Report: Ravens would have taken Laremy Tunsil, but for gas-mask video


A team that knows a thing or two about the problems that video can cause  reportedly decided that a video suddenly emerging before the draft was the deciding factor in choosing between a pair of tackles.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Ravens would have taken tackle Laremy Tunsil with the sixth overall pick, but for the video that surfaced of Tunsil smoking marijuana with a gas-mask-and-bong device.

The report isn’t that the Ravens may have or could have or might have picked Tunsil. The report is as clear as it can be. Without the video, the Ravens would have taken Tunsil. With the video, the Ravens took Ronnie Stanley instead.

Apart from the mild case of ESPN-on-ESPN crime that the report spawned, the disclosure could be entertaining for an entirely different reason. If/when the hacking of Tunsil’s account leads to criminal prosecution or civil litigation, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome may be the key witness to show the harm suffered by Tunsil, since sliding from No. 6 to No. 13 cost Tunsil plenty of money.

How many moneys? Last year, the No. 6 pick (Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams) received a four-year, $18.6 million deal. The No. 13 selection (Saints tackle Andrus Peat) signed a four-year, $11.4 million contract. That’s a $7.2 million difference for four years. Given that Tunsil fell past No. 10, the gap will be even bigger under the fifth-year option.

An article from the team’s official website details the team’s real-time reaction to the Tunsil video, but doesn’t plainly state that Tunsil would have been the pick but for one of the strangest pre-draft developments that ever has occurred.

31 responses to “Report: Ravens would have taken Laremy Tunsil, but for gas-mask video

  1. It’s understandable but they need to just say it. Other reports say they liked Stanley better.

    I like Stanley a lot and think he’ll have a longer high level career than Tunsil, whether due to health or off-field stuff. It’s clear though that Tunsil is a notch higher now.

    Either way happy they went OT with first pick since Ramsey was gone.

  2. First of all, these teams are supposed to have done all this “homework” on these players, so they should have known that he smokes weed.
    Second, it hilarious how frightened they get because a 20 year old college kid smoked weed.
    Yes, I know the Manziel and Josh Gordon are cautionary tales, but if this guy is a top 5 talent, they shouldn’t run the other way so fast.

  3. The money lost isn’t as much of an issue since he only went 7 spots later. All rookies whether the first overall pick or the 3rd round are proving themselves in those first 4 or 5 years to get the “big money” second contract. Point being… As long as Tunsil stops making poor choices and keeps his nose clean he will be fine. It’s all up to him.

  4. Nice Ravens….so you passed up on what you thought was a sure thing because a kid was smoking weed? Smoking something that will be legal country wide in 10 years…..yeah, good choice.

  5. So Dolphins traded with Eagles, picked up 2 guys that will at least see half plays on defense, and the best olineman in the draft? Sounds like they know what their doing.

  6. Good thing they didn’t, that would have prevented the perfect match of player and environment. Other peoples money, unabashed stoner, ‘situations’, Jerry Springer family life, maturity issues and no problem throwing others under the bus after he got his and there was nothing left for him to gain, this guy belongs in South Florida

  7. Listen I understand that the video of Tunsil smoking weed is all his fault. But for somebody to release that video 10 minutes before the draft started is beyond hitting below the belt

  8. someone in the Phins head office actually said:

    “a guy that gets high, puts in on social media, and accepts payoffs?…. we gotta have him!”

  9. They built a statue to honor a murderer, and tried to cover for a guy that knocked his girlfriend unconscious in an elevator, but they won’t sign a guy that smokes weed?

    Lol. Only the Ravens.

  10. If corporations had to lay off the people who smoked pot in college, there’d be hardly anyone left.

    The irony here is it’s cannabis, who cares, it’s 2016. If you haven’t noticed, half the US population is taking pills. Given the nature of football, and the associated pill use to cope, it’s shocking we’re not seeing more stories of ex-NFLers shooting heroin on the streets.

  11. Solid LT for 10 years. Great pick up for Miami. Top rated player in the entire draft and only have to pay him pick 13 money.

  12. Bad choices by Tunsil or not, The Ravens’ unequivocal admission here would serve to satisfy Tunsil’s Damages element in a lawsuit against the hacker(s).

    Without such an admission, Tunsil had no case – since he would never be able to establish Damages. Now he can, and for several million $$$.

    Like it or not, that’s the facts – from a legal perspective.

  13. Good luck Dolphins, this is the tip of the iceberg. Maybe the GM & owner had a gas mask on when they made that pick!! All the best.

  14. I’m hoping Tunsil plays 20 years. With that said, the fact that he has all this drama with his family is not good. Rookies normally have problems with absent family members coming out of the woodwork expecting to get paid.

    Hope he has counsel or somebody looking out for him.

  15. Wake up Pot will be legal soon. It doesn’t matter. World would be a better place if everybody took a gas mask bong load once in a while!!!

  16. Don’t coddle the guy. He knew he was planning to play in the NFL so allowing someone to video him smoking dope in the first place is plain stupid. Admitting to being paid to play football in college makes him real stupid. And dishonest. Yeah kind of like the commissioner.
    And of course there’s Schefter. Apparently this guy can get a priest to disclose the sins he heard in a confessional. Give me a break. Schefter has just mastered the art of making up stories and hiding behind the Constitution. He is as trustworthy as a rubber chicken.

  17. For a team that kept a murderer and almost kept a woman beater I’m surprised a dude that smoked some weed couldn’t fit in to the Raven standards …

  18. The Ravens passed in part because of the video. The kid was suspended for 7 games for receiving improper benefits last year, red flag #1. The Ravens most likely knew he smoked in college, red flag #2. They probably knew he took some improper cash, red flag #3. The video was not terrible because he was smoking, the video was terrible because it showed bad judgement- don’t video yourself doing stupid stuff!

  19. I have a start up company that advises athletes and celebrities on the pitfalls of social media. Here is a free piece of advice. If you choose to do something that you wouldn’t necessarily do in front of your mother, for God sake don’t allow video to be taken. Since I’m in a generous mood I’ll of offer one last piece of advice. Subscribe.

  20. Tunsil will retire with $100 million in the bank and he’ll be in the HOF some day. It’s funny the things we like to talk about. For Miami Dolphins fans, there is a lot to be excited about. Tunsil was a steal. The cornerback from Baylor in the second round was a great pick. He’ll be a pro bowler some day. But it was the 3rd day picks that made this draft outstanding. The SS from Penn State, Jordan Lucas has good man to man cover skills, and he’ll be on the field a lot. Could be a starter. One of my favorites picks in the draft was QB Brandon Doughty. Nobody was too excited the day after the Patriots got Tom Brady in the 6th round, and not too many are excited about Doughty in the 7th. But let this guy get on the field, and he won’t come off. Just like in New England, it wasn’t that Drew Bledsoe was a bad QB, it’s just that Brady was better. Doughty reminds me of Kurt Warner, but more athletic. Nobody was talking about Warner either, until Trent Green got hurt and the Rams were “forced” into playing Warner. Dolphins’ fans should be dancing in the streets.

  21. Are you people stupid,”pot will be legal soon”, the only thing that matters is if the Nfl changes there pot smoking policy until then if you smoke you don’t play, another smart decision for the Oz of Baltiomore

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