PFT’s second-round mock draft

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A second-round mock draft. Because everybody has one.

The draft resumes Friday at 7 p.m. ET. The Browns currently hold the first pick of the second round, at No. 32 overall, but we project a trade. We project a few trades, actually.

These are just projections, and they’re open to scorn, questions and possibly even praise. Stranger things have happened, right? Here goes…

32. Jaguars* (projected trade): Myles Jack, LB, UCLA

33. Titans: Andrew Billings, NT, Baylor

34. Cowboys: Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

35. Chargers: Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

36. Bills* (projected trade): Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State

37. Chiefs: Mackensie Alexander, CB, Clemson

38. Browns* (projected trade): Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State

39. Buccaneers: Emmanuel Ogbah, DE, Oklahoma State

40. Giants: Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana

41: Bears: Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama

42. Dolphins: Xavien Howard, CB, Baylor

43. Titans: Michael Thomas, WR, Ohio State

44. Raiders: Reggie Ragland, LB, Alabama

45. Titans: Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

46. Lions: A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama

47. Saints: Jonathan Bullard, DT, Florida

48. Colts: Kamalei Correa, OLB/DE, Boise State

49. Ravens* (projected trade): Noah Spence, OLB, Eastern Kentucky

50. Falcons: Chris Jones, DT, Mississippi State

51. Jets: Le’Raven Clark, OT, Texas Tech

52. Texans: Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas State

53. Redskins: Austin Johnson, DT, Penn State

54: Vikings: Nick Martin, OL, Notre Dame

55: Bengals: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pitt

56. Seahawks: Su’a Cravens, LB, USC

57. Cowboys* (projected trade): Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State

58. Steelers: Darian Thompson, S, Boise State

59. Chiefs: Caleb Benenoch, OL, UCLA

60. Patriots: Joshua Perry, LB, Ohio State

61. Patriots: Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech

62. Panthers: Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

63. Broncos: Kentrell Brothers, LB, Missouri

58 responses to “PFT’s second-round mock draft

  1. After the last MLB the Raiders drafted I’d be surprised if they try that again. My guess is that they go with a corner because its a more pressing need

  2. So the Green Bay Packers gave up a pick or did I miss them? They were suppose to pick 57th?

  3. Browns trade, but to judge if I like it, what do you propose they received in return for dropping back?

  4. “coreycroom says:
    Apr 29, 2016 1:08 PM
    NE will not take 2 RB back to back. Mock drafts are hard though.”

    He has them taking an LB then RB. Carolina is taking Henry after Dixon. Reading is hard though. 😛

  5. If, and of course that is a big if, this mock draft panned out exactly as you have, I cant see any chance the Patriots would pass on CB Sean Smith from MD. He would be this years version of Jamie Collins in the sense that he was a little under the radar (Collins to a greater degree), they were worked out personally by Belichick, etc.

    As a Patriots fan, my personal opinion, if the Pats were able to get Smith and Derrick Henry (even though you don’t have Henry to the Pats, he is available at that point) would be a huge night for the Patriots. Just my worthless opinion

  6. There is no way the Seahawks take Hackenberg. They are set at QB for another year or two with Wilson as a bridge for a young guy. Cook I could see as the replacement in 2018 maybe, but not Hackerburg. Dumb.

  7. Cheesestradamus says:
    Apr 29, 2016 1:10 PM

    So the Green Bay Packers gave up a pick or did I miss them? They were suppose to pick 57th?

    Says 57: Cowboys (projected trade). In other words, the Packers traded their pick to Dallas in this mock draft

  8. If you could read you would see that they are projecting that the packers trade out the second round. They haven’t done anything official.

  9. Nice mock! I don’t say this to be in any way critical, but I think the one thing that can be counted on (as last night showed) is that the round won’t unfold with so many consensus “best remaining” players going so neatly in a row. There will surely be some surprises and/or head-scratchers (though how would anyone ever predict those, right?)

  10. So the Green Bay Packers gave up a pick or did I miss them? They were suppose to pick 57th?

    In this mock they traded it to Dallas, i’ll pretend it was for the Dallas Round 3 (67) and Dallas Round 4 (101), that is ballpark what most trade charts would value it.

  11. It was great how most mock drafts were all over the place after Wentz. Typically the first 5-10 picks are easy to predict. Unpredictability is amazing.

  12. He has the Seahawks taking a linebacker, not a QB. And they kinda like RW3, so the idea he would be a bridge to anyone is like saying Superman is just a placeholder until they can draft Batgirl.

  13. Love the idea of the Bears going with a 5-Tech to counterbalance the Floyd speed pick. Don’t love them taking Reed over A’Shawn. A’Shawn is bigger than Reed, has way more upside and IIRC is at least a year younger. If the Bears settled on Reed and then the Lions got A’Shawn as this mock has it, I would be pretty unhappy.

