Myles Jack may have made things worse for himself by talking

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NFL teams knew Myles Jack’s knee was an issue, after poking at it thoroughly at the Scouting Combine and the subsequent medical re-check.

But it might have been something the talented-but-injured UCLA linebacker said about his condition that scared a number of teams away, as much as the condition itself.

After Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman took Louisiana Tech defensive tackle Vernon Butler with the 30th, he made the obligatory remark about Butler being the highest-rated player on their board.

He was then asked if Jack was even on his board.

“Oh, yeah,” Gettleman replied immediately.

When asked if he was surprised Jack was still available — since many thought would have been a top 10 pick if not for a knee injury that’s going to require more attention — Gettleman was frank.

“Not after what he said today,” Gettleman said. “Very frankly. The kid came out and said he is going to need a microfracture.”

The cartilage in Jack’s right knee was damaged in the practice accident that ended his final season, and teams already had concerns about when and to what degree he’d be back to his old form.

Jack admitted that the day before the draft began, and the admission could be a costly one. It’s not as if the teams with access to his medical records didn’t know there was some degree of problem, but Gettleman’s reaction indicated that talking about it raised the red flag a few feet up the pole.

As someone in the truth-telling business, it’s not a happy thought to consider, but it’s worth wondering whether Jack would be on a team right now if he had just kept his diagnosis to himself.

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  1. He may kick himself, but he sounds like he has personal integrity unlike some that DID get drafted. In five years maybe he’ll still be playing while others who lack integrity fall by the wayside, victims of their inability to make good choices… like Mr. Football.

  2. Between Tunsil and Jack, where are the agents????

    Tell these kids to shut the hell up!

  3. Seems like a good kid, didn’t want to start his NFL career lying to his team so he told them the truth. Hope he recovers, although microfracture is 50/50.

  4. I’m just glad the giants didn’t take him. After the last time we took a risk on an injured player, it was that defensive end Austin from North Carolina I think 3 or 4 years ago and I don’t believe he played a down for us.

  5. If he floated this so he could get drafted by a better team what irony it would be to see him go early in Round 2 and not to Dallas.

  6. It’s actually refreshing to see this kid be honest, in the long run it will payoff in Spades…you can’t buy Karma, but this kid is filling up his bag with it.

  7. “…It’s not as if the teams with access to his medical records didn’t know there was some degree of problem…”

    Panthers had access to that information and did not want him. I doubt it had anything to do with Jack admitting to it out loud. Gettleman was grabbing at an answer to a question he was asked.

    If anything, kudos to Jack for the honesty.

  8. And people wonder why these players seek to maximize their $$…it’s a business folks…and that cuts both ways…3 years from now these idiot GMs will be justifying why they didn’t take him as he lights it up against their team…I would be trading up to pick him today…he is worth the risk

  9. Damned if you do tell the truth, damned if you don’t. I hope the knee heals and he can play this season.

    Microfracture surgery is a crapshoot, ask the NBA players.

  10. So what Jack said, not the medical files teams had access to, made them shy away? Why not hire him as team physician then?
    The teams already knew what he said – probably in more depth than he knows.

  11. If he is a star for 3 years and retires that’s better than most players ever achieve. For a team with a short Superbowl horizon he’d be a perfect fit.

    Best of luck to you kid.

  12. When did Jack become an MD? So he knows more than the team Docs that already evaluated him? Teams already knew this was a possibility, this is not new information. I hope he gets picked soon and has a great career.

  13. He will probably get drafted tonight. In spite of his knee issues, the kid is an incredible talent.

  14. Sounds like a great kid and an honest one. Wish him nothing but the best. Whoever gets him is going to get one motivated kid with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove.

  15. For all of you people saying these teams had access to his medical files and “should have known”, answer me this – would his medical files include how Jack says his knee feels AFTER an intense workout? Would his medical files include information about how close to normal his knee feels? NO! Neither Jack nor his agent would have allowed that information to be released to teams via the combine or in subsequent visits. Team medical staffs can examine and put Jack through drills, but unless he told them exactly how the knee felt afterwards, or some other subjective information, NO ONE but Jack and his personal medical staff would vace/could have or should have KNOWN that his knee did NOT FEEL 100% and might need microfracture surgery.

  16. Well if the kid said it that means some Dr somewhere told him that at some point…..sometimes it best to keep a low profile and not accept every interview you are asked to do….this is clearly on the agent, cant fault a 21 yr old kid for saying something that’s true to the media…..hope this kid gets picked and has a long career just because he comes across as a good honest kid….good luck son….rooting for you

  17. He is a good man and an amazing athlete. It’s not a shame what he said. It’s a shame anyone cares.

    With any luck he’ll end up on a good team willing to rehab him and his ceiling will be Thomas Davis like or higher.

    His medicals alone were enough to push him out of the 1st round

  18. worth the risk in round two, hope he falls to the bottom and the Packers pick him up, either way if the draft produces solid players at DT and MLB GB right back in it for another championship

  19. .
    The Patriots drafted Dominique Easley in the first round a few years ago. Like Jack, he had medical issues. When he was constantly on IR, the Patriots cut him. Belichick has come under heavy criticism for ” wasting ” a first round choice. Other GMs without the gravitas of Belichick, don’t want the backlash should a career threatening injury occur.

  20. Best of luck to an honest athlete! How refreshing is this story? I would love to see my Vikings take a chance on him! I said this before this story came out and I’m sticking to it…. makes me like him that much more.

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