Browns well suited for the 2017 NFL draft

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It’s way too early to start thinking about which players are available in next year’s NFL draft. But it’s not too late to declare that the Browns will be in good shape next year.

The Browns have two first-round picks and two second-round picks in the 2017 NFL draft, thanks to trades with the Eagles and Titans. Cleveland is also expected to get multiple compensatory picks next year, so the Browns should get a big haul of talent a year from now.

Despite trading away their second-round pick, the Titans are also in good shape for 2017, thanks to having the Rams’ first- and third-round picks. And the Vikings, who acquired the Dolphins’ third- and fourth-round picks, also have to like how the 2017 draft looks.

Here’s the full list of 2017 NFL draft picks that have already changed hands:

Round 1
Cleveland has Philadelphia’s pick.

Tennessee has L.A.’s pick.

Round 2
Cleveland has Tennessee’s pick.

Round 3
Tennessee has L.A.’s pick.

Minnesota has Miami’s pick.

Round 4
Chicago has Buffalo’s pick.

Minnesota has Miami’s pick.

Washington has the New York Jets’ pick.

New England has Seattle’s pick.

New England forfeited its pick as punishment for Deflategate.

Philadelphia will receive a fourth-round compensatory pick from Cleveland, unless Cleveland doesn’t get one, in which case Philadelphia will get Cleveland’s fifth-round pick.

Round 5
Buffalo has Dallas’s pick.

San Francisco has Washington’s pick.

Washington has New Orleans’ pick.

Round 6
Houston has Chicago’s pick.

San Francisco has Denver’s pick.

Washington has Houston’s pick.

Denver has Tennessee’s pick.

Kansas City forfeited its pick as punishment for tampering.

Round 7
Dallas has Buffalo’s pick.

Seattle has Carolina’s pick.

San Francisco has Cleveland’s pick.

Los Angeles has Tennessee’s pick.

Philadelphia has Denver’s pick.

Cleveland has Indianapolis’s pick.

41 responses to “Browns well suited for the 2017 NFL draft

  1. Browns are currently looking really stocked in the top 4 rounds next year, after being so already this year.

    Currently have Two 1’s, two 2’s, two 3’s, and a 4th. Due to losses in free agency they are projected to receive three fourth round compensatory picks (with 1 going to Philly). One of those picks may even be a 3rd rounder as its borderline on the NFL’s comp-value chart. So at worse likely to end up with three 4ths.

    At minimum Browns are looking at adding 9 more players in the top four rounds next year, barring any more moving around which they seem prone to do. Obviously picking the right players matters the most, but after adding 15 players this year (14 drafted and Taylor in trade with Mia) this is a good way of quickly overhauling a roster. We’ll see if they hit the picks.

  2. Both the Browns and the Eagles should win about 3 games each next year, so they might have the first two picks. Quantity means nothing without quality, so there is certainly no guarantee the Browns are going to take advantage of all their picks. They had a ton of picks this year, but only Carl Nassib sticks out as a good player. The others are non factors. I hope I’m wrong. I love the Browns’ franchise, I think Hue Jackson is a good coach, and I want to see Sashi Brown succeed. This draft had the best QB talent since 1983, maybe even better, and yet the Browns failed to land one. RG3? Give me a break. Better beef up the training and medical staff.

  3. I’m not sure what Derek Carrier’s time needed for the pick to kick in from Washington is, but if he hasn’t already reached it, he won’t and the Skins will keep their pick. They have Reed, Paul, Davis, Paulsen. Carrier isn’t making the team.

    If someone has a legit link I would like to know. The links I have found say it hasn’t been released.

  4. The Titans may only get a compensatory 3rd from LA, should Rams be awarded one that high off of losing Jenkins. Then LA gets to keep their original pick.

    Titans also have a sixth next year from Atlanta as part of last season’s Levitre deal.

  5. hopkinbj says:

    We’ll see if they hit the picks.


    let me end the suspense for you. they wont

  6. They hit it big on landing all those picks, I wasnt too impressed on how they drafted this year. We’ll see how their class plays out.