    And in reality, Chris Jones may be better than either of the Bama guys.

  14. Liking what Cleveland has done so far. When’s the last time someone said that?

    Jacksonville, with Fowler coming back, also looks like a team on the rise.

    What the heck is going on?

  15. Please not Hackenburg to the Cowboys. It’s so hard for me to learn to hate players I cheered for in college (see Sean Lee). But I will if I have to.

  16. I really don’t see the Titans taking a NT this early (#33). With LeBeau as Def Coord, I see them more in line taking Von Bell or Su’a Cravens at that spot.

  17. Not feeling JPerry for the Pats, but it doesn’t matter. they’re gonna trade that pick. They have too much of a gap between the 3rd and 6th rnds, and no 4th next yr, because of Goodell’s bad dream.

  18. Good work. Anybody saying otherwise thinks they know something. They don’t. In fact a good chance they know very little about football other than a touchdown = ????

  19. No mock draft that I saw was accurate with the first round other then Goff and Wentz. Yeah, maybe a guy was right here or there, but a vast majority were just horribly wrong. Just stop with the mock drafts

  20. You really think Belichick will take back to back RB’s in round 2?????? Have you been hanging out with Laremy Tunsil and his gas-mask bong lately?

  21. This “trades in mock drafts” is fun stuff.

    In fact, I think I’ll project that my team has traded so as to get picks 32 – 45. Now, that makes for a lot of great selections.

  22. NoobTubeTV says:
    Apr 29, 2016 1:33 PM
    If the Browns passed up 32 and let the Jags get both Ramsey AND Jack… I’d die a little inside.

    I think this has a chance, also the rumors of the Cowboys trying to get Spence at 32. I like Jack, but I don’t think the Browns would touch Jack or Smith because of Ekpre Olomu.

  23. Projecting trades? I don’t know about that approach. I think the second round offers some quality and value. The well hasn’t run dry yet. A lot of talent comes from the 2nd and 3rd rounds. After that, it is development players and luck.

  24. Green Bay hasn’t had a consistent hammer at ILB since John Anderson in the early 80s. We currently have (cough) Barrington recovering from injury and that kid from Sixteen Candles. We passed on Ragland because our NT dilemma is the only thing worse than our ILB problem, and you predict we’ll trade out of the first in the midst of 4 ILBs going in the last 8 picks of the round. Echo that other poster who asked you about your bong and gas mask.

  25. I know Patriots and Panthers do sort of look the same, but seriously people…

    And even if they did have the Pats taking back to back RB, which they don’t, don’t forget a few years ago when they took Ridley and Vereen with back to back picks (not consecutive like this, but it was their 2nd round and 3rd round picks)

  26. If Ragland is still there I don’t see Miami not taking him there, would be their second steal of the draft.

  27. I’d rather see the bills trade up for myles jack. They need lbs and jack would also bring the energy the d lacked last season.

  28. If Buffalo trades up to select Connor Cook the only thing preventing me from slashing Whaley’s tires will be the fact someone who lives in Buffalo will have gotten there first.

  29. Ugh, keep pushing the “Bills are going to reach for a QB” agenda I guess. If they trade up, it’s for Reggie Ragland. Again, I’m just beating my drum to the exact opposite of the narrative clueless people do, Buffalo lost more games because they couldn’t stop the run, or the short passes. How drafting a QB fixes any of that is beyond me, but I’m just your run-of-the-mill Arm chair GM. They got their defensive cornerstone in Lawson, now get the brains of that defense in Ragland. That aortic valve is as much of a worry for this kid as he is falling of the Empire State Building in the middle of March in 2092. I’d also be fine with them shoring up the depth on the back-end. They are thin at safety, but they won’t be trading up for that position. However, Connor Cook is going to be the best QB in this draft. His flaws are correctable in the NFL, unless he goes to Clevland.

  30. This isn’t bad, but Dallas should offer Leary and McFadden to Miami for another 2d rounder – they need another new high-quality talent on defense.

  31. .
    If there’s a player the Patriots are in love with, they can package their late #2 & late #3 to move into the middle of the second round where Pats friendly and pick hungry Tennessee, Detroit, and Atlanta sit.

    More likely is that they trade out of #60 to try to obtain a pick in rounds 4 and 5 which are now barren rounds. They still have five picks in the 6th round and two in the 7th as bargaining chips.

  32. Hope Elway trades up again to get Ragland or Malik’s replacement Chris Jones. Denver started this draft with 10 picks they now have 8. Hard to see 9 rookies making a roster this loaded.

  33. Redskins!!! If Derrick Henry is available when you pick and we don’t take him-I’m going to lose it! 6’3 250 monster in our explosive offense is what we need. Please Scott take this kid!

  34. Highly doubt GB will trade in round 2. They’re close to the big prize and need a few very good players, not a bunch of projects.

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