Jerry Jones: We tried to make a move for Paxton Lynch

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Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones acknowledged after the first round of the NFL draft that he was disappointed about a player who got away: Quarterback Paxton Lynch.

Jones said that after taking running back Ezekiel Elliott with their first-round pick the Cowboys were trying to trade back into the first round to acquire Lynch, who ultimately went to the Broncos.

“We were working real hard to get up there for the quarterback – Paxton Lynch,” Jones said.

Jones said just when he thought he had a deal in place to get Lynch, the Broncos jumped in and made a deal with the Seahawks that allowed them to take Lynch 26th overall.

“Frankly, give Denver credit,” Jones said. “I thought we had it done. It was that close.”

Jones said the Cowboys’ staff loves Lynch and thinks he has the potential to develop into a franchise quarterback. The Cowboys were hoping he’d develop behind Tony Romo.

“He’s a top prospect – got probably the highest upside in the draft,” Jerry Jones said. “Congratulations to Denver.”

27 responses to “Jerry Jones: We tried to make a move for Paxton Lynch

  1. Had the Cowboys taken that gift of a trade the Ravens offered them to swap picks 4 and 6… The cowboys would’ve had 1 or 2 extra picks to go get Paxton…

    Cowboys are so stupid.

  2. Of course he has the highest upside – Jerry said so. The same guy who said Brandon Weeden was the most gifted passer.

    He saw the actual top QB prospect go to a division rival. His QB is 36 with a bad back and collarbone. He wanted Wentz and everyone knows it. Hell draft Cardale Jones and call him a special player who will lead their franchise.

  3. If ya wanted him, ya shoulda just picked him. You had a running back 2 years ago and let him walk. If it was all about the money, what makes you think the same won’t happen with Elliot a few years from now?

  4. Cowboys are idiots.

    Wasted the #4 overall pick on a RB and then lost out on the QB they needed.

    Should have taken the QB first and worried about RB later.

  5. “He’s a top prospect – got probably the highest upside in the draft,” Jerry Jones said. “Congratulations to Denver.”

    Then why didn’t you take him, Jerrah?

  6. Way to go, now when you do get your QB you’ve already told him he wasn’t the one you wanted….smart Jerry smart.

  7. .
    Jerry Jones, John Mara, Arthur Blank, Steve Bisciotti, Jimmy Irsay, Art Rooney, Steve Ross, Bob McClain and Woody Johnson all had a great night. They proved that a small band of owners can hijack the league rules and use them to conceal their own ineptitude at running a franchise.

    Jerry doesn’t like it when people compare the vaunted Dallas Cowboys (America’s Crappiest Team) team to the Patriots. Dallas fans rightfully ask, ” if the Patriots are in the hunt every year, why are we never in the hunt? Why do we have the fourth pick in the draft if Jerry is a self proclaimed football savant? ”

  8. I was feeling really good about Lynch coming here to Denver…until I saw how highly Jerruh thinks of him…now I’m not so sure.

  9. Wasted pick at #4. Darren McFadden ran for 1K yards behind that line. You brought in Alfred Morris so both will run for over 1K this year. WHY draft a RB in 1st rd???? You can get a RB to run for 1K yrds in rd 2, 3, or 4.

    Ideal scenario was to trade back get extra picks for that horrible Defense and take Lynch with teams pick you aquire in 1st rd.

    No trade possible, TAKE RAMSEY

    You screwed up Jerry!

  10. Paxton performed poorly against Auburn, Connor Cook performed poorly against Bama. But Bama had a superior defense so why is Paxton getting a pass for his poor bowl performance but not Cook?

  11. He’s a project and with that long telegraph delivery defenses will get plenty of INTs.

    Dallas fans will be happy they didn’t get him as they watch him struggle in Denver.

  12. The Rump Riders needed a QB first, not a running back. In usual RR follie, they draft for a non-need and then claim to have wanted to fix a real need.

    Sadly the running back they picked is going to be a fragile one. He isn’t used to being hit. And he will.

  13. The Ravens would have taken Elliot if Dallas didn’t, and once you start trying to move up, wheel and deal to get a particular player, the whole NFL knows, so Jerry hasn’t tipped hand. Give the man a break!

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