  7. jchipwood says:
    Apr 30, 2016 7:54 PM
    What a terrible job by the Eagles gm. I feel bad for Eagles fans.
    yeah because as a fan of the dolphins you should really be having pity for eagles fans.. at least they’ve had some playoff success recently. #zeroplayoffwinssince2000

  8. The Browns had 14 picks this year. Double the normal amount, and most of those were in the first 4 rounds. Add that to all the picks they have in ’17, and that roster will be completely turned over by the start of the ’17 season.

  9. You can have all the draft for the year but you still have a roster of 90 that gets to 53.

    The Browns, the ownership, the homeless man will still screw it and get a top pick and trade that and get a boat load of picks and screw it again.

    The wheels on bus go ….

  10. Tennessee receive the later of LA’s picks in the 3rd if they receive a likely compensatory pick in that round (from the Giants Jenkins signing). Depending on how well the Rams finish that could be a significant difference.

  11. Meanwhile it’s the Factory of Sadness again in 2016. The Eagles are so stupid and exactly why they’ve never won a Suoer Bowl.

  12. Slippin’ Jimmy still owns the Browns.
    They will still pick out the turds with uncanny success.

  13. Very good situation for all three of these teams to be in. Expecting next year’s draft to be significantly deeper than this year’s.

  14. I think the Browns helped themselves for the 2017 draft. But this year, all the moving back and adding later round picks is pretty pointless. I remember a few years back the Chiefs had about 13 picks in the draft, and half of them didn’t make the final roster. So instead of staying put and drafting best player available, they horded later round players that just got cut anyway while missing out on top talent earlier in the draft. Sure, if you roster is really that bad, you may as well roll the dice that all those draft picks will take the place of your current bad players, but I don’t think the Browns roster is really that bad. They just needed a quality coach to guide them, and they have that in Hue.

  15. The draft is still about odds and percentages…

    Top QB’s only hit at 50% or so…

    Having 9, 10 or 11 picks in a draft is much better than only have 6 or 7.

    A team has a better chance of finding 3 starters out of 11 picks than they do at finding 3 starters out of 6 or 7 picks.

    Look at what the Browns did with receivers in this draft. The Browns needed receivers.

    Had they only selected 2 wideouts and 1 of the 2 flamed out they would still need receivers.

    I doubt all 4 pan out but at least 2 of the 4 should pan out for them. Having so many extra picks enabled them to select 4 receivers and odds are that a couple of them are going to work out for them now.

  16. The Browns did a very nice job in navigating the draft, one of the best in fact. Their roster is depleted as they are doing a complete overall and rebuilding the culture….you don’t change a beaten down culture without major changes and bye in.

    They loaded up on WR and now a weakness could be a strength…..I am surprised they did not waive Gordon but I suspect they have the league office on speed dial.

    They added an influx of talent…….could they have done better? Wait 3 years………there is not one NFL Team that drafted that knows what they truly got.

    The Cowboys were awful past their 1rst pick, and Connor Cook must be, he pissed the league off, every team passed on him until the Raiders took the chance.

  17. Another good draft by Spielman and the Vikings. Filled remaining pre-draft needs and parlayed a low 3rd round pick into a 3rd and 4th in 2017 and still came away with 8 picks in this years draft.

    Cap is in great shape, young talent at every position and with 9 picks for 2017 I’d expect Spielman to turn those extra picks into two more 1st rounders after having taken 9 in the past 5 drafts.

  18. I don’t know about draft picks, but Denver has the Lombardi trophy. They will just have to make do.

  19. Alright browns not a fan but you need to take advantage of it. No more excuses. It probably won’t happen overnight but in 3 years there’s no reason you shouldn’t be a contender.

  20. Loved the Browns philosophy, hated the Browns picks. Time will tell. They should be able to build a nice stockpile for 2018 and maybe beyond as well if they take the same approach next year.

  21. This is the way to do it if you’re a team. If you can’t force players to come in FA you should rebuild the old fashioned way. The Browns will be terrible again next year and probably get the 1st overall pick. If there is an elite talent at QB they will be there to snatch him up. To be honest this is what several teams, including my Bills, should’ve done years ago. They actually don’t cheat you at the draft either with a lottery. The worst team has a chance to get what they think is the best player.

  22. Kudos to the Browns for what looks like an excellent job in the draft this year. And they looked poised again for next year.

    I say this will all respect, as a Ravens fan.

  23. Browns now playing Moneyball. They’ll get the Clemson QB next draft and will be on the ascent. Haslam going to jail will probably help.

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