“Unhappy” Nick Saban in green room last night


The man who once said he wasn’t going to be the Alabama coach perhaps wished for a little while last night that he wasn’t the Alabama coach.

Nick Saban, who attended the draft at the invitation of the league, waited multiple hours as only one of his former players was picked. As one source who was present in the green room told PFT, Saban looked “unhappy” with the situation.

In his defense, Saban pretty much always looks “unhappy,” with his excellence coming in large part from the extent to which so he’s driven to achieve it that he rarely (if ever) enjoys it. (There’s a compliment in there somewhere.)

Excellence wasn’t achieved on Thursday night, with as many as five Alabama players expected to go in round one but ultimately only one making the cut. The one who was picked, center Ryan Kelly, didn’t attend the draft. Three players (linebacker Reggie Ragland, defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson, and defensive lineman Jarran Reed) sat through all 31 picks.

While it means nothing to Alabama’s on-field performance, it’s easier to recruit when the pipeline to the NFL is clear and full. This year, it’s not — and Saban got the privilege of witnessing it last night.

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  1. Making him sound selfish – “its not good for recruiting blah, blah, blah.” Maybe he genuinely cares about his players and was nervous for them as the clock ticked and they weren’t called.

    Such a negative story. I’m not even a Bama fan.
    Go Huskers.

  2. Can’t blame him. Wants guys to get drafted and helps him recruit. Too bad he does not make NFL talent. Teams have been burned. They seem to like Urbs players are little better and seem more ready for the league. Would love to see a comparison between Urbs and Saban as to players performance in the NFL.

  3. May have to do with the fact that his best recruiter on staff just got popped by an NCAA investigation into paying his players.

  4. He’s a strange dude, but I don’t doubt he genuinely wants the kids he works with to do well.

  5. He’s pissed because he wants his money back from these guys, and falling out of the first round means he won’t get reimbursed for his “expenses.”

    But hey, it could be worse (Tunsil). It’s not like a guy took a video of himself getting high in the most spectacular way possible, then telling the world that he got paid to play.

    Now THAT is how you burn down the bridge on your way out of town. Well played, sir. Well played.

    Btw., is anyone still not clear on how Ole Miss is suddenly a recruiting powerhouse?

  6. A (former) coach of these players has no business being at the draft, It’s not about him, it’s about the players. Nothing good can come out of a coach being there, zero reason to be there.

  7. I’m far from being a Saban fan but this isn’t news. And the pipeline to the NFL is still in great shape from his program. Robinson, Ragland and Reed will all go tonight. OSU won the evening last night but I expect Alabama to ring it up pretty good tonight.

  8. Too bad he does not make NFL talent.


    You serious?

    Donta Hightower, Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, CJ Mosley, Amari Cooper, Marcel Darius, DJ Fluker, Eddie Lacy, Chance Warmack, Andre Smith,

  9. Ragland, Reed, Robinson and Derrick Henry are all pro-ready, Day One starters who are still available in the 2nd round. There are enough GMs who recognizes value that I see all of those guys going off the board early tonight and possibly all within a few picks of each other.

  10. This really does speak to his over inflated ego. Yes, he is a great coach, but I suspect he is motivated by what people think of him rather than what’s good for his team.

    How do you think those players feel? Traveling to the draft and having to wait in the green room with all those cameras on them has got to be a lot of pressure. Him being “unhappy” is just another thing his ex players have to feel bad about and to be embarrassed about.

    This friggin’ guy.

  11. What a miserable sour excuse of a human being. Only one other as bad and that would be Tebow’s dad, Urban.

  12. norcal031 says:
    Apr 29, 2016 12:40 PM

    Can’t blame him. Wants guys to get drafted and helps him recruit. Too bad he does not make NFL talent. Teams have been burned. They seem to like Urbs players are little better and seem more ready for the league. Would love to see a comparison between Urbs and Saban as to players performance in the NFL.

    Aren’t most of those Florida guys criminals?

  13. Today he’ll hold a press conference whining about how it’s unfair that his kids don’t get drafted higher than everyone else. Maybe he’s just mad Ole Miss apparently pays their players more.

  14. Roll Tide Coach….have a little Debbie and relax the boys will be off the board by 8:45 this evening.

  15. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Apr 29, 2016 12:44 PM

    Sounds like Mississippi pays more. I guess ‘bama needs to pony up more perks for these poor college kids


    Start paying these kids legitimately and this problem goes away. No excuse and don’t give me the scholarship BS. What about head trauma issues that the NFL is now being grilled for? The biggest argument against the players is that’s why they get paid so much. An argument that is very persuasive I may add. Can’t really use that argument with college ball now can we? Is college football less of a hazard? Do they tackle/hit less?

  16. Because every one of his players that gets drafted reminds him that they’re going where he couldn’t make it.

  17. unbiasednfltruth says:
    Apr 29, 2016 12:35 PM
    Does anyone else creep out on the way he stares at you into the camera when he talks? I swear dude is checking me out in my draws.


    Hahaha! I’ve often wondered why he does that!

  18. Don’t worry Saban, all those high level recruits that Ole Miss was paying are going to be answering your calls once the NCAA hits them with sanctions.

  19. Another sign of the downfall of ESPN. Their “pet Conference” accused on it own broadcast of cheating and only 1 Bama guy selected. Now reading that the Big Ten is looking to sell half of their football schedule to FOX. Yeah FOX won’t be as easy to find, but as bad as ESPN sucks up to the SEC, somebody needs to stick it to them.

  20. Colleges exist to prepare people to enter a specific profession. The system run by Alabama football does not prepare players to be NFL-quality talent. It prepares them to win college championships.

    If college coaches want their players to be prepared for the NFL, then they should implement a system that lends itself to developing players to have the skills that NFL teams are looking for.

  21. Saban was glum , urban was all smiles, great recruiting selling point for the bucks!!!!

  22. ” Would love to see a comparison between Urbs and Saban as to players performance in the NFL.”

    Most of the Urban Meyers’ players were suspended, were locker room cancers, or are in prison. It’s ok, his “prayer meetings” forgave all their murderous, thieving, stealing, drug dealing, and beating. Just produce on the field. That’s all that matters.

  23. Make College football prep NFL program with the NFL floating the bill.

    AND RELEASE THE PSI measurements from the 2015’s spot-check-football system.

    WE know the data is in the hands of the League.

    But they DO NOT want us to know what the data tells

  24. I don’t blame some teams from shying away from Bama players.

    Sure, some of them pan out. But for the number of highly ranked recruits Saban gets, he doesn’t develop very many of them into productive NFL players. That’s just a fact.

  25. Saban’s players are physically destroyed by the time they get to the NFL. And now the NFL is catching on.

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