’t want to play for Chipster. What a fool. But the Niners GM is as big a fool as Sam. Eagles’ Fletcher Cox hasn’t signed. Eagles take Buckner for Bradford?

  8. Has Bradford and his agent thought about the long-term impact of all their whining? There’s not a single team in the league who thinks “Sam Bradford: Our QB for the next 10 years.” The market for him all but disappears if he’s going to freak out every time somebody is brought in to compete with him.

  9. I think Bradford has a point – The Eagle used the #1 pick for a QB. Had they used that on a receiver, running back, ect.. That could have had a positive impact on Bradford’s play, and his future value.

    By drafting a QB in the 1st, they have told him “We are building a team for him, not you.” That mean he will have to play in ways that may not play to his strengths, lowering his future value.

    A QB who feels slighted has leverage every time he steps on the field. He’s going to change the calls on the field and run things he wants to.

    They should trade or cut him. It will only get worse.

  10. If I were the Jets, I’d be mildly interested in him. He’s better and younger than Fitzpatrick. I would give up a 3rd round pick for him, if the contract was reworked to add extra voidable years. Other wise I’d give up a 4th to have him for 2 years.

  11. Don’t care much one way or the other but at least be honest about it….

    you trade up to the 2nd overall pick to get a QB but actually try to claim that the current QB is “our guy”???

    c’mon man

  12. trade bradford and our 3rd rounder for mo wilkerson?? that’s asinine. i like wilkerson, but that makes no sense for the eagles. #1 it forces wentz to have to play as a rookie which is the last thing they should do. #2 it keeps the eagles from picking again until round 4 and not being able to add a player to a position of need…pass rush is a need but not at the top of the list. #3 it drains more money from the team because they would have to give him a contract with probably $50mil in guarantees and h’es coming back from a broken leg. what the eagles should do is trade chase daniel for a late 3rd – early 4th or for a couple later picks.

  13. Sam and his agent should be mad at Chip for bringing him there and then not taking him to San Fran.

    In fact, was Sam mad about being traded for Nick Foles?

  14. Pedersen can’t get ahold of Bradford because the QB is too busy sulking, holding his breath, and stomping his foot. My 3 year old would be proud of Sam’s temper tantrum.

  15. What is up with mediocre overpaid QB throwing fits because they don’t get their way. Kaep demands trade what part of getting beat out by Gabbert don’t you get. The Fitz refuses to sign. Hello?!? Noodle arm 3 int must win game? Bradford demands trade. How about a winning 16 game season just once. At least Fitz and Kaep pulled that off before.

